Nearly half of the day Germany believes in omens. Sociological Institute in Allensbach conducted a 2005 study on the subject, interviewing more than 1,000 adult citizens of the country.

In England, is also considered a good omen for the first day of the month to say the words "white rabbit" to the whole month to be successful. Each caught fall leaves provide good luck for one month of the coming year.

Is considered bad luck to walk under a ladder, to see one magpie (while some forty have the opposite meaning), to disclose the umbrella, standing at the door,


Secrets of the world. Vampires.

There is a view that vampirism — a horrible disease, akin to the plague or cholera, which for centuries has destroyed the nations of Europe. And vampires — not fictional characters Balkan legends …

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Visit Devonshire Devil

Winter 1855 in the British Isles has stood severe. Residents suffered greatly from the cold, and many have already begun to murmur against God, believing that he turned away from them. Because of the severe cold in the gardens cracked trees and forests are predators pounce on people.

On an old engraving shows how the devil could look Devonshire

Appearance of unusual signs

This mysterious and terrifying story began February 8, 1885 in the south of England, in the county of Devonshire, on the Gulf of Lyme. Sunny frosty morning, people who come from homes in Exmouth town, in the

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The ghosts of the night, or on the other side of life

That evening, I accompanied the mother of his girlfriend, which is more than fifty years spent in our small town. I came home late at night and could not sleep.

Eugene five years as a widow, and lived just a ten minute walk from my house. Her daughter, Julia, my childhood friend, begged her mother to move to live with her in another city.— Mom, I want you to be there. I do not want to wake up every morning with only one thought, you're there alone, hundreds of miles away from me and grandchildren.

Unfortunately, his eyes literally stuck

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Underground base in the bottom of the well

In a dilapidated church, which stands in one of the "bear parts" of Estonia, is a fresco, which depicts a "flying saucer." And the locals have long been a legend that says that this approach can not be a black spot for a mile and even more so — to build a home near …

The story began 16 years ago on the Estonian island of Saaremaa. The boy, who lives there, insisted that the night talking to aliens, and even sketched some of what he saw: an unusual remote control aircraft, spaceships look and servicing bio-robots. All

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The aliens live on the floor below

Sometimes quite personal perfume dungeons come in contact with people. Reason to assume that UFOs visiting our planet come from distant galaxies. As researchers found, in some cases, aliens properly be called "podplanetyanami" because, apparently, they live very close — below us, in the depths of the Earth …

In 2007, a group of five cavers explored one of the Crimean caves. Engineer Sukhotin lung ailments due to remain in an intermediate camp at a depth of about 300 meters. If you are going to eat, he lit a candle, took food, and then headed into the far

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Secrets of the World. Religious miracles

Mirotochenie — a phenomenon in Christianity related to the appearance of oily water (so-called global) on icons and relics of saints. Phenomenon is the appearance of the icon light oily type substance that emits fragrance. Various cases mirotocheniya differ in appearance, color and consistency appears fluid.

It can be thick and viscous as tar, or resemble dew (in this case mirotochenie sometimes called "eleotocheniem" or "rosotocheniem").

You can see a detailed study of this phenomenon as well as the scientific and from the ecclesiastical point of view.

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How and where the ghosts live Kharkov

Lady in white and the ghosts in the Youth Park. How and where to live pervostolichnye ghosts — In some parts of the city you can catch up with ghosts and not waiting for Halloween. Students see ghosts in the corridors of native schools, Kharkiv — while walking in city parks, and even created a planetarium section to discuss contact with otherworldly forces

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Sinister City

Ever since the days of the Pharaohs powerful rulers often used architecture as a way to express their worldview, and sometimes — to influence the people.

Mystery, frozen in stone

Many generations of researchers have attempted to trace the architecture esoteric tradition of centuries past. And it turned out that the Egyptian beliefs, modified the Templars and the Freemasons, carved in stone, formed the very foundation of the device in many cities, such as Paris, London and Washington.For example, Paris — this jewel of architecture — was designed in such a way that the authorities can effortlessly suppress rebellions.

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Stars and other world

Sergey Garmash of mysticism on the set of "The Master and Margarita"

Sergey Garmash, gave a press conference in which, inter alia, shared his thoughts about the film "Master and Margarita" by Yuri Kara, filmed in 1994 but released only in rolling this spring, where he played a homeless poet.

According to the artist, who leads the RIA "Data", "shooting in this film — one of the few moments in my life that really was a mystic. What happened to "The Master and Margarita," you can talk for a long time … well, for example, I at Patriarch's Ponds

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