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Attic subconscious

Summer 1904 in Toulon was hot and stuffy. Four cadet considered a great boon move to cool barracks fourth Marine Regiment Morillon village, where would live during field exercises. Teachings have stood not too exhausting, intended siesta, after which young people are left to their own.


Our leisure, when not allowed to absent themselves from the barracks, and spawned problems accompanying a lazy sloth. As a result, future officers, not having even the books and chess, in order to give us something to occupy himself, sank as they called their newfangled hobby in grave sins table-that

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Evil: Vampires

The first vampire hunters emerged in the Middle Ages. Even then, by word of mouth passed icy soul stories of pale creatures with huge fangs, who live in the graves will attack humans dark night, throw on your neck and suck the blood. Particularly afraid of vampires in the Balkans — hundreds of stories from Romania, Bulgaria, Greece and Serbia, later became the basis for many novels and films.

Category: Mystery and Mysticism

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Voodoo queen Marie Laveau

Marie Laveau some believed the great sorcerer, and others — just a clever charlatan. For many years she held the honorary post of "voodoo queen" of New Orleans. Remember it even after a half century. They say that her spirit did not find peace: and after death, and so far he is able to create magical things … But let's see, who was a Marie actually.

As stated in the sources, Marie Laveau was born in 1794 in New Orleans (USA). She was a mulatto, illegitimate daughter of plantation owner and one of his slaves. The girl was

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Urban Legends: ghosts subway

About thirty years ago, the construction of the subway in Nizhny Novgorod (then Gorky) accident, which killed people. Today, in the Nizhny Novgorod subway people face with something unexplainable. Both residents and researchers of the paranormal believe that ghosts inhabit the local subway killed …

So, in January of this year, 21-year-old Alex Kalachev, along with his girlfriend at about half past eleven came home on the subway. Emergence of young people had to be at the station "Zarechnaya".

"The car was still in the tunnel, — says Alex. — Tanya and I got up and went to the door.

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Mysterious stories with ghosts

Ghosts — is not only blurred white silhouettes whose photos often published as evidence of the afterlife. They may look like the projection of the face of the deceased and the "show" in the most unexpected places. Thus, British Andrea Samuels says that the image of her late husband regularly appears on the wall in the bedroom.

According to 41-year-old woman, the ghost began to haunt her, four years after the death of a spouse. However, this was preceded by a variety of events. First, in the house of Andrea Carlisle wound poltergeist. New furniture constantly breaking down, the

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Secrets of the World with Anna Chapman № 70. X-Men (01. 11. 2012)

Graves of the great figures of culture are increasingly being kidnapped … skull! Why they are interested in strange "collectors"? What mystical power have different parts of the human body?

Category: Mystery and Mysticism

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Legend of the three corners

About Bermuda Triangle gossip world for 65 years. Russian scientist Boris Ostrovsky says that he was able to solve the mystery of black spot

Russian researcher of the phenomenon of the Bermuda Triangle MD Boris Ostrovsky asserts that dig up clues secret black spot. According to his version of the Bermuda Triangle is located on the axis of the cyclopean geological fault that crosses the bottom of the Atlantic from north to south. Thanks to this area of Bermuda originated a unique mixture of natural causes leading to the death of all

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Saved by the Light

Every day in the world dies a lot of people, and only a few are to experience a state of clinical death and return to life. But to get a unique gift of foresight in an accident is given one in a million. This is precisely the fate of American Denniona Brinkley.

God's artillery

September 17, 1975 over the city of Aiken, South Carolina, USA, raging storm. A young 25-year old man was afraid Dennion Brinkley elements such antics more than anything else. As a child, at night, when the summer thunderstorms rumbled and lightning lit up the room

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Paradoxes of sleep

Who said that when a person is sleeping, he is in a state of complete rest? Not at all. Our body works like a dream well-functioning machine, which makes many important operations! First, there is active synthesis of adenosine, a substance known as a universal source of energy for living systems. Second, while we snore, is up to 75% of growth hormone … Third, during sleep we produce testosterone, which is responsible for sexual development. So we just feel like we have a rest …

Then slow, then fast

And in fact — we pass inspection. Dream, as it

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Christianity and witchcraft

As you know, the Christian tradition in the making and took assimilated many pagan holidays. Days dedicated to the ancient deities, became holy days, the ancient celebration gets a new meaning and significance. Gradually, the old rituals and symbols have been lost, replaced the traditional Christian, and only one old holiday was not to dissolve completely in the new faith …

Fun, as much horror!

Halloween (in the Christian tradition — Halloween — the most controversial holiday. Still — only this day good parishioners allowed to dress up as witches, warlocks, dead, devils and other evil spirits, to walk

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