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Pan promise Zenovia

There are in the Ukrainian Carpathians Tlumach city. And in this city not long ago lived a certain pan Zenovia N. (Zenova abbreviated Zenyk — west Ukrainian version of the name Zino.. — Ed.). His deeply religious and hard-working, known and respected citizens. He was a worker, and for additional income bred nutria, the demand for skins and meat is never lost. Zenova was a man of frugal, saved money — understood that his grandson should get a good education, while his wife and daughter — to live with dignity.

Zenova died at age 82 in

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On the Sacrament of Penance

4.1. On the sacrament of confession before a commoner or a monk, is not vested in the priesthood, we have a clear indication from the Scriptures: "Confess sins to one another DRC vashya and Pray for one another, like a healed yes: a lot can bo prayer pospeshestvuema righteous" (James . 5, 16). St. Paul, referring to the forgiveness of Corinth krovosmesnika clearly speaks of the right to let go of this sin of the local Christian community, if it is according to the will of God: "If ye Emuzhe that grant, and al: for al ashche that the gifts

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Unknown. Fear of the dark

Throughout history, man has tried to capture the darkness and overcome the hidden danger in it. Biologically unable to see at night, the man has always been a vulnerable position in relation to the more powerful predators and other threats, hiding under the cover of darkness, their evil intentions.

Category: Mystery and Mysticism

We never dreamed. Rustic magic. (27. 02. 2013)

In many Russian villages of witches. These are simple country people who know the old ways of healing and divination. Despite wars and other upheavals, the people living in natural surroundings, kept in touch with her …

Category: Mystery and Mysticism

Curse: Energy Attack

The custom of cursing enemies, I wish them and all their family every misfortune was born in ancient times. As an appeal to a higher power in the search for justice. History is replete with legends and tales of misfortune brought on jewelry, mirrors, knives, antique furniture and the concepts that go beyond the material world view. In other words, we are talking about energy attack, under which any person can get, happened because of the circumstances in the wrong place at the wrong time. Such stories are missing to this day.


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Meeting with non-humans in our world

There are many stories of encounters with creatures that look like humans, but whose behavior is observed something strange and inhuman. Who they are — mutant aliens or aliens from parallel worlds?

Zombie Subway

In 1978, mathematician and astronomer, author of "The Encyclopedia of the unknown," FY Siegel received a letter from the student MIPT Valeria Sokolova. It spoke of a mysterious episode witnessed by Valery. The young man was riding on the subway but the Circle Line. In the car, he noticed a strange group of people. Three men were sitting together, the fourth — on the contrary.

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Evil Spirit in the Church

Often the church is a place where people suggest the witches spell. "Calculate" in their holy place is quite simple: the witches try to cross your fingers or arms themselves to the left hand on the right hand

When they get to his knees, then try in a position to cross the back foot.

Some witches start very quickly baptized with his left hand, that is, make the neighborhood: first baptized stomach, then the left shoulder, then right, and finally the forehead.

Can they be baptized and his right hand, but when completing a cross fingers applied

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Diabolical ring Borgia

In 1492, the august couple, Ferdinand and Isabella, trying to enlist the support powerful Rome spent 50,000 gold ducats to the fact that the Vatican reigned their protege Rodrigo Borja, who became Pope Alexander VI, better known under the name of Borgia.

"Wars are not won by armies and gold, and in the kitchens of chefs and managers of dinner parties. Need a little — to be able to pour a drop of honey in a barrel of poison "

In order to understand what this man was enough to

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Border guards

So many people were born at the turn of the zodiac signs and life tormented by the question of who really are. Astrologers call these "border guards".

Each year, the Sun passes the zodiacal circle of 360 degrees, but in the year, as we know, 365 days. Therefore, the date of transition of the Sun from one sign to another year on year is not necessary. So, the same day in different years may come under the influence of different zodiac signs. As in the time of the birth star located that determine your path in life, really can

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Witches. Who are they?

In the mythology of medieval Western Europe holders of magical knowledge, witch.

Endowed with the ability to influence the nature and humans (witchcraft) and perform miraculous deeds — to become a werewolf, to pass through locked doors, fly through the air, steal the heart of people, cause diseases, bedevil on livestock and crops. They are credited with the ability to form an alliance with the devil and serve him, to join with him in sexual intercourse and seduce believers, ruining their souls.

Before the era of the development of medieval ideas about witches magical abilities were mainly at the

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