In Nizhny Novgorod, made the first robot that he thinks and makes decisions

May 5, 2012 9:45

His brain, though not his — rat, and is located at a distance. But what success. A pile of plastic and metal itself to avoid obstacles, can escape from his pursuers. And in the future, promise scientists — a computer that will not be easy to execute commands from the user, and to learn and to act independently. Sounds like something even scary.

Report correspondent of Channel Anastasia Dyakova.

Nizhny Novgorod avatar — looking straight into his eyes. And behind them — living brain. Studies and analyzes. However, at a distance. On the

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Underground gnomes from Siberia

April 28, 2012 21:10

Legends about dwarfs are very popular in Europe. And around the world. And in Russia? It turns out that on our area there was a place underground baby. For example, in Siberia. Or, in the Urals. There are not only found their tunnels. Siberian Dwarf people called "Chuchka."

Andrew PEREPELITSIN, head of the Interregional Group study secrets and mysteries of the Earth and Space "Labyrinth", himself and his colleagues set out to retrace the Siberian Dwarf:

"… For 7 ver. from Kungur towards Perm in Perm highway is under stone large hole in which is

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Secrets of the World with Anna Chapman — The last mystery of Hitler. Aired 4/26/2012

April 26, 2012 20:12

Five great mysteries of human history

April 26, 2012 19:35

The Lost Atlantis

Lost Atlantis is one of the oldest and most disturbing minds riddles. Since ancient times, people have tried to find Atlantis, which is considered a sunk due to an earthquake or tsunami. The Greek philosopher Plato described Atlantis as a large island located in the vicinity of Gibraltar, the abode of the most advanced civilization and object unsurpassed elegance with a glorious palace. In addition to other features of the Atlantis was inhabited by beautiful creatures. It was the temple of Poseidon, concentric walls and canals.

To date, no one has managed

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Eyewitness: on the Petrograd side walks alien

April 24, 2012 10:48

City residents report new aliens and UFOs.

Barely hushed rumors of mysterious flying objects, plying the atmosphere over the Leningrad region, St. Petersburg noticed a keen new UFO. In the night from Saturday to Sunday in the sky to the south-west of the city were seen strange white balls, then disappear, then … there! Neither photos nor videosvidetelstv from eyewitnesses, however, is not. According to reports coming in to the office, unidentified objects were observed and residents Petrogradka. — I drank two glasses in the bar, no more, — says Oleg. — Came out to

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Don found on Stonehenge

January 31, 2013 21:35

Don land keeps many secrets. We do have places that go the most incredible legends. Some of them — the real puzzle for researchers …

Ten years ago, Don steppe, 120 kilometers from Rostov, were found huge standing stones, vaguely reminiscent of its location British ancient Temple of the Sun — Stonehenge. The find was immediately nicknamed Don Stonehenge, a place where there are rocks, Valley of rocks …

However, in contrast to the British construction of the Don is not cromlechs (boulders, crowned cross stones) and of vertical large stones, known as menhirs.

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Beliefs dark times

April 19, 2012 9:32

Belief in witchcraft and the devil existed at all times. It disappeared in our time, even among the most developed nations of Europe. But belongs to the Middle Ages in the construction of this belief system, in whole outlook that prevailed among all classes of society and permeate themselves religion, philosophy, law, political power over the world, mankind are equal in power, but different in its principles of God and Satan. God could have destroyed Satan and his power, but it is his right to act in the world to tempt and seduce men, to their

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On the line of fracture energy. For information about the entry to himself through the hole of the last stone

January 31, 2013 1:45

This giant is even older than the Egyptian pyramids. Photo from

Four months ago. By dolmens we specifically did not intend. It was a wonderful time — vacation.

It's the most wonderful time of the year, is not it, especially if you're a stone's throw from the sea? And so it was great to wake up to the singing of doves in a small resort town on the Black Sea, not hurrying to lunch, and then get into the car and, contrary to all the threads vacationers go farther and farther away

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Ghost girl, killed her mother, was in the camera surveillance in the Tver region

January 31, 2013 18:55

Start recording — a ghost, so far, no, the trail comes the manPhoto: A shot record video provided by "KP" Andrew Kochetov

The village Strelchiha, in the wilds of Tver region, the villagers are scared unexplained phenomenon, which appeared in their edges right on the day of the Epiphany — January 19.

— Horror, mystery kind, ghost, no less — local whisper, looking at the video that captured the cameras village Kochetova Andrew Ranger. Man lives in seclusion, surrounded the perimeter of his home surveillance cameras.

On the record shows how the snowy trail

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Where the Jews — alien sadness?

April 13, 2012 11:01

Who said that the knowledge of the ancient advanced civilization lost and hidden in the ruins of old worlds? Without knowing it, people use this knowledge for thousands of years. However, not all, and not immediately.

On grains, gradually moving away from the primitive instincts, growing and forming a single civilization Earthlings, they comprehend more complex laws of the universe. Time will come when our descendants will be destined to join the ranks of our teachers and acting as gods on other planets and to transfer knowledge of diverse race and people of boundless universe.

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