The moon changes our mood

Moon strongly influences the emotional sphere of man, moves it quickly, and its location relative to the other planets also change frequently, and therefore sensitive to the mood of the moon influences human can fluctuate many times during the day.

But even if you are not very sensitive to the lunar aspects and phases of the moon transitions from one sign to another do not care one way or another, you will feel. Moon Sign changes about every two days, the exact time of its transition states in almost all calendars. Each sign in which the moon resides at

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Ability to remember is increased after displacement from the memory of the old information

According to a recent international study, with age, learning is becoming increasingly difficult due to reduced ability to filter out old memories.

In the hippocampus, the brain contains a "switch", consisting of subunits NR2A and NR2B — NMDA — receptor that improves memory and learning. NR2B in large amounts in children, which allows neurons to work a little longer and form stronger bonds or synapses. After puberty the ratio changes and produces more NR2A.

"When you're young, your brain is able to fix some communication and weaken others, to acquire new memories — said study co-author Dr. Joe Z.

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Will heal itself — GUIDE parapsychologist

Usually they race to head a continuous flow, like a herd of wild horses. Seize us and carry, carry, somewhere, excite feelings are deprived of sleep. And if not — health … Therefore, each useful to learn to tame them, to use their own good. And, above all, to heal your body and spirit.

Thought — a real force

Human subconscious — a storehouse of knowledge. All information received by our senses, thoughts and feelings are born in it. There are hidden opportunities and our supersensible, the whole experience of our previous lives. That would be to learn to

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Evidence of guilt: Sellers voids (2012)

Alternative treatment today have become almost the norm. Bright brochures in mailboxes, newspaper advertisements, advertisements on television and radio … Even on fences, we can read: "bewitched", "Looking for damage", "cure for all diseases with a 100% guarantee." And the most amazing — the people in this ad, and believes he has the money to charlatans! Enterprising young people cleverly posing as psychics and supposedly treat people at a distance, receiving hundreds of thousands of rubles for a telephone consultation.

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Secrets of the manufacture of cigarettes — Victims caliber 7. 62: Secrets of tobacco genocide

The history of the tobacco business — a history of many years of costly and deadly deception billions. All of this conspiracy is exposed.

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Eight tips from the islanders-lived

It's no secret that a Mediterranean diet helps to achieve longevity, but a way of life also deserves attention.

In the Aegean Sea is a small rocky island called Ikaria, most of its inhabitants live to ninety. Here are a few secrets of longevity by scholars a few years to study the life of the islanders:

Herbal tea

Icarians it very much. Varieties of herbal tea from this island has a mild diuretic effect, it helps to reduce blood pressure and to ward off dementia. Natural diuretics are yarrow, dandelion, nettle and green tea. The healing properties of green

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Scientists will get rid of people headaches. Special rim cure any migraine attacks

It turned out that to save humanity from the headache will not pill, and innovative device, like a hoop-points of the film "Star Trek." Saving device invented Belgian scientists who claim that it will help to get rid of even the most severe migraine attacks in 20 minutes, according to "Daily Mail".

According to experts, the high-tech healing works is very simple: it emits a special electrical impulses, directing them to the supraorbital nerve, responsible for the pain in his head and eyes. Relax the nerve impulses, and the head stops hurting.

The effectiveness of the new primary care

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Curse of the end of the world

Unknown illness, the symptoms of which resemble the lines of the Apocalypse, is distributed on Earth. In the studio, "May said," trying to figure out what kind of epidemic

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Saint of Cambodia

In Cambodia, hundreds of villagers flock to the province of Prey Veng, in the hope to recover from their illnesses. Here in the community Koch Rock lives unusual boy who is believed to have healing powers. Child's name is Ray Rong. He is three years.

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Appreciate every moment of his life

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