Contact and distant healing

Healing was popular in many times, as it covers a sufficiently large group of different magic disciplines.

Healing is one of the most ancient sciences of magic, appeared before our era, when people first learned to heal their wounds and special herbal decoctions, and later, when the first magicians discovered their ability to manage their energy for the healing of the body and spirit.

Up to now has healing came in a different form, so now, when we hear the word "healer", we first assume that this man is not only masterful magic of healing, but also

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Hormones — Biological weapons

Modern products are turned into biological weapons XXI century. Animal meat, drugged dangerous steroids can be found on every counter. Manufacturers inject animal growth hormone. These pigs, in contrast to conventional, become hysterical impotent, and their meat is on the table of ordinary consumers.

After that, they are enraged, why women are becoming more powerful and business, and men — on the contrary. And why every year around becomes more and more representatives of non-traditional sexual orientation?

Synthetic growth hormone — a terrible weapon in the hands of producers. Just one shot, and now the bull or pig

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Trees and human health may be linked

Science gets more evidence that the natural environment can positively influence on human health. Environmental disaster, the disappearance of 100 million trees in the East and Midwest of the United States, despite the awfulness of the situation, at least something has been useful, allowing scientists to understand how the major changes in the environment are to our health.

Jeffrey Donovan and his colleagues at the U.S. Forest Service analyzed data collected over 18 years, in 1296 counties 15 states. It became clear that the Americans from areas infected emerald beetle sawfly Podosesia fraxini (insect that destroys ash), 15 thousand

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Energy exchange as a symbiosis

Have you ever thought that making love is symbiosis? Not physically, through which children are born, and in terms of interchange of energy. After all, when the two touch each other, giving kisses and affection, they directly share their emotions and feelings. The energy seemed to slip through his fingers, getting under your skin and giving unforgettable emotions. Body filled with energy storage and begin to "breathe." Maybe that's why there is a saying, "Do not nadyshatsya each other."

The greater the desire to touch each other, the higher the amount of energy and give to get, the better

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Mankind will have to go to the bananas. Tropical fruit will soon replace the bread, says the UN

Homemade soup with a bit of sugar bananas or banana toast with meat — all of this in the near future may not be a gourmet sophistication and everyday cooking practices. The UN Committee on Food Security has published a new report, excerpts of which publishes Russian Service BBC. In the report, the experts predict a sharp drop in the organization of production of staple foods — maize, rice and wheat — in many developing countries.

Bananas, according to experts, will play an increasingly important role in agriculture and will be a critical source of food for millions of

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BBC: Top 20 most dangerous drug in the world

Drugs. Legal and illegal nebyli never so readily available, they can cause physical and psychological dependence, side effects, long term effects, financial problems, and this may be the cause of mental illness, they are dangerous.

It is believed that if alcohol was invented today, it was, would outlaw. To create the first science-based list of the dangers of drugs was taken three criteria:

1. How the substance on man who took his2. The problem of addiction to drugs3. Harm to humans

Once we have applied these criteria to each of the 20 drugs, it became clear how dangerous each

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Creation of epidemics in the U.S.

To create a disease, and then get people to the treatment of these diseases, the medical mafia uses a large arsenal of psychological weapons, which is based on fear. Fear of infection, fear of infecting others, nedolechitsya fear, the fear of getting to charlatans and others. In America, the maintenance of the Institute of Fear also used money from taxes and health insurance. And the more people are afraid of, the less they think, analyze and compare the facts.

Here, for example, how the scheme of infectious diseases (H1N1, HIV, etc.). Created the myth of a terrible

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Our son — a normal child. Just too hairy …

11-year-old Indian boy Prutviray Patil of Sangli district near Bombay suffers from one of the most rare genetic disorders — excessive hairiness.

"With ten years of the child tried to treat a variety of ways, including homeopathy, ayurveda and laser, but nothing worked. According Prutviraya, it is sometimes name-calling Wolf" and strangers staring at him. "

"It's hard when you have to go out of his city where people do not know me. But otherwise the hair do not bother me, they do not itch and do not smell. When I went to school, first the other kids teased

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Test purchases: Herring fillets in oil (10. 01. 2013)

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Indigo messengers devil?

Now a lot said and written about the so-called indigo children who have appeared on the light at the end of the twentieth century. So who are they, indigo children? The word "indigo children" appeared after the aura was examined these unusual children. It turned out that, unlike the others, they have it in dark blue — indigo.

American psychologist Lee Carroll in shape, size, color, and light intensity of the aura found that indigo in his intellectual abilities and knowledge assets far exceeded not only their peers, but also to their own parents. The main feature of

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