Found metal ax 20 million years

September 3, 2012 20:11

Romania. 2 km from the town of Ayuda. In the sand pit on the river Murysh at a depth of 10 m, workers found some strange things. The two findings identified bone fragments. Another object of a type and weight like a stone ax.

Archaeological Museum staff have determined that the bones — is part of the limbs and back teeth mastodon, an ancestor of modern elephants. These mighty animals live on our planet 20 million years ago.

The third item was indeed like an ax, but a stone, and metal. The length of a

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Mysterious stone spheres of Costa Rica

August 22, 2012 11:46

John Hoopes of the University of Kansas, a professor of anthropology and director of global research programs stone spheres. Photo courtesy of John Hoopes.

When the workers of United Fruit Company began clearing the jungle of Costa Rica to plant bananas in 1930, they found strange objects.

They met with numerous stone sphere lying in the middle of the jungle, some of them were quite large. The first information about the spheres were obtained in the 19th century. Since it was discovered a few new such areas.

The appointment of the spheres and their

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At the coast of Lincolnshire bred monster

August 20, 2012 9:18

The British began frankly afraid of swimming in the North Sea, especially at one of the resorts. After all, in the body of water was seen terrible animal. Eyewitnesses claim that the successor of the Loch Ness monster.

And it has appeared recently. A resident of London provided all interesting video, filmed on camera. Mystery creature lives on the shores of Lincolnshire, which belongs to the category of the resort. While viewing the image in the eye is drawn to the animal, which has in its structure a few fins. And next to

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In the forest area Belovo satellite spotted traces UFO

February 8, 2013 2:16

Yesterday, studying satellite images Google Earth, an employee of Kuzbass Power Company Volodin Paul came across unusual circles in the forest, 1.5 kilometers from the village of Konovalov Belovo region, not far from power lines.

This Sibdepo told his colleague — senior manager Subdivision of "Kuzbassenergosvyaz" Alex Dvoychenkov who showed Volodin find. Pictures made a splash in the company. Having considered the detailed pictures in the program Google Earth, which circles imprinted in the winter time, employees have learned the same region in the application of Yandex and saw the same circles in

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Who built the pyramids underwater?

August 14, 2012 11:41

Underwater Archaeology of about 100 years. And during that time, researchers have made many amazing discoveries. Thus, in different parts of the globe to the bottom of reservoirs are repeatedly mysterious constructions, similar to the ancient Egyptian pyramids …


Rock Lake is located 40 miles east of Madison (Wisconsin). On cloudy days, the water in it looks cloudy and the bottom can not be seen. But one day in April 1936, when the weather is clear, a certain Dr. Morgan, flying over the pond on his sport plane, accidentally looked down —

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Great Zulu Shaman and Elder Credo Mutwa Reptilians kidnapping and rare, wonderful conversation with Rick Martin

August 7, 2012 11:46

Credo Mutwa and David Ike. Photo:

It is often said that the elders of any indigenous tribe hold the keys to knowledge. This is not confirmed by more clearly than in the recent interview I had the great honor to spend with Zulu? "Sanuzi" (Shaman) Credo Mutwa, who is about eighty years old.

Effort and with the help of David Ike, I was able to make contact with Dr. Johan Dzhubertom, who graciously coordinated with Credo Mutwa, thus allowing the interview take place over the phone, just a distance of half the world,

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Mysterious lights wandering

August 12, 2012 16:49

From ancient times, mysterious and unpredictable occurrence of wandering lights is superstition and complicates their scientific research. They are the cause of many legends, stories and legends.

Travelers centuries ago described how gets lost in the swamps and found a way thanks Got a light blue color that hovered above them. However, the stories of other travelers, those lights almost drove them to the grave. Wandering lights for that reason were called candles dead or machinations of the evil spirit. It remains a mystery why some lights are bad news for people, and set them

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Mystery picture lotus pop from the river bed

July 31, 2012 9:33

According to reports from Sichuan, recent footage, which shows the mysterious appearance of the water lotus image captured in the Chinese countryside, cause a lot of conjecture. This phenomenon has attracted the attention of tourists who come to see a rare unusual.

There you can see how the surface of still water from the river bed rises pale pinkish-white spots in the shape of a lotus prazitelno similar colors and gradually grow to a certain size.

Surprising that in the middle of the structure, resembling a flower, rainbow appears oily film, which, however, disappears with

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Mystery mummy Xin Chzhuy

July 25, 2012 16:39

China, hill Navanduy in Hunan. Here, in 1992, the Chinese army conducted a large-scale military exercises. In one of the hills of sappers dug a tunnel and suddenly came across a mysterious construction.

At a depth of 12-timetrovoy the tomb as an inverted pyramid. It found 4 sarcophagus, neatly nested. One of them was lying wrapped in a silk mummy woman. Her body was like nothing else on the ancient Egyptian or Peruvian mummy. It was inhibited completely unusual. Mummy was swimming in 80 liters of yellowish fluid. 5 minutes after the discovery of a

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Mysterious gates to other worlds

July 25, 2012 15:16

Almost all people who inhabit this planet, there are stories and legends about the mysterious journey to other worlds. You can, of course, assume that these myths are more interested in breaking away from the planet. However, no wonder they say that any story — it is a reality to which scary, but really want to touch.

There are many fantastic and scientific films, books about the incredible travel to other galaxies with special devices. The most famous of these was a film called "Stargate". Skeptics argue that this is pure fiction, but the optimists

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