UFO prevent another Chernobyl

January 29, 2012 12:18

Voronezh region has long ranked among the so-called "ufozonam", where there is increased activity of UFOs. Ironically, witnesses of the paranormal were quite serious people — scientists and the military … So, for 27 years of the mission control center Talovsky its radars often fixed objects of unknown origin.

Senior Engineer Talovsky MCC Alexander Zakurdaev repeatedly photographed over the territory of the native center strange things in black with a metallic tint.

According to him, it can not be the aircraft flying at a great height — their speed is much higher than the speed

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Science: Human

January 29, 2012 11:07

The location of the major organs of the brain


Inside, you are collected and stored abundance of knowledge. You — the key to the Living Library, and it was you — who needs the entity set to implement their programs. Humanity is involved in a very interesting process. With the help of imagination, you can send instructions to his own brain with the intention to activate those nerve centers that develop your imagination.

You can make your intention subtly adjust its structure and enhance the interaction between neurons.

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In 2012, a secret door will open the last of the Great Pyramid

January 22, 2012 18:15

Pyramid of Cheops — the largest pyramid in the world.

What secrets are hiding behind it?


Some researchers are convinced that at the heart of the pyramid of Cheops are secret gate, behind which lies something that explains its purpose. Until now it is not clear: what was built so strange building?

Gates as if hidden behind the last secret door, which will open in 2012. At least, it was promised by specialists from the British robotics company Scoutek. They help solve the mystery to archaeologists, over which scientists are fighting

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Woman on the ship

January 22, 2012 11:05

For the first time along the northern coast of Russia Northern Sea Route was in 1878-1879 Swedish polar explorer Nordenskiöld. Again, 33 years later, a similar voyage was to make Russian sailors, Lieutenant Georgi Lvovich Brusilov.

Beautiful "St. Anna"

True, but the courage and experience at sea Brusilov was nothing: neither the ship nor the money to organize the expedition. Came to the aid of his uncle, Admiral. In England, was purchased by the motor-sailing schooner — old, but still a solid and elegant ship "Pandora." Brusilov renamed the "Holy Anna."

Seafarer GL Brusilov (1884-1914?'s.)

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Where people disappear?

January 20, 2012 19:32

Every three minutes on Earth disappears one person. Among the reasons — domestic, criminal, and the like — a special group in the sad statistics settled mysterious disappearances, mysterious, unexplained. On them will be discussed in this collection.

Strange disappearance

In December 2011, the United States and two children almost the same age and at the same time lost their homes.

In the state of South Carolina disappeared 21 months Jason Barton, last time the boy's mother saw him in the evening, before going to take a shower in the bathroom. When she came out

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The X-Files 9. Life on the line (16/01/2013)

January 23, 2013 20:55

We often hear the expression — on the verge of death or life in the balance, and not think about the deeper meaning of these phrases. Since ancient times, people believed that the hair — a kind of antenna for communication with the universe, not a random word mane, echoes the cosmos. Long hair for men was a sign of a noble family, and military prowess.

Cosmas and space. On the verge of death or mystery hair. Blondes, brunettes and redheads.

From ancient Egypt to the Russian Baroque. Whose hair is thicker and

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Fine-material egregors

January 15, 2012 14:33

Egregors, like people, are multifaceted, though not all and not always. But the majority of them originated in the spiritual world, being distorted and callous parody of true masters of the world — the Deities. But they are after, and now on the fine and subtle-physical egregors.

Mental plan

Mental plane closest to the plane of the soul and spirit, and accordingly it has a very humanity undistorted information. But this, in general, all the positive qualities of the conditional level of consciousness and end. The vast majority of humanity was frozen at the animal,

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Archeologists and geologists have a chance to solve the mystery of Stonehenge

January 14, 2012 18:29

British geologists, reviewing thousands of samples of rocks, found a clue to the solution of the greatest puzzles of European civilization — the origin of Stonehenge. However, to discover the secrets of the prehistoric stone gates, you will need more than one key, and the whole bunch.

NTV correspondent Anton Wolski figured out the details.

There are two theories on the origin of Stonehenge. According to one, the stones brought to the valley glacier, and, later, local residents have laid this design. According to another Virtue, people have cut down these blocks

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UFO that conceals the government?

January 14, 2012 16:12

If numerous stories of crashed UFO with alien bodies, however, means that the governments of different countries certainly know more than they recognize. But how much they actually know about the pilots alien ships?

Our human nature makes us suspicious of those who have the power, when they are obviously hiding some information from us — if you rely on history, much of this lack of confidence is justified. However, it is our imagination takes us there, and we become victims of our own fears, paranoia, and that we are open to those who are

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Newgrange as one of the most mysterious places on the planet

January 14, 2012 17:02

Researchers claim that the Newgrange most famous and oldest prehistoric building in Ireland. As a basis for its construction were taken clay, earth, stone and wood. Building was erected in about 3100 BC. This structure includes a long corridor leading to the lateral chamber, used, probably as a tomb.

The most characteristic feature of Newgrange stands strong and accurate enough project, which has helped the structure remain waterproof up to now. The most surprising thing is that the entrance to the tomb is located relative to the sun in such a way that the shortest day

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