Perhaps the Phobos-Grunt broke aliens

November 9, 2011 21:30

Aliens have long suspected that they spoil the earth technique. Specialists of the Russian space industry for some reason is not much mind

Mysticism, but the Russian space station, unsuccessfully launched to Mars in the night of November 9, 2011, was among the XXI slaughtered on the way to it.

The shadow of the god of fear

Mystically minded skeptics predicted the failure of the mission, "Phobos-Grunt", two years ago, for technical reasons, it has been delayed start. You say, "something to Mars will not let me," and the road to it is opened

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Secrets of horny men

November 8, 2011 12:56

Portray the Vikings with horns was a great historical mistake.

In Scotland, discovered a Viking boat in, buried for a thousand years.

Last journey

Viking grave found on the Scottish peninsula Ardnamurhan. Archaeologists have determined its age at about a thousand years.

Viking in life, it seems, was a nobleman. Perhaps even some chief. Certainly sailor and soldier. This is indicated by found objects.

The body is placed in a wooden boat, which served as a coffin. In boats, according to Dr. Hannah Cobb of the University of Manchester, buried VIPs.

Next to the

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From old age to youth

November 7, 2011 10:22

Between clouds and the ground, inside the cloud and on soils, sometimes observed happening is that "never dreamed of in your philosophy."

Enough to look through a book of Russian doctor, lexicographer and collector of folklore PA Shumanskogo "Dreams of Reality", in the nineties XIX century tirelessly traveled the vast expanses of the Eastern and Western Siberia.

Referring to the monograph, which are now a rarity, a couple of years ago, translated into English and published in Washington. Especially intriguing in her sudden rejuvenation of the people killed, at least spared lightning. Shumansky chronologically cites

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Fireball Tutankhamun / The fireball of Tutankhamun

November 2, 2011 15:03

In one of the remote parts of the Sahara desert is hiding a secret. There are scattered throughout the space a thousand pieces a strange yellow-green glass. Exactly how it was formed? Group of modern scientists going finally solve the mystery. To do this, they will have to get deep into the desert to visit the Cairo Museum and … in place the world's first atomic bomb test.

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Myths of mankind. Between heaven and earth

November 2, 2011 0:47

C ancient times people beckoning heights of heaven, and they captured my interest in myth and stone. At all times people stared at the sky, trying to understand the beyond the beginning of time, and feel part of the universe, and that the ancient sense. The drawings of Lascaux caves visible shaman, people enter a trance, feel like dying and rising to the heavens. Heaven itself, its infinity conceals something great. The sky was a mystery, it is the creation of the gods …

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Secret knowledge of the Dogon: who flew them from the star Sirius?

October 31, 2011 21:51

Dogon. Africa. Photo: From the site

Astronomical discoveries of thousands of years the Dogon priests of the African people are still shaking ethnographers and paleoastronomov.

In southern Mali in inaccessible plateau of Bandiagara in the jungle a French expedition led by anthropologists Marcel Griaule and Germaine Dieterle in 1931 suddenly opened the Dogon people. They are so interested scholars that Griaule and his colleagues studied these amazing Africans already to 1952. But what was surprising: living in complete isolation from the outside world, the Dogon from generation to generation for thousands of years

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Scientists have managed to get into peoples dreams

October 31, 2011 9:55

The ability to dream — a fascinating aspect of the human brain. However, the way the images and feelings that we feel so alive, are formed in our head when we dream, for a long time remained a mystery to scientists. Study the process of dreaming man was impossible, until, until scientists from the Max Planck Institute, in collaboration with colleagues from the Charite Hospital in Berlin were the first to analyze the activity of the brain at the time when a person dreams.

Scientists were able to understand this mystery with the help of people

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Completed expedition to search for Ukrainian chupacabra. Photo

November 2, 2011 14:47

In the photo: the original picture "Chupacabra" V.Prihnenko, reconstruction — Andrew Vysotsky (Omsk)

October 30 ended 43-day expedition kriptozoologicheskaya Ukrainian search group "Romny — Kosmopoisk" in the long-term project "Chupacabra — Reality or Myth?".

As part of the expedition studied the phenomenon of strange manifestations of the beast in Romny Sumy region.

In holding, lighting, helping the expedition participants: Journalists 4 TV channels, TV and Radio 1, 8, and newspapers (Ukraine, Russia). The lion's share of the project carried out: journalists teleradiokampanii Academ TV — Igor Nazarenko, Valery Kovalenko — Sumy. Actively took part

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Black holes turn the planet into dust

October 29, 2011 16:34

Scientists have uncovered yet another mystery of supermassive black holes. How do I find the British and Russian astronomers, mysterious dust belt around them formed from fragments of planets and asteroids. Article Sergei Nayakshina of the British University of Leicester, Rashid Sunyaev and Sergey Sazonov of the Space Research Institute on the subject published in the journal Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society. It describes briefly on site of the Royal Astronomical Society.

As is well known to astronomers, in the centers of most galaxies harbor black holes immense weight. However, for some strange reason,

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Network from another dimension

October 27, 2011 16:35

In the history of the paranormal has a lot of examples of people with a certain collision supernatural force that tends to limit their freedom or control the mind … In the old days it was given various mystical explanations, and modern scholars believe that this manifests itself essentially subtle world, usually imperceptible to us. Network from another dimension

Another variant of the "anomalous traps" — so-called "network." A hot summer night in 1989 thirty-year resident of Ashgabat Alexander Sergeyev went to sleep on the porch. Before going to sleep decided to read e-book Book

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