Who among us does not dream to reside in the beautiful intellectual form, while possessing a clear and mobile mindset enables you to easily "cut one" in new problems? Besides being branded an interesting conversationalist and wit? But all of the above features does each of us. At least, so says the famous Canadian psychologist Tom Vudzhek. Just these abilities must be able to implement, and this, in turn, need to learn to control himself.

Fundamentals of management simple. So why are we not using appropriate techniques? — You ask. Because, as a rule, act spontaneously: the habit, according

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Black Blood of the earth

Passion for finding the saving pills, magic wand, the philosopher's stone, which in one fell swoop will cure all our ills and eliminate problems playing dirty tricks with us. All my heart believe in another panacea, we once again disappointed and — scrap that ancestors found, studied and used for thousands of years. They had nowhere to hurry — and we submit all at once, and "all in one"!

Magic balm

In memory, the same fate suffered by mummies. For millennia, the tool known and successfully used traditional medicine, then it suddenly "discovered" in the twentieth century, and began

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«GMOs — is the result of a failed experiment»

Harmful than dense dinner, why soy should not be eaten in large quantities and save a genetically modified foods (GMOs) from hunger or will result in the death of humanity, told an international expert on environmental and food safety Irina Ermakova.

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Man is born!

Do you remember how you were born? I do not. Meanwhile, there is a theory that the circumstances of the appearance of man on light affect his whole life.

If we believe this theory, feet forward born great originals. Those of us who are a little "outlasted" in my mother's belly — most hate long lines and uncertainty. Appeared ahead of time — "Speedy" for life. And those who have helped to come to this world by caesarean section, have difficulty with the decision and is usually inferior to the conflict — they were not used to fight.

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Yoga in the air

I've never flown in a dream. Not afraid of planes and kindly envied those with a tremor in his voice told of how, during take-off and landing in all contracts and pushes you into a state bordering on syncope.

The only time I was able to experience something like they were young, when my lot to take video as newcomers paratroopers jumped out of the helicopter.

Hum …, wind, will open the hatch … and I "leash" — tied a rope to the floor, you do not accidentally take off after the others. Stranglehold grabbed the camera, and to

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All that was not me, I remember …

In our life many puzzling phenomena. They would seem to be impossible under any circumstances, however — there. Official science in most cases, such as, for example, comes to telepathy or bioenergy, simply deny the phenomenon, the nature of which can not be explained. That does not prevent each of us from time to time to feel their presence, or even influence.

Phenomenon about which we are talking today, from the same series. Try to understand — what is the genetic or genetic memory, where it comes from and what its presence threatens us — or rather, what it

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The time when you eat affects how much you weigh

Now it is almost a well known fact — if you do not eat breakfast, then you will have problems with weight loss, most likely because you are going to move later in the afternoon. A new study published in the "International Journal of obesity," reveals the relationship between the time when you eat, and weight loss even further, claiming that a meal during the day affects the weight.

The researchers divided 420 obese participants into groups of early and late eaters. All participants followed the weight loss program, but half of them had dinner up to 15 hours

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Can the human body to predict the future

The human body can anticipate the great event before it happens — at least, according to the results of a new scientific study.

"We found that the event can be predicted without any external prompting — explains neuroscientist at Northwestern University (Illinois, USA) and co-author Julia Mossbridzh. This signal, though small, but very real. The question is, how it arises. "

Other scholars refer to the conclusions of researchers at Illinois rather skeptical. They think they are too tense and hasty.

The effect of "anticipation" is real?

Many experiments have shown that physical indicators such as heart rate, pupil

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Insomnia causes billion damage

Employees who suffer from sleep disorders, harm your health and cause financial harm to the employer, say scientists

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Employees who suffer from sleep disorders, cause direct financial loss to the employer, the scientists believe. For losses that are caused by loss of productivity, add the cost of treatment of insomnia, as well as the costs of compensation accidents committed by drowsy drivers.

Only American business insomnia costs $ 60 billion a year, according to a professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, Robert Stickgold, a published author of the study. Often suffer from insomnia knowledge workers, businessmen

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