Ancient Mysteries. Apocalypse: The Secret Revelations

The Book of Revelation — one of the few parts of the New Testament, where it is said that people splash out hatred, but are righteous. This is the last and most terrible of many books of the Bible in which it is a bloody Apocalypse. Today, millions are waiting for signs that the Apocalypse is imminent. What is the Book of Revelation was written? Many believe that only barren sandy valley in northern Israel can conceal the answer to this question. According to the Bible, in this place to begin Armageddon, the end of the world. But is it

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Horror Emitivillya repeated?

The Supreme Court of New Jersey took up the amazing action from tenants spacious ranch in Toms River. Young couple who sought a cozy nest for a happy family life, says the homeowner handed them housing, without warning that it is home to one of the other world!

Print obsession

37-year-old Jose Chinchilla and his girlfriend, 36-year-old Michael Callan, has two teenage daughters, lived in the "cursed" house for a week.

At the hearing, they stated that poltergeist immediately began to behave very aggressively. By day, he threw out of linen closets, "carpeting" named floors in the rooms, and

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Abnormal Chronicle and News

UFO near Yekaterinburg

Another news about UFO sightings come from Yekaterinburg. Eyewitnesses describe that on May 12 in the evening sky over the city were seen four rapidly moving from west to east glowing object. Though their rate was not lower than that of jet fighters, and they were flying low enough engine sound no one has heard. UFO in the sky to form a kind of diamond, while in the corners. The movement of this group was straightforward.

Soon there were two more of the same object, followed one another. At some point, the "master" suddenly turned smoothly and

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Mysterious Russia: Krasnoyarsk: Ghosts at the break?

Ghosts, ghosts, disembodied beings. Souls of the dead have not found solace — the embodiment of a frightening unknown energy. Are they able to do real harm? Crew "Mysterious Russia" sent to Krasnoyarsk. According to witnesses, the city is filled with the souls of men, who have long said goodbye to life …

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In search of the mysterious monster Mokele-mbembe

Young biologist from the University of Missouri, Stephen McCullough soon go with a group of like-minded people to remote African jungle "to document the flora and fauna of the unknown." Members of the "first in the XXI century expedition to the unexplored corners of the Republic of Congo," have decided to explore the region, which has long been known as a habitat mysterious mokele-mbembe.

"Hunters in the Dinosaurs" will help the latest technology

As it may seem strange, but, really, even today, there are quite large areas of Africa, which can hide very real prehistoric dinosaurs.

These areas are

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Old shoes and magic rituals

Mutual love, a harmonious marriage, life without sudden blows of fate and you will ensure a long illness … old shoes and performing ancient magic rituals.

Thoughts on love

• If you want to know what you think of your beloved, you must thread the needle and, eyes closed, to stand in his shoes, and always bare feet. At first, before your eyes will be "blank screen", and then go a string of pictures, images, my head will start to flash different thoughts. Memorize them, try to understand. Not all, of course, it turns out, but only for those

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Sold his soul to the devil

In the Chilean city Kopulemi young man killed his mother, saying that after the police that for this he had been promised the Devil fame and prosperity. He was going to kill his sister, for which he promised an unclean man to make it beautiful and lengthen his penis.

$ 100 in cash Hell

Now doctors check the mental state of 23-year-old Chilean, who claims to be made with a representative of the underworld bloody bargain at the local cemetery, in the circle of his friends, the Satanists. During the detention, he warned the police that can kill them

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Secret area. Parallel Worlds. Zone X

People do not stop to deal with unexplained phenomena: fireballs, crop circles, mysterious glow …

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Mystery: Mystery of secret societies.

Honest documentaries about everything which is hard to believe! There is no place guesswork, only serious scientific approach, good investigative journalism and unbiased observation!

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The mystery of matter, or that below the visible world?

Matter-of understanding the mystery of her common with comprehension themselves, their inner essence, we must not forget the ancient teachings: Know thyself, in that seemingly insignificant phrases, hidden so deep essence, but it is better to say about this amazing film about the mystery of the matter that the below the visible world?

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