Top Secret: «Medical errors»

They often manage human lives. Their profession in some cultures is considered sacred. Doctors … who are they? Followers of the great Avicenna or just unscrupulous employees of medical institutions? As part of treatment to the detriment of the patient? Why is information about fatal blunders men in white coats are rarely leaves the hospital? Is it difficult to attract physicians to criminal liability? The answers to these questions — in a special report, "Medical errors."

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Apocalypse forever

End of the world — he did come? True that disasters and diseases God is punishing us for our sins? How will the apocalypse How to prepare for him the rich and famous, and that will save us from the Last Judgment?

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Solntseedy — For the first time in Russia! solntseedenie pranoedenie

The film contains all Solntseedy America, the main character tells and shows what solntseedenie.

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Riddle of Human Origins

Why do we give birth in pain?

The news of the so-called "decoding" of the human genome was received with great enthusiasm — as a new triumph of our science. A little later, there was some confusion. It turned out that the "decoding" did not lead to full understanding of who we are and where, why it is such, and not others. Moreover, the issues here and there, it seems, even added …

To begin to offer "savor" a few intriguing questions on the topics of genetics. The dog is 98% the same genes as the fox, these

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Revealed the secret of deja vu

It turns out that our brains for some reason, travels into the future. And remember what they saw there…

The impression that I have been here has been …

Each of us at least once in a lifetime cover sudden and strange feeling … We know for sure: this is what is now, the first time. But suddenly realize that it has happened once: here I was, I saw the same person, I heard these words, and as the light fell. Currently allegedly found with the past …

Phenomenon is called deja vu — "already seen."

Thus, the great Swiss

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The teenager had almost died in the chamber during a therapy session

In Stavropol regional hospital because of emergency today seriously injured teenager, who was on medication. In the intensive care unit on fire pressure chamber. At this point, it was a seventeen year old patient. The victim was seriously injured and taken to the emergency room, "Interfax" a source in the medical community land.

The police edge information about the fire inside the pressure chamber with the patient confirmed, but declined to comment. By the fact of review.

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The contradictions and conflicts

Everything that happens to you external conflict initially appear as contradictions within.

The contradictions and conflicts arise because of beliefs about what the world should look a certain way: that others should or should not do, how they should act, what is good and what is bad, what is right and what is wrong, and so on .

Conflicts with the conflicts not only in the collision of internal idle beliefs manifestations of the external world, but even in the collision of different internal beliefs together. This leads to destructive feelings about what went wrong, as it should be

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The most unlucky day — Monday 27 th, says one of the UK's largest insurance companies. That same day, the people are the greatest variety of disasters and accidents. Thus, the report of experts, based on a million claims and statements, debunks the myth of Friday the 13th.

"We know that people are afraid of Friday the 13th. But, according to our data, the greatest number of possible disasters, accidents, traffic accidents, fires, etc., is it on Monday the 27th, — said the representative of the insurance company, Kevin Sinclair. '

In general, any Monday, as has long been


Special Project. Mobile death. Ether 15. 08. 2012

Mobile phones more dangerous than smoking and asbestos dust. They affect the nervous system and can cause malignant brain tumor. If world leaders and owners of cellular companies do not take decisive steps in the coming years due to dangerous radiation victims will go to millions …

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Secrets of the world. Sixth race.

Around the world baby boom indigo children. Some scholars argue that this is the new sixth race, people with superpowers

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