Stone giants Ustyurt

April 13, 2012 10:27

Sensation 1983 — to the west in the Ustyurt Beat wells were discovered ancient stone sculptures of an unknown civilization. This set of sculptures was absolutely unique — nothing like it in the Eurasian steppes had not met.

Ustyurt edge. Photo:

Over the centuries, the Ustyurt preserved traces of many civilizations, according to him the Great Silk Road, the ancient caravan route — the road Khorezm Shahs, connecting the ancient city of Khiva, with the lower reaches of the Volga, it affected the Great Migration, the Mongol conquests, hiking Scythians. Many old cemeteries,

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Mystery bunker General Lyasha

April 12, 2012 12:59

Apparently close to solving one of the unexplained mysteries of the twentieth century — the disappearance of the Amber Room.

General Lyash

A subsequent search led to an underground bunker in the center of Kaliningrad, where in 1945, the headquarters of the defense of the last commandant of Königsberg, General Otto von Lyasha. Sensitive data on U.S. and British intelligence services, next to an amber masterpiece may be the gold reserves of the Reich and Hitler's archives laboratory "Konigsberg-13", which develops weapons of retaliation of the Third Reich — psychotropic bomb.

Three copies of

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And yet we are being manipulated?

April 8, 2012 22:50

Today, many scientists agree that for centuries mankind has been subjected to "programming" and the main events in history — wars, revolutions, major terrorist attacks — have been imposed upon us by some secret forces. Are these the force by alien civilizations, or whether they live on our planet, but in a different, hidden from measurement — remains a mystery.

Control of the Air Force

In the mid 70-ies of XX century in the southern Urals, close to the base station located Capra air forces of the USSR. After a small earthquake in that region in

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Red Frankenstein. Secret experiments of Dr. Ivanov

April 6, 2012 13:58

This film is about how in the 30 years of Soviet country created a super-soldier. and he did it then known biologist — Professor Ilya Ivanov. His fate is still shrouded in mystery dent …

Paranormal: Wandering lights

April 4, 2012 8:25

About the film: They are called stray lights. They appear without warning and can not be explained. Sometimes they fly at high speed — the measurements of devices up to 30 000 km / h Academic and government studies around the world have failed. The question arises — these lights are real or are they out of the paranormal?

Title: National Geographic. Paranormal. Friar's lantern

Original title: National Geographic. Paranatural. Mystery lights Year: 2010 Genre: Documentary, popular science, paronormalny, UFOlogy Issued: USA, Story House Productions, National Geographic Channel

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Fire Eagle Nest — Volcano or traces of a UFO?

March 31, 2012 7:29

Are there places on the planet, which is called a fashionable phrase — anomalous zone? According to scientists, these zones do not exist. Even the disappearance of the infamous Bermuda Triangle ships and planes with passengers modern science to explain.

But a few years ago on one of the fairly prestigious scientific conferences were shown photographs Patomskiy crater in the hall came a silence …

In the forest on the background of bright green is gray and gloomy mountain. The top of it was cut off even though the knife. This mountain is visible from

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The expedition to the lost world

March 29, 2012 19:42

Off the coast of Antarctica, at a depth of 2.4 thousand meters, discovered previously unknown anomalous zone, which the scientists call "the lost world."

South Georgia Island, much of which is covered with ice and snow, is in dangerous latitudes where frequent meetings with icebergs


Antarctica and the surrounding islands, and it still remains the least understood by geographic region of the world. Yet scientists gradually, one by one, reveal its secrets.

In 1999, on the seabed off the coast of South Georgia with the instruments were found deep

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Experiments with death

March 24, 2012 12:29

Trying to solve a purely ethical problem, Dutch researchers from the University of Nijmegen unexpectedly stumbled on the truth, they said, the line between life and death — a violent brain signal that all the parameters have already been killed.

The scientists implanted electrodes into the heads of laboratory rats, and then cut them, while observing the activity of the brain. For reasons of clarity executions were carried out without anesthesia.

So weird experiment was conducted by researchers at the request of the university ethics committee, whose members wanted to know whether such a humane method

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Ice Age civilization

March 22, 2012 13:54

Documentary from the series: "Underwater mystery stories." Facts, a collection of film, no doubt, argue that while Europe was covered by ice sheet during the Ice Age, in other parts of the world civilization flourished with high levels of astronomy, geodesy, cartography, navigation and adverse communication …

Mysteries of Mercury

March 22, 2012 17:02

Mercury has always been a mystery to scientists. The proximity of the planet to the Sun, seriously hampering observation of it. But soon this mysterious planet has sent several spacecraft. Among them — the European mission BepiColombo. It will not only allow for a fresh look at Mercury, but also help understand the process of the formation of other rocky planets in our solar system, and possibly the planets that orbit distant stars. This video was submitted by the European Space Agency and Euronews.

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