Run away from the flu. Doctors advice and antiquated methods

In Moscow overcome epidemiological threshold incidence of SARS and influenza. And yet, according to Deputy Mayor Leonid Pechatnikov, the situation is not going to decline. The head of Rospotrebnadzor Gennady Onishchenko told reporters that he considers the most effective folk remedy for flu healthy lifestyle. Regular exercise (even just walking active outdoors) improve immunity.

People who exercise regularly, too, can catch the virus, but they have symptoms of the disease are shown in a weaker form. And they will recover faster than people who do not have physical activity, experts say.

In addition, the country's chief sanitary doctor advises

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Without cheating. Vivacity cup (30. 01. 2013)

On banks and packages of coffee, we always see the words "natural". But with seeds that came to us from India and Ethiopia, in Russia there are wonderful metamorphosis … The poison themselves citizens of the morning, thinking that charged vigor? What actually is inside capsules for coffee machines? And is it possible today to drink instant coffee?

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The most common flowers have a number of healing properties

Flowers can not only be a matter of aesthetic pleasure, but to help in the treatment of the brain, say Chinese scientists. According to them, such flowers as crocus, lavender, daffodils, snowdrops and crocus have a number of medicinal properties.

For example, snowdrops contain galantamine, which causes dementia, Alzheimer's disease of mild to moderate severity, including those struggling with chronic cerebral circulation, increasing the concentration of acetylcholine in the body. That acetylcholine is responsible for the transmission of messages coming from neurons in Alzheimer's disease but its level drops, reports "EvroSMI."


Galantamine is contained

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Sick, or what? The main profit of 200 pharmacists bring imaginary ailments

In medicine regularly, new diagnostic and treatment methods, new technologies, drugs and biologically active substances. Most often, of course, they are already well-known diseases, but sometimes to market new products have both "open" and the previously unknown disease. Disease or declare that the above are not considered.

Potential patients — is both potential buyers and as a result, along with the real disease appears more contrived. The main thing — to find a symptom, and then you can inspire people, that they have some kind of pathology, which is not something that a particular person, and in nature are

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Ayurvedic dietary recommendations

Ayurvedic tradition includes knowledge of what food is suitable for a particular person, how to cook, what combinations of foods to avoid, how to develop eating habits, and from which it is desirable to get rid of.

Most people who care about their health, it is now understood that good nutrition plays an important role in healing and maintaining health, while poor diet usually leads to poor health and low vitality.

Food for the different types of constitution andIstemi three doshas

What you eat has to match your constitution. Ideally, you should know its own constitution

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The benefits of rye bread

In medieval talented unnamed master for many centuries by instinct, by the inspiration of creating technology to produce excellent rye bread, which still has no equal in the world.

Black rye bread — traditional Russian product that is known to everyone. Production of bread began in ancient times to the present day, it is one of the most important products in every home that can promote health and healing properties.

Rye is one of the most important cereal crops. Useful properties of rye flour is primarily due to the fact that it contains a vital human body amino acid

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Altai doctors performed a unique operation to separate conjoined twins

Do babies were spliced sternum and liver

The fact that she will become a mother of Siamese twins, Elena, a resident of the village Samsonov Shipunovskogo district learned the 22nd week of pregnancy.

— We offered to give birth in hospital Elena number 5, which is close to our hospital — says the head of the surgical department of Regional Children's Clinical Hospital Yuri Ten.

Babes were born November 11, 2012 on the age 32-33 weeks (Elena caesarean section): the total weight of girls was 3200 grams. Girl named Violet and Evelyn.

— The girls were spliced sternum and

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Secret Files: Immortality. In search of a miracle

The program tells about the problems of aging and on which projects the scientists collect money from millionaires

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The opening of new blood groups

At all times, the blood is the biggest mystery of the living organism. This is the most amazing in the world of liquid continuously moving through the vessels, which is permeated with the human body. It is a world made up of cells, each of which is moving at an incredible rate, performs its particular function. The scientists went on a century to study these processes. But they are not unraveled all the mysteries of blood.

In spring 2012, scientists from the American University in Vermont was made an astounding discovery. Biologists in the study of blood

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AIDS came out of the jungle?

The origin of the deadly immunodeficiency virus is one of the most burning mysteries of modern medicine. Let's try to shed light on the mystery of the origin of HIV, and even denying the most ridiculous version.

AIDS incredibly young: the first official case was registered in 1981 in Los Angeles. But by 1996, a deadly virus killed 2.8 million HIV-infected people. Every 11 seconds in the world is a new infection and AIDS in South Africa from it each day die five and a half thousand people. This is despite the fact that the cream of the world

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