Why do we sleep?

February 11, 2013 15:16

At this session, we spend about a third of his life. If we deny this, we get sick. But we still do not know well, why should sleep.

Sleep. Photo HelenHates Peas.

At first glance, the answer is obvious: to the brain and other organs to rest and recover. But why can not we have a rest, staying awake and continue to be on guard? Why we can not restore power, and watch? Mystery … Sleep — so common phenomenon in nature, that it must be incredibly useful. Even fruit flies and nematodes sometimes

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In Shentalinsky area turned up an amazing beast

October 5, 2012 4:52

He does not look like any pet or a wild animal. Local people suspect that this is the mysterious Chupacabra, which recently allegedly occurred in various parts of the world. Thus, in one of the farms of the Chelyabinsk region mysterious creature killed rabbits and chickens. In the north of the region unidentified animal damage to agriculture is not paid. He quietly walks across the field behind the tractor and escorts students to school.

Respected in the Muslim village teetotal night Rinat farmer plowing a tractor. Looked around and froze — walked behind

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Souls of the dead are stored in the memory of the worlds oceans

October 3, 2012 21:51

Scientists have deciphered the "chemical memory" of water

To a surprising conclusion reached by scientists from the Institute of Polar Research Alfred Wegener (AWI), published a paper in the journal Biogeosciences. It turns out that the water in the oceans, "stores" information about the living beings in it. A "remembers" the ocean by organic molecules, which are stored in water after the dissolution of the body of a living organism.

— Water has a chemical "memory" to keep information about the organisms are in it as a single organic molecules — explains Professor Boris

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Pyramids, mummies and tombs: They are everywhere …

September 30, 2012 12:03

They are everywhere. In the jungles of Central America, the deserts of Egypt, in remote areas of China, and all remarkably similar. Why? This is the great mystery of the pyramids. And that would solve it, we need to go to very remote areas.

Night journey of the soul

February 11, 2013 13:52

Every night we have dreams. Some do not give them value and is easy to forget what he saw, and someone tries to keep his memory stories of dreams, believing that through dreams people can be warned of the danger, or notified of future success.

Events in the astral plane

The transformation of the active and vigorous man in the helplessness and vulnerability of the sleeping we direct our ancestors to believe that during sleep the soul leaves the body and goes on a night journey. In parts of Eastern Europe, people believed that the

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Images of Russian fairy tales and Teles Human

September 27, 2012 13:06

Story — lie, but her hint who knew her — a lesson

I think that every man had a child a special magical charm of hearing and reading of Russian folk tales. Characters traveling the fabulous world, performed feats and fell into a variety of adventures. For millennia, the parents told stories to their children, because their stories reflect the essence of centuries-old wisdom of the people, the transfer of heritage and aroused in the child truthful deep consciousness of the world.

But the mystery of Russian folk tales continues to play out

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Fireball Tutankhamun

September 24, 2012 19:51

In one of the remote parts of the Sahara desert is hiding a secret. There are scattered throughout the space a thousand pieces a strange yellow-green glass. Exactly how it was formed? Group of modern scientists going finally solve the mystery. To do this, they will have to get deep into the desert to visit the Cairo Museum and … in place the world's first atomic bomb test.

On Lake Labynkyr found evidence of a monster

September 23, 2012 16:06

Russian scientists call on the international community to undertake a comprehensive study of karst lakes Labynkyr in eastern Yakutia, near the world famous Oymyakon.

Photos from the unknown object in the lake Labynkyr. But the main thing is the sonar readings.

Underwater radar recorded it big movable object about 10 meters in length. It is assumed that this is — a living creature. He's British, it has already received the name "Ness".

Lyudmila Emelyanov, Associate Professor of Moscow State University, said the publication of «Siberian times» (yes, there is such a newspaper) that the scientific

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Witches Pyramid

September 23, 2012 13:32

Pyramid witch — a basic knowledge for all beginner mystics. It is the basis of the so-called foundation of morals and principles of any magician and sorcerer. Pyramid witches or magical pyramid — four basic rules, observing that the magician gains power, the four cornerstones of magic, upon which the art of witchcraft. Each rule alone is not magic, just use all four together will give a magical effect. They should be used carefully, understanding that it is necessary to show all his will to a desired output.

Spellbound pyramid based on the following four

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The healing power of the Sphinx

February 10, 2013 20:02

At the end of 1995 were held radiestezi-cal research methods radiestezii gizeh-ray Sphinx. Experienced specialist passed with a "magic wand" around the temple in the Valley of the pyramids of Chephren and give opinion on the Great Sphinx, forming part of the ensemble.

Sphinx. Photo: www.ice-nut.ru

Measurements showed (confirming the results obtained by Dr. J. Oberbahom), the Sphinx and the Valley Temple complement each other, and the Sphinx is located at a certain axis radiation. It seems that the image of masculinity consciously placed on the same axis of the radiation to the pyramid

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