Scientists realized what happiness

Psychologists know the real "value" of things and experiences

Psychologists from Cornell University decided to find out, what people are most happy? To do this, they interviewed participants in the experiment, which they did in the shop recently and what feelings were associated with them. However, they could call and objects and events. It turned out that people do not please purchase and even gifts. With delight they recalled their feelings, their mood at the time of an event. For example, extremely happy people felt on dance courses, while traveling or at concerts, writes

In addition, volunteers were

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Health secrets of Tibetan monks

About Tibetan monks walk through the world in legend. I think the most interesting legend about their longevity. What is the cause of long life of Tibetan monks? What secret knowledge they possess?

Here are two answers to this question.

Good posture

General posture — this posture when we sit, stand and walk. If it is correct, not to strain your muscles and the respiratory, circulatory and digestive system working smoothly. This not only helps to get rid of their ailments, but also extend its life for many years.

It is not too late to develop at any age. But

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Regime: all out of the gloom!

"The sun is not just a rose, it flooded the stream and filled the whole world" Ray Bradbury"Dandelion Wine"

Generally speaking, under the legend that at midnight all the dark forces out of the gloom and start hunting us, fluffy and white — not such a legend. According to the ancient Vedic science, at 12 am the sun is at the lowest point and at this time your body simply must sleep soundly. And who does not sleep, the day after struggling with these same forces of darkness in the form of the common cold, depression, migraine, and other

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Love at first sight — the memory of the past?

Love — the most mysterious of the feelings of humans. At all times, philosophers, writers, and even the doctors were trying to know its nature. Even more puzzling phenomenon is a love at first sight.

These two are known to have found each other

Mystical enlightenment

This seems incredible. People see each other for the first time, but they think they know all my life. Just met — and immediately became so family and friends! And no matter what their social status, character, nationality, age may be quite different. No logic and calculation does not apply here. Everything

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Habitat: Dirty Money 02. 12. 2012

The modern world — is a big chemical laboratory. We sit on the poisonous furniture, mercury lamps light up the apartment and carry in their pockets radioactive money.

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Scientists: Morgellons disease — not a myth

For a long time the disease Morgellons conventional medicine just close my eyes, considering it a myth or a raving lunatic. Morgellons disease is characterized by a strange unpleasant symptoms and so far its real causes are unknown. But now at least we know that it does exist.

One popular story goes that it all started after one day Mary Leitao got sores on the lip of a two year old son Drew strange fiber. In the future, the son began to complain of the emergence of multiple itchy sores on the body, from which it was possible to

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Wealth depends on luck or enterprise?

The first myth. Happiness is in the money!

Most of us are skeptical of the common adage, "Money can not buy happiness." Oddly enough, this postulate has recently confirmed research. Daniel and Angus Deaton Keynmen from Princeton University tried to determine whether the financial return to work on the emotional well-being and overall life satisfaction.

The scientists analyzed more than 450,000 surveys, related to the calculation of the index being Gallup-Healthways, who conducted the Gallup Institute (USA).

The survey participants offered daily to assess their emotions and life satisfaction on a scale of 1 to 10. About 85% of

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Apocalypse. Lethal treatment (27. 11. 2012)

Everything that brings pleasure in life, or immoral, or leads to obesity. However, without these small pleasures life is boring and insipid. But often we forget that some fun can simply select the person's life.

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Habitat: The Elixir of cheerfulness

Tea and coffee — very refreshing morning drinks. Today, on the shelves, and dozens of varieties of tea and coffee.We figured out how to choose the most refreshing drink, what a tea bag can be called tea and why robusta sold as Arabica.

From being on the shelves flock only a packet of tea with the elephant, much time has passed. Now from the diversity of varieties and brands of tea scatter eyes. Dear elite teas many can not afford. But among the cheapest varieties, too, can find a real tea. Together with an expert from the Plekhanov Academy,

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