Aggressive house

Here, on the island of Russian, I was new: just took over as commander of the reconnaissance and sabotage Special Operations Group Intelligence Pacific Fleet. As expected, the company commander was happy to immediately hang up on me every churn (this is the inevitable fate of groupers) and I'm off the bat atonement responsible for the company of …

Night adventure

In the building of a military unit inhabited by aggressive something

I had to be on duty during the day. To spend time with properly, stocked book smart specialization — "Manual on small business. 7.62mm Kalashnikov machine

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Frogs croak, not only in the marshes

History knows many striking cases, when, for no apparent reason zanemogshie people believed that their illness is caused by a frog in the throat or lizards and snakes live and grow up in the abdomen. And, oddly enough, often suspected cases turned out to be correct.

Horse urine — the best way to settle in his stomach reptiles

Renowned physician Ambroise Pare in his book "Monsters and amazing people" leads, in particular, the case of 12-year-old son of Pastor Zacharias Dyublereyna Berolzeym village in southern Germany. After several bouts of extreme pain, cramps and vomiting mucus boy eventually spewed many

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Mysteries of the parallel world

Some time ago by researchers in Science There is a hypothesis that in addition to our world on Earth, there are two or more very real parallel world, where they live and develop, jointly or independently by other living beings.

Besides already has a variety of collective observations, and even scientific experiments confirming the existence of parallel worlds.

In 1960, on a farm Datong (South Africa) for several days under continuous observation of the whole police units on the body 20-year-old boy out of the blue shirt and shorts appeared suddenly cuts made as if a scalpel.

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Mystical stories. 14 Issue 09. 10. 12.

Category: Mystery and Mysticism

All these voices — hallucinations!

Sometimes we go outwardly normal people who suddenly start talking about himself extraordinary things. One of the visitors, for example, some voices are heard dictating important information. Another annoying invisible "musicians": their concerts sound in his poor head …

Leading issue "unknown world" actually is sympathetic to such visitors. Their appearance is often preceded solar flares, which are known to affect people with unstable mentality. And as the regional center of Mental Health is located adjacent to the formulation, patients of a psychiatrist, and sometimes drop to us.

Official psychiatry these "voices" treats unequivocally: hallucinations! But a "voice", for

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Next strange thing of the soul. 12. 10. 2012

What happens to the soul during life and after death of the physical body

Category: Mystery and Mysticism


Category: Mystery and Mysticism

Coming from the underworld

In 1698, the Faculty of Law, Professor Johann Klein of the University of Rostock in eastern Germany have described the following incident.

A certain great lady Marie de Mondelon went to court to assert inheritance rights to his young son. The fact that Marie de Mondelon claimed that she had conceived the child during sleep, which came to her husband. In reality, this could not be, because her husband, a nobleman Jerome Auguste de Mondelon, spent four years in distant lands, and died shortly before had to go back home. But Madame de Mondelon insisted against all evidence, that

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Keepers Vselennnoy. The catastrophe in the solar system.

Category: Mystery and Mysticism

Druids. Laws of magic

One area of the secret knowledge of the Druids was magic and witchcraft. No one believed the Druids Pliny not only priests, but also powerful magicians. How many legends about how they talked to animals caused by rains and drought, were stored in bags tailwinds and hit enemies ruthless black blades.

The Druids (Celtic wise) — the priestly caste, to which belonged the supreme authority of the ancient peoples of Britain, Scandinavia and Gaul. They never trusted their sacred poems and writings paper, but, like the ancient Brahmins, memorized them, for this feat was required, according to Gaius

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