«Star Children»

I am now at the stage of research on the topic of "new" children often have to tell the ignorant in the matter of the signs indigo children, their main difference from ordinary people.

But long before I took up this same professional colleague for UFO Research, Captain I rank retired, chairman of the Commission for the Study of anomalous phenomena in the Russian Geographical Society of St. Petersburg Eugene P. Litvinov. He systematized information about the children of Indigo Books Lee Carroll and Jan Tober "Indigo Children" and "Children of the Indigo-2. Holiday color Indigo "by presenting

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Live Thread: Internet — The Gates of Hell

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Calculate the distance from home to work, which is bad for your health

Some people spend half their lives on the road

Some people are willing to overcome daily long way from home to work. However, according to experts, it has a negative impact on human health. Moreover, it does not matter whether a person gets in his car or on public transport.

But if you get a foot or on a bicycle, it is not as critical state the staff of the University of Lund. They surveyed the state of 21,000 people aged 18-65 years, who are more than a week of 30 hours. They all get to work by car,

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Psychiatry: An Industry of Death

Psychiatrists say that more than a billion people on the planet are mentally ill. Over the past 30 years, they were discharged psychiatric drugs 543 million people and now they plant 17 million school children on stimulants and antidepressants. Forcibly treat people without their consent. Psychiatrists earn it billions and billions …

The film tells the story of the origin, development and present the bottom of one of the world's most successful scams called "Psychiatry". The history of the formation of psychiatry as a science. Middle Ages, Modern Times, the era of Nazi totalitarian regime in the Soviet Union,

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Live theme. Stupid mind

Why the brain makes us do stupid and reckless actions …

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10 «killers» of sexual desire

1. The pill

In 2010, a study was conducted with the participation of more than a thousand women, and in the course of which it became clear that women who take birth control pills, sex drive is much lower than in those who do without pills.

2. Lack of sleep

Study in 2011 showed that if a man sleeps less than five hours a day, the level of testosterone in his blood is greatly reduced, which in turn leads to a decrease in sexual desire. On the women's lack of sleep also affects libido is not the

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Yoga — the highest concentration of power

Spiritual and physical perfection of yoga reach a high level of consciousness.Yoga originated in the Indus Valley (in Pakistan), about 5,000 years ago. The earliest mention of the doctrine of yoga are in the "Vedas" — first Hindu scriptures, dating back 1500-1200 years. BC "Upanishads", written between 800 and 500 years. BC, developing the idea of "Vedas".

They provide a deeper look at the theory and practice of classical yoga. In the II. BC Indian philosopher Patanjali codified philosophical core of Yoga "Yoga Sutras".The path of yoga. Over the centuries, yoga (the word comes from the Sanskrit word

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Habitat. A lot of meat out of nothing

Meat. In the year of the average Russian consumes about 70 pounds of this product. In fact, the meat in our diet almost halved.

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People — being multidimensional. Each of his body and into our solar system, Level Seven, composed of matter inherent in the space plane of the planet, which is associated with consciousness embodied Monad. The four main bodies in the world people are the foundation, the basis, so that people can exist in lower dimensions-reality.

By spiritual bodies of man are: buddhic, atmic. monadic. This is the body that is the essence of Soul spiritual man. The soul of man is immortal, if separated from its higher spiritual "I". Monad in terrestrial worlds

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The four sublime states

Buddha spoke often of the four states of mind as the four brahma-vihara, ie divine or god-like residence, sublime and superb mansions, in which the mind reaches out into the beyond, to the immeasurable world of living things, and covers them all in these endless emotions. These four "sublime states" are: loving kindness, compassion, sympathetic joy and equanimity.

They are regarded as the ideal underlying the ideal forms of behavior towards all living beings. Great healer of social tension and conflict, the organizers of harmony and cooperation, they are a powerful antidote to the harmful effects of hatred,

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