Smart answers to stupid questions

Where does the ground when digging underground? 2. Do I have my passport, if a person had plastic surgery? Why is it an unknown symbol X? My head hurts a deer, goats, and other holders of the horns after the fights? Is it possible for the production of words in the sentence to determine the sex buddy? I will survive by jumping out of an airplane into the ocean, flying at an altitude of 1000 meters? Why suffer from amnesia, do not forget the language and are able to talk to? If I tie your hands and file a current

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Irishman Bob MakKihol, blind two years ago in an explosion at a factory for processing of aluminum, recently regained his sight.

Hope to return

After the local doctors admitted their powerlessness before the return of the worker, he turned to Dr. Christopher Liu at Sussex Eye Hospital, who agreed to do the surgery. For its performance as a biological implant a cylindrical keratoprosthesis made of the tooth. Donor tooth with its root and part of the jaw made MakNihola son Robert.

In the first stage during the operation keratoprosthesis implanted under the muscle cheeks, preserving its viability. Within 3

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Fear distorts space

Snake crawling to the person may be more than he seems. Fear can distort the perception of approaching objects, making the distance to underestimate the threat.

King Cobra

The results of our study suggest that emotion and perception is not completely separable in the mind — says psychologist Stella Lorenzo at Emory University. — Fear can affect the very basis of how we perceive the world around us. These results are important for understanding the clinical phobias. "

Usually a person is well developed as understanding when approaching the object will be selected him closely, and the reaction in

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Dim Mak — the art of delayed death

About this forbidden fighting techniques known to few, only a select few students to master holding Dim Mak — the art of delayed death, passed their secret knowledge to a slight touch of hands to kill a man. And the death of the enemy could come as soon, and through hours, days, weeks — in exactly the intended master term.

Therefore, it is logical to think strange incident that happened to Bruce while shooting one of his last films. He had a long working out one of the tricks and could not get what he wanted. Suddenly, from the

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Raynauds phenomenon, which changes the color of the skin

Raynaud's phenomenon — a rare phenomenon related to the circulatory system.

A significant part of the body color is determined by the circulating blood under the skin. When there are problems with the circulation, the hands can be painted in unusual colors. When Raynaud's disease there is a feeling that a man dropped a hand in the paint.

Process leading to such strange results is quite simple, and was first described in the 1800s. Doctor and writer Maurice Raynaud noticed that the hands of one of his patients at the slightest cold changed color to a specific, clearly

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Individual frequency of vibration. Increasing the frequency of vibration monitoring of the Earth

Every person, being a set of vibrations of particles, molecules, cells, organs, has its own distinct frequency vibrations.

The cumulative frequency depends on many factors: the state of the body, the quality of food, bad habits, hygiene, communication with the environment, climate, time of year, the quality of the senses, purity of thoughts … and dr.faktorov.

Man with light vibrations — one that is constantly in a state of inner joy, serenity, peace, love, and peace within themselves. He feels comfortable, unnecessarily it is in harmony with the world and with himself. In such a state of equilibrium, the

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What does human blood?

Even in the Soviet Union, carried out mass campaign for blood donation. Donating considered honorable thing. However, no one thought about the number of drawing blood. It was believed that the patients needed it. But still, let's include the brain. Here's a selection of information:

First, about the backstage "horrors" of medicine told themselves former classmates. Then — the endless string of daily patients of the Center. Some stories were perceived with humor — just as medical malpractice. From others' hair on end getting up "and it was impossible to believe in the reality of what is

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Mysteries of human psychology

Human psychology sometimes presents a real surprise. It seems that there is nothing extraordinary in the behavior of a normal person should not expect, but it so happens that any external stimulus can lead to unexpected consequences. Psychologists and psychiatrists often state the absolutely inexplicable aggression when a man, who had seemed all meek, suddenly ready to just turn everything upside down. In early tests, the boys help to detect abnormalities in the development of the psyche, but psychologists often have to deal with so-called controlled destructions psychological states.

In other words, a person even at a young age

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World of people: black, white, gray

You probably do not just meet people, too categorical in their assessments, we are talking about them generally: he divided the world into black and white. By this we mean that it is actually in a world of many colors. But is it really a lot of them, really?

Look to Me

Everything in the world is in balance, because everything is between the extreme poles — north and south, winter and summer, day and night, love and hate … Polarizing, and boiling broth that energy, in which all lives, from which everything originates. If you call the opposite

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Rivers of milk, curd coast

Who not only wrote about the benefits of fresh milk — Hippocrates, and Avicenna, Pliny and Paracelsus, Chekhov and Pavlov! However, nowadays more and more began to appear publications, questioning the usefulness of this ancient beverage. Whom to believe? The truth, as always, is in the middle …


Milk contains over 200 components necessary for proper functioning of the body. Especially valuable are the milk proteins, fat and sugar, as well as macro-and micronutrients. As noted by the English physicians, each glass of milk, drinks at the age of 25, has a positive effect on bone density in

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