In the Krasnoyarsk region found the city of ancient alien civilization

Ancient civilization extraterrestrial origin has left its mark in the Western Sayan. Giant dam and stone giant amaze and inspire awe.

Ergaki ridge — a unique natural park in the Western Sayan Mountains in the Krasnoyarsk Territory. And at the same time it is a mysterious place, which, as they say, keeps the memory of an ancient civilization, which owned Supertehnologiya. About the secrets and mysteries that lurk here, said the program "Mysterious Russia", shown live on NTV.Ru.

Here in the mountains there is a stone city. Erected a huge dam — but who and how it

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Grimaces of Juvenile Justice

One of the most controversial issues of the last time in our country is the theme of the introduction in Russia the so-called juvenile justice. Around this theme has broken a lot of copies, and, obviously, the confrontation between supporters and opponents of Yuyu will only increase. In this case, and "yuvenalschiki" and "kontryuvenalschiki" have many arguments to justify a particular point of view. To try to understand the position and to some, and others should not only consider the fact that this very same Yuyu represents, but also to get acquainted with those examples that have

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Demons at number 9

A nightmare that continues to this day, have had Christmas parties for residents of one of the village houses in the Krasnoyarsk Territory. Keeps them at bay poltergeist. The rooms flying furniture, crockery beats, and the owners are not bruised.

Get and NTV correspondent Tatiana Panihinoy when she tried to look into the parallel reality.

All New Year tenants in Krasnoyarsk suburbs every day endure the garbage. Broken crockery and furniture, Christmas decorations and pieces of ceramic tile, a whole heap of damaged clothing — all the things destroyed something mysterious. According to the owners, subjects spontaneously

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Russia under the hammer: The government is preparing for the sale of the main wealth of generations

At a meeting with the group leaders of entrepreneurship in Gorki Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said that the land in Russia will be privatized. Thus, the solution of the land question to find real traits. "The land issue is filled edge, some experts say the need for mass privatization of land, some officials say that privatization is possible only after the conversion of its cadastral value. And both positions are valid. I think we should prepare for the privatization of land, "- said Medvedev. He further explained that for many years said that the earth is the highest value that

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Yarilin dance

— Sheaf field, he's spreading. It should be belted, natural persons. I first thought it gave as puppets do. When it started, I thought, how about: it is not a head-, leg-no, there is no hand-! What is this doll? I — to the grandmother of one, "as they used to do?" — "Do, say, do, and how, I do not know." So I thought about the sheaves. We used spring bread knitted belts, and these belts were woven of rye straw. This helped me: a bundle of straw twisted, half bent over him, pulled the string of severe

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Television teaches smoking

TV crew removed the video about yourself from all sources on the Internet (proof — video below — see the information in the player).

These fragments youth drama — dossier Moscow City Duma on Russian television. Legislators with the International Conference of Consumer investigated. Find out — what he teaches modern TV? The answer shocked many — smoking. It turned out a month for this procedure in "teveshnikov" leaves 40 percent of airtime. A leader on a smoke break — on STS. TV Series — "Physics and Chemistry", "Interns", "grouse." In the top hit —

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A surprising number: doctors against vaccination

Evidence of efficacy vaccine does not exist! But it became known a lot of harm to children and adults vaccinations. It is clear that it is not in the care of health, and, on the contrary, in the care of diseases …

Some time ago we published an article author, documentary investigates the myth that vaccines have saved millions of lives and helped humanity escape from the devastating infectious diseases. For the first days after the publication of the article had read more than a thousand people, and it is only the direct link, not counting reprints on other sites.

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In the world of movement is gaining momentum, childfree — free children

Careful, kids! In the world of childfree movement is gaining momentum, in translation — free of children. These are people who voluntarily give up reproduction. Their arguments — from the banal to the reluctance of women to get stretch marks on the body, to the global — this cruel world is not for children. In the eyes of staunch supporters of this idea looked Svetlana Chernetska.

She was never afraid to speak his mind. Probably, therefore became a journalist. Computer and recorder Lily never traded for diapers and sliders. Says — too irresponsible to be a mom.

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About this psycho

Mikhail Vinogradov, head of legal and psychological assistance in emergency situations. He talks about the psychology of suicide bombers, and the fact that the external 'normal' person is not a hundred percent proof of his mental health.

For criticism of the ROC blogger can get in a mental hospital

The blogger and human rights activist Maxim Efimov

Investigators need to authorize the psychiatric evaluations, as usual did not give results. Moscow, May 12. Blogger Maxim Efimov, last year criticized the activities of the Russian Orthodox Church, may be admitted to a hospital psychiatric ward. Insist on it, investigators from Karelia, "Interfax". Blogger charged with inciting hatred or enmity towards the church. December 31 last year, he published a post titled "Karelia sick of priests," which spoke negatively about the Russian Orthodox Church and clergy in Karelia. In the spring of 2012 with respect to the blogger was

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