Psionic magic. Anomalous zones of Russia

July 24, 2012 13:12

Local areas of the earth surface, where for some unknown reason people are killed or disappear, known for a very long time.

In ancient times, such places were called Ghibli, cursed or diabolical. Now such anomalous zones attract attention of scientists and enthusiasts and researchers who are trying to scientifically explain their deadly characteristics.

So far, the most extensive anomalous zone is the Bermuda Triangle. It is estimated that over the past 150 years there have disappeared under mysterious circumstances, at least 50 ships and 20 aircraft, with the victims of the triangle began about

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Camera in the Kemerovo prison recorded ghost

July 25, 2012 8:29

In Mezhdurechensk Kemerovo region are trying to unravel the mystery of recording surveillance cameras installed in the city jail.

The footage taken that were available to our colleagues from "Vesti. Kuzbass ", seen something shapeless, like a ghost.

Specter different punctuality — it comes in at the same time. They say that this camera many years ago a man died suddenly, telling journalists. At the police station, however, not confirmed videofiksatsii ghosts, and did not explain how to write a surveillance camera in the dove came to television.

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Ladoga Nessie mystery

July 26, 2012 12:13

About Lake Ladoga talk and write a lot. And for good reason: it keeps a lot of secrets. This is the mystery of his education, and amaze flora and fauna, and weird sound and light effects observed from time to time in the lake. Our story about the least surprising secret Ladoga — unknown to science, a monster, who dwells in the depths of the lake.

The amazing secret of Ladoga — unknown science huge monster that dwells in the depths of the lake

By 1973, include observation strange creature Mantsinsaari resident of the

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The mystery of the crop circle phenomenon is hidden underground

July 21, 2012 10:20

Risuno in the English county of Wiltshire appeared July 19, 2012

Art of polegshih ears began to appear among a mass of grain crops worldwide. Who is it that their author?

The closer to the end of the summer, the more often manifests itself a phenomenon called "British circles." So-called strange pattern formed polegshimi ears. It is no coincidence. In England, they are always more than in any other place. So this year, but here already registered 28 "circles." A further 37 have appeared around the world, have been added by 11 countries combined.

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Don Stonehenge cherish from witches

July 19, 2012 10:11

Age sanctuary about 3 thousand years Unique "place of power" on the Don near Trehostrovskoy Russian village healers-recommended practices to protect from the "evil forces."

Photo: Sergei Novitsky

Contemporary pyramids

This unique place — "Don Stonehenge" — is not the first film was shot, written popular articles. It all began more than a decade ago. Archaeologists Volgograd State University found in a remote steppe Zadonsk unusual perfectly oval mound with a diameter of about 200 meters. However, this place is not far from the Don has long attracted the attention of local residents, scientists

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Magic ring of Africa were alive

July 1, 2012 1:07

Here and below the picture Mike and Ann Scott / NamibRand Nature Reserve.

From the south of Angola to the northern part of South Africa, stretching thousands of empty land round spots with a diameter of two to twelve meters, which are often surrounded by perimeter unusually high grass. Consider their local traces of the gods, and scientists are just shrug.

Biologist Walter Tschinkel of Florida State University in Tallahassee (USA) does not pretend to answer to the mystery, but he had found something very interesting.

When the technician first demonstrated this phenomenon —

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The moon causes the mysterious disease

June 15, 2012 22:25

To date remains a mystery, does the moon on human behavior, but for some reason, and perfectly healthy people complain of insomnia Moon The word "lunacy» — lunaticus — Latin for "mad" and "somnambulism," as it is called, means "walking in a dream." Where is the moon?

Sleepwalking. Photo:

Since ancient times, people have attributed to this mysterious phenomenon and mystical meaning associated with the effect of light cycles and night lights in the human psyche. In medieval Europe, it was thought that somnambulism predominantly affects women, during which they were accused

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In the Baltic Sea may have sunk UFO

June 10, 2012 9:42

Off the coast of Latvia — in the depths of the Baltic Sea between Sweden and Finland may have sunk huge flying saucer. Swedish scientists next week plans to make a eye opener and provide evidence of their unique finds.

Swedish oceanographers reported that a year ago at the bottom of the Baltic Sea, the waters of the Gulf of Bothnia, they found a mysterious object in the form of a disk.

Perhaps the object of extraterrestrial origin, and may have something to talk about other civilizations, say scientists.

18-meter object was found at a

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Mystery burning coastal stones remains undisclosed

June 7, 2012 11:48

In this image, the Orange County Health Agency shows stones, selected a woman on the coast of San Onofre State Beach. Obtained stones ignited in her pocket, causing her severe burns.

What could cause a fire in the pocket of free short women stones picked up on the popular oceanfront?

For scientists, the answer is … yes, they have no clear answer.

Case in Orange County, where a woman was severely burned by stones picked up in the last weekend for San Onofre State Beach, baffled scientists, who said they had not seen anything

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Bulgaria has found the tomb vampires

June 6, 2012 18:36

Near the Bulgarian town of Sozopol, archaeologists found the remains of two men with sticks in the chest. Such rituals were performed in the Middle Ages to kill vampirov.Issledovateli believe that the age of the skeletons of about 800 years.

"These two skeletons with a stake in the breast are an illustration of a practice that was common in some Bulgarian villages up to the first decades of the twentieth century" — the director of the Bulgarian National Historical Museum Bozidar Dimitrova.Soglasno beliefs, people who are considered to be bad for life, could become a

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