Altai. Gateway to Shambhala

On the planet, there are many places that open man mysteries of the universe. Once in this area, some remember their past lives, others see the future, others are exploring parallel worlds. According to scientists in such anomalous zone is man's connection with the universe. Studies have shown that in the rituals of the Altai, Khakassia and Kamchatka shaman energy geomagnetic zones. Scientists believe that the geomagnetic zone — a kind of door in the information field of the earth. Mystics say, that is the gateway to Shambhala, which even today disclosed a mystery of humanity.

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Love spell danger

The fact that we modern people, especially city dwellers, poor know the world and the possibility of covert human speak numerous stories related to phenomena such as the evil eye, damage, spell … The people, just tap, you almost any pair of cases surely tell. Here are the stories that have been taught to be wary …


PUNISHMENT FOR spell At our meeting she called herself Natalia Shomin, said her captivate paranormal and esoteric knowledge, but it came to them against their will — unintentional interest were some dramatic events in her life and the lives of familiar people.

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Special Project: Gypsy magiyaEfir 03. 09. 2012

It is believed that Roma are able not only to guess and enter into a state of hypnosis. In their blood — a tendency to magic, occultism, Kabbalah …

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Recipe for human

In the XV-XVI centuries among the alchemists was a very popular idea of creating a homunculus — an artificial man — through the alchemical process. Tried to raise his homunculus and Paracelsus. And though he claimed to have achieved success in this business, there is no evidence confirming this fact.

Do not look too convincing and the evidence of one of his followers, the Count von Kyuffshteyna, grow a dozen alleged homunculi. However, whether or not to find fault? After all, there are the recognized authorities, who did not consider it shameful to take their word for it. Three

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«Code of aliens» in the paintings C. Dali and Roerich

According to the candidate of technical sciences, a former rocket engineer, now a writer Sergei Sukhinova, who found two fragments of an alien space probe far, many of the Neolithic cave paintings have traces of the "Code of aliens." Is it possible to find the secret signs of our Heavenly Teachers in the paintings of the great artists of the twentieth century?

1. Secret signs of genius

Consciously or unconsciously, ancient people used in rock drawings "Code aliens" — it's an interesting question. However, the secret signs were applied to his paintings and other artists of

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Mysteries of the Universe. Black shadow of the Earth. 03. 10. 2012.

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How to call his double

Counterpart is in each person. Just not everyone experienced this, and does not attach importance. People who are not interested and engaged in parapsychology have little confidence in the fact that a link between the twins. To get there, where there is this man, you need through the astral plane, but since most people do not know how to do it, did not meet with their counterparts. To be assertive and a lot of training, you can meet with an astral double. After you can and ask for her help, which you need at this time. Before you call your

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Mysteries of the Universe. Invisible Guests 02. 10. 2012

Some physicists argue: there are hundreds of other worlds besides our own. And they all mysteriously connected with the Earth …

Mysteries of the Universe. The horizon vremeni.Efir 01/10/2012.

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Age-old recipes of Russian healers to protect children

Age-old recipes of Russian healers to protect children from the evil eye damage, witchcraft slander

From olden times to protect children from evil healers used all sorts of rituals, which were a kind of action and mandatory recitation conspiracy. Can we use them today? That was the question asked by many readers. For the answer, we turned to several healers and magicians and heard the following:

If you do not believe in the power of magic, it is better not to try to apply it means — most likely, they will not help your child. After all, your inner

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In the footsteps of the Nephilim Part 1

BEN Elohim BEING 6

Satan hurry: with an eye to the future, he has put on stream the birth of hybrids — the future soldiers of the army, which, carrying the angelic part and not in response to the gospel, will march under his diabolical tune and show his devilish nature. For this, he is going to return to earth of the Nephilim of Genesis 6. This continued for several millennia hostility reflected in the prophecy of the Garden of Eden:

I will put enmity between your seed and between the seed of the woman (Byt.3: 15)

Whom are

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