Yes retreat darkness!

On the night of Halloween is not only magicians, but everyone is able to put a defense against the Dark Arts, purify negativity and attract into your life good and light. To do this, a quarter of an hour before midnight, 23 hours and 45 minutes in your local time, perform a special rite.

You will need: Four new crystal glass, four candles, cutting red cloth, a handful of dirt, a handful of salt and a handful of wheat grains.

All set? Proceed. Cups half-filled with water and arrange on the table. Behind each glass upside down on the

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Rector of the Catholic parish in Rokingheme (Australia) Finbarr Walsh claims that one of his parishioners, a 50-year old father of three children, themselves appeared bloody wounds on the hands and feet.

Lara and pestilences

It turns out that in the past can not do. Even the Roman writer Apuleius wrote in his "Metamorphoses" of the terrible "larah" who roam the earth and suck the blood of the young men. What has fueled the belief that vampires — the very real being? Ironically, sometimes — very conscientious research. It is a message of Austrian doctors who in 1732 was


Devil of Devonshire

In 1855, in the county of Devonshire were found strange footprints, which are extremely excited locals: they prinadlezhalili devil himself, unknown to science, a bird, or they were created by a group of mischievous? None so far do not know what, or who left the footprints on the ground. The scientists of the 19th century put forward a variety of hypotheses about this. One of them, the phenomenological, claimed that it is a "something" that lives between the tangible and the intangible world, sometimes leaves evidence of its existence, but it still is inaccessible to man.

What happened

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Black magic and photos

A resident of South Kazakhstan village Toguz Natalia Humpback recently buried her husband, decided to put on the grave monument. But when they came with their relatives in the cemetery, was dumbfounded: someone buried in the grave of the late 20 pictures total strangers, including children!

Sorcerer cast a curse on the people and buried them in a fresh grave photo

Pictures were of different quality: color, black and white, printed on Xerox and a mobile phone. All of which were tied crosswise with black and red threads.

In the village after the incident began saying that Natalya

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Secrets of the World with Anna Chapman № 69. One Way Ticket (25. 10. 2012)

Curious Ghost Train, which does not adhere to the schedule, does not stop at the station, do not take passengers. He appears out of nowhere and be straight to hell …

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Reflecting on the guise of tenants alternative spaces

Not random is the statement of one of the giants of physics, Nobel Prize winner, our compatriot Vitaly Ginzburg, who said with his characteristic bluntness: "These creatures are likely to represent some fields of energy, unusual for us endowed properties. And this, of course, favors the existence of parallel worlds. "

Reflecting on the guise of "tenants alternative spaces," the scientist, referring to the universal principle of the universality of boundless nature, emphasized that they do not necessarily have to be our mirror. On the contrary, they should not be like us, and gnomic-fantastic.

Understand what Ginsburg mean, you

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Ghostbusters called?

When old Mrs. Reynolds bought this beautiful old mansion on the outskirts of London, it was surprised by quite a low price. The old woman decided that she is just amazing luck.

The first night in the new house was quiet, but the next was something terrible. Barely old woman was asleep in his luxurious boudoir, as terrible screams literally threw it on the bed. Screaming, choking, maid. Mrs. Reynolds, despite his advanced age, the girl hurried to the rescue. It turned out that the maid saw the most genuine ghost. Ghostly silhouette of a lady in a black

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The fate of everyone connected with the fate of society and the planet. There are no coincidences. Since childhood, the person is ready for small or big things, depending on their abilities and inclinations. In any society, are necessary as the average man, and people who become an adult religious leaders, political or public figures. Way of life a person is defined before the incarnation. In what will be concluded its activities depends on the accumulated experience of the Soul in numerous incarnations (incarnations), the status of the Soul and the characteristic qualities of the human person.

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The gates of hell

Hell. Whether there is in fact this abyss of eternal torment and damnation? For some, hell is not just real, but is on the ground. Erupting volcano in Iceland, with matted dark cave passages under the dense jungle, the lake of fire in the African desert, the secret cave in Belize, underwater caves in Greece, mysterious basilica in Ireland … These remote from civilization places have something in common. Many consider their ancient gateway to hell.

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Astrology and Daily Life

One of the attractions of astrology is for many people is that to find with the help of their innate strengths and weaknesses, they know how to take the best out of life. Like all occultists with magical thinking, astrologers appreciate the balance and harmony.

They condemn all sorts of excesses and extremes, extravagant and eccentric behavior. Some people because of unbalanced allocation of disharmonious planets in their horoscope. Even if you are full of enthusiasm and energy, you will not succeed in life without the harmonious aspects of Saturn, which give realistic and orderly thinking. For

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