Scientists have found that behind the state of deja vu

Many people are familiar with the feeling that the situation in which they find themselves for the first time, it seems strangely familiar. At the same time they realize that they have never been in this place or in the circumstances. This phenomenon is called "deja vu."

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"What's really amazing is that the sense of a familiar situation accompanied by understanding that the current situation should in fact be entirely new for the people" — says one of the study's authors, Chris Martin (Chris Martin). But as one and the same experience can provoke

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Psevdopoleznye products

About products that pretending useful actually are not, and sometimes even harmful to our health.

Low-calorie drinks (drinks without sugar and calories).

The danger of these drinks is that we deceive your brain, which is powered only sugar. These drinks instead of sugar soderzhat sweeteners. After drinking a beverage body does not get it needs vital elements. And because we believe that by giving up sugar, then start pogloschat carbohydrates and fats. And this leads to obesity. Continuous consumption of such beverages leads to addiction and weight gain. You seem to be drinking calorie-free drinks, and instead eat a

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The limits of the human body.

Holding your breath for 20 minutes or refraining from sleeping for 11 days are weird record, but what are the exact limits of the human body?

Food, water, sleep, and breath is essential to the support of human life. While other organisms can survive for long periods of time without these necessary things, human life without these four basic factors, according to science, is not possible.

But in reality, how long a person can live without one of these sources that support life? Where is the limit? Obviously, if someone is trying to bring an absolute

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Solar radiation and health

Ultraviolet light — electromagnetic non-ionizing radiation in the range of 100 to 400 nm. 100 nm — the boundary beyond which lies a range of ionizing radiation. The main natural source of UV sunlight. Passing through the atmosphere 3emli, solar radiation loses the most dangerous part of his whole shortwave spectrum (100-289 nm) and a large part of the middle range (280-3. 15 nm) due to its absorption by molecules of oxygen, ozone, water, and carbon dioxide.

Experts of the World Organization of Health (B03) are concerned decrease in stratospheric ozone, as it leads to desc UV exposure of

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Natural antibiotic

In nature — our health. The properties of natural antibiotics has long been known to healers and quacks.


Cranberry — the best assistant in the cold. Suffice it crushed berries with sugar or honey and add to the tea. Cranberries — a valuable source of vitamin C and antioxidants — substances that prolong youth. Cranberry juice can treat the wound, it is an excellent antiseptic. Cranberry normalizes gastrointestinal microflora. Used in the control of urinary infections.

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For old properties very similar to cranberry cranberries. Decoctions and infusions can be prepared not only from the fruit of

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Scientists have proved that love is eternal!

You can be a newlywed to old age

Do not believe those who stubbornly insists love is extinguished at least three years, maximum — after seven. New research from scientists at New York University have proved that your other half can be a passionate love like in the early days of love, to old age.

The experiment involved volunteers — married couples living together happily for 20 years, and the couple. The subjects were asked a few minutes to look at the pictures of their spouses, friends, acquaintances or random people. Meanwhile, the scanner recorded their brain

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Saline dressings that heal even cancer

This story was found in an old newspaper. Speech in it is about the amazing healing properties of salt, which was used during the Second World War to treat wounded soldiers.

During World War II, I worked as a senior nurse in the operating field hospitals with the surgeon II Shcheglov. Unlike other physicians, he successfully used in the treatment of wounded hypertonic saline solution.An extended surface contaminated wounds it leaves loose, heavily soaked with saline big napkin. After 3-4 days, the wound becomes clean, pink, temperature, if it was high, almost fell into the normal range, then a plaster

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Appliances: what and where to radiate?

Few people think about that quite ordinary things to which we are accustomed, can harm our health.

Creating comfort in your home, we will not spare money for a miracle technique that helps to quickly cook food, to store food, to communicate with each other. By purchasing a particular product, we usually are interested in the benefits of the model, the warranty period. But we do not even think to ask if this comes the question of his health safety. But authoritative experts, doctors and scientists are increasingly anxiously said that in the six most unsafe for our health

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5 products that can not eat when you are sick with a cold or fight.

While there are many natural remedies that can help colds (garlic, ginger, etc.), also good to know what foods to avoid when you're sick with a cold or fight. Rejecting these products, and by using the immunity, you can recover faster and reduce the severity of symptoms.

1. Alcohol

Alcohol weakens the immune system and dehydrate you. Both factors may prolong your illness or aggravate it. Hot grandma punch can remove any symptoms for a short time, but it is important not to overdo it. If you fell ill with a cold, stay away from alcohol. Keep

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What we brush our teeth? Myth of fluoride, which strengthens our teeth

I will talk about the most famous "additive" in toothpastes, which disputes can not shut up for over half a century! We take for granted all that we repeat on television, and when buying toothpaste, actually believe that it will eliminate bleeding gums, destroy harmful bacteria and ensure fresh breath. In fact — this is all lies!

Scientists in Germany have found that toothpaste is not the ability to prevent tooth decay! Why people started adding fluoride to toothpaste and water? As always in this story involved a lot of money and politics. Fluoride is waste in the

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