Victims of a UFO in the area were Kunashak hares

February 10, 2012 7:46

Kunashak area became a place of pilgrimage. More and more people come here to see for representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations. Interest in outback South Ural shown and journalists. More than a week in the village Ashirova runs NTV Group.

Almost the first night of their stay in the area Kunashak Muscovites managed to shoot an unidentified flying object. Luminous point hovering in the sky above the marshes, which are close to the village. In the morning the film crew went in search of the source of light, but the encounter with the unknown was not possible.

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Secret Weapon spondylitis

February 9, 2012 18:50

The death of the great Russian scientist Vladimir Mikhailovich Bekhterev, is among many other things the physiology of higher nervous activity, is still shrouded in mystery.

He died on December 25, 1927, poisoned canned food. This absurd and sudden death caused a lot of rumors and legends. According to one of them, especially Bekhterev was poisoned by the NKVD, as shortly before he inspected Stalin and diagnosed him with "paranoia." A completely different version of the death spondylitis expressed in an interview with the magazine "Technology Youth" Rudolph Balandin writer Gleb Anfilov.

According to his hypothesis,

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Idol of the Ural swamps over Noahs Ark

February 9, 2012 14:52

How little we know about our history. Such findings as Shigirsky idol only confirm this. Meanwhile, scientists have shown that nearly ten thousand years ago, there was a civilization in the Urals with their culture.

Just imagine for a moment, all of the known civilization, such as — Maya or Egyptians — begin their calendar from 2000 BC. 9000 years old — an age not only a relic finds. This is the time in which climate change is taking place, disappearing cities and even entire nations. And he — Shigirsky Idol — survived and

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Riddle of the Taung childs skull

January 25, 2013 22:23

Happy is the scientist, which falls into the hands of a major scientific discovery. This makes it possible not only to perform an opening, but forever go down in history. Raymond Dart is one of the lucky ones. But they found the artifact was so controversial that the future of the finds has developed in unexpected ways.

One day a young woman from South Africa saw the fireplace in the house of his friend something to remind her skull extinct baboon. The lady was interested in fossils and could not get past the strange "exhibit."

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UFOs Magnetic transport vehicle

February 7, 2012 17:22

Our interlocutor — Vasily Mikhailuk, physicist ufologist, grasp the principle of the engine UFOs. His invention patented in Ukraine as "Magnetic transport vehicle" (Patent B64G1 00 9 00. № 60455 04S5 and F 00 № 54238). Now lives in the village of Riverside Saki region of Crimea.

— Aircraft instruments can themselves turned on and off from the influence of the magnetic poles of the Earth. And if you close UFO, which also heterogeneous with different sides of the pole, and the plane falls to her in one pole, the plane abruptly fling or simply fold.

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Obsession Lake Labynkyr

February 6, 2012 16:46

Labynkyr always freezes after the neighboring lakes. Sometimes even in shestidesyatigradusny frost on it in ice to maintain the large polynya

The lake water Labynkyr amazingly clean and clear, and the lake in the form close to a rectangle of length 14 and a width of 4 kilometers. It is located in the Ulus Oimyakon Yakutia — the same one where the cold pole of the Northern Hemisphere, with its coming down to 70 degrees below zero. Deserted places around — the nearest village is removed by 105 kilometers. Which is quite ironic Labynkyr always

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Hypnosis: memories of past lives

February 1, 2012 19:15

Despite the impressive achievements of science (in particular — Medicine), so still and know thoroughly, what is it — the human brain. The greatest mystery? Yes. Huge universe, with tens of billions of nerve cells-neurons and countless meaningful relationships? Sure. We learned how to clearly distinguish gray and white matter, the hemisphere, evidence: here it is — the memory area, it is — the zone of associative thinking, and so on. But how are the thought processes? Unclear. And in the way of their own knowledge of the human brain offers startling discovery …


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Flying Dutchman found in the Cordillera

February 1, 2012 10:10

In maritime folklore of the most common stories of ghost ships, which can be seen not only at sea but also on land. The most famous of them — "The Flying Dutchman." According to legend, this ship with a team dead on board from time to time appear off the coasts of Western Europe, and the meeting with him, is believed to bode disaster.

July 11, 1881 saw the ghost ship the future King of England George V. It happened near Sydney. Early in the morning the crew noticed near his ship brig, surrounded by mysterious

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Shadow Magic

February 5, 2012 10:10

"Shadows — a door to inaction," Carlos Castaneda


The search for "unusual" in the familiar phenomena can lead us too far. But it is "far" may be of the same reality in which we have long since you feel "like a fish in water." Shadow — not a shadow, a man — not the person. Should I refer to this phenomenon with contempt, as something routine? Usually we do so. And yet our shadow that we used to see every day, it is only one form of shadows …


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Mystery disc Sabu

January 29, 2012 17:01

In 1936, Egyptologist Walter Bryan Emeral, during excavations Mastaba Sabu (Tomb 3111, c. 3100-3000 BC) at Saqqara, was discovered disk is divided into three parts. Sabu was the son of Pharaoh Aneddzhiba (fifth ruler of the first dynasty of ancient Egypt). This mysterious disc was found among pottery, bones and several other stone objects that Sabu, wanted to take to the afterlife.

The device is approximately 5.23 inches in diameter and a little more than 4 inches high. Although initially thought that it was carved out of slate, it turned out the disc is made

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