Strange sounds in New England, USA

December 15, 2012 19:54

December 4, 2012. Many witnesses perplexed about the causes of strong sounds like explosions and say that they hear such first time. According to investigators, the noise source is a mystery. No man-made disasters in the area were recorded.

Finders. Riddle northern Shambhala (09/12/2012)

December 11, 2012 7:30

Our eternal thirst miracle, a passion for all kinds of puzzles, which keeps the history of humanity, does not know borders. From generation to generation the ancient legends and mysterious. Events of antiquity still excite the imagination of people, making us again and again to look for the treasure hidden centuries ago, to believe in the existence of other, more ancient and wiser civilizations, trying to unravel the meaning of the mysterious messages that were left to us by our ancestors. To find the truth and solve another mystery of "The Searchers" explores how the

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Kept secrets of astronomy Atlas Farnese

December 10, 2012 2:55

Hipparchus came to the revolutionary idea of the stars — the slow movement of the constellations to the equator celestial globe.

The famous statue of the Farnese Atlanta concealed astronomical sensation! Professor of Physics and Astronomy, University of Louisiana Bradley Schaefer found that long-lost star catalog of Hipparchus, dated 129 BC present at the Roman statues, name Atlantis Farnese.

Hipparchus, one of the greatest astronomers of antiquity was, admittedly, the most detailed first star catalog, the data which later drew many scholars of antiquity and the Middle Ages. It was believed that the directory

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Ukrainian mystery monster

December 8, 2012 14:47


This monster now everyone knows. Although few people saw it, the fact of "the presence of the devil" in Ukraine as it is confirmed. At least, it should be found in Lviv, in Ternopil, in Sumy, in Odessa and Kiev regions …

Almost everywhere, he left behind a mangled animals from which drinking blood, and in some cases attacked and people. Creepy monster to attack Ukraine dozen or so years ago, even devoted a separate article … Wikipedia

The giant wolf with huge tusks

Here he writes about it, this popular

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Bloody rain fell to Earth

February 17, 2013 21:32

Streams of blood-red water — a consequence of the unusual rain

In the Indian state of Kerala in the period from July 25 to September 23, 2001 from time to time was … red rain. Since then, it took almost twenty years, but this fact has not haunted scientists and journalists.

Life at 300 ° C

Rain water, it turns out, was collected and subjected to laboratory analysis. Well, it turned out that the water present in the cells, which may well be extraterrestrial in origin. They are able to live and share at

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UFO sow death

December 4, 2012 21:56

The famous American writer reveals the mystery "men in black" Sidney Sheldon — one of the most widely read American writers.

"Men in Black 3 'fragment of the film

His books have topped the list of best-sellers and have been translated into many languages. But his new work is very different from previous ones. It is devoted to the problem of unidentified flying objects (UFOs).

While working on the book, collecting information about UFOs, Sheldon made an unexpected discovery. It turns out, the death rate among those who are professionally engaged in

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Case H. Curse Tender May (30/11/2012)

December 1, 2012 13:33

The reason for the investigation was a series of mysterious deaths of the legendary group of musicians. Died Aug. 25 in an accident her first lead singer, 42-year-old Yuri Gurov. He was the seventh: in 1992, did not become a drummer Igor Igoshin (20 years), 93 th — keyboardist Michael Sukhomlinov (18), 96th — soloist Yuri Petliura (22), in 2005 — keyboardist Arvid Yurgaytisa (36), in 2007 — a bass player Vyacheslav Ponomarev (37). Alex died in June Burda (39). Mystery? Why do the survivors believe that damned?

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Secrets of the World with Anna Chapman. Erebus 12/02/2012

December 4, 2012 5:16

1. Iceman mummy "named Ötzi" discovered 20 years ago. During this time, died eight researchers and journalists. All these people are somehow wanted to know the truth of who he really — the ice man? Those who violate the ban and will penetrate into the realm of the dead will be destroyed, and the ancient curse embodied in life. As was concluded a peace treaty with the dead worlds of the living.

2. July 1993, the Altai, Ukok Plateau, near the border with China. A group of archaeologists excavated Scythian burial mounds, and

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Research: where are the ideas?

November 28, 2012 23:45

Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Boston University opened the mystery of the birth of thoughts in our head. Now scientists know how fluctuations of electrical activity allow the brain to form thoughts and memories.

One of the biggest mysteries of neuroscience — this encoding thoughts, perception, memory, at the cellular level. Some evidence suggests that each unique piece of information to record and playback specific ensembles of neurons, but until now no one knew how the bands look and image.

A new study by U.S. scientists shed light on how neural networks

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How to live, if you do not feel pain

November 26, 2012 10:18

Girl, do not feel pain, was in the kitchen and stirred noodles. At this point, the spoon slipped from her hands and fell into a pot of boiling water. The girl then went to school in the second shift, the TV is in the living room, and her mother folded bedclothes on the couch. Without hesitation, Ashlyn Blocker (Ashlyn Blocker) lowered his right hand in the water to get a spoon and pull it out of the water and looked at it in the light board.

Photo: The New York Times

Then she went to

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