Soul and Astral

All souls are applied in the astral world. If the deceased was burdened by these qualities, in the vibrations of the soul remains grim, dark note. Many will agree to include it in the sphere of perception? And it may be that such a soul is left alone, suffering immensely from the cold loneliness without getting energy support without contact with someone who was dear.

Many people know that in the world of any negative message generates (or causes, it is difficult to say) energy-entity, a black veil that envelops your emotional body, it may see some people with

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Parallel worlds and ways to travel in them

Meanwhile topic travel to parallel worlds, perhaps, perhaps the most popular, but let's think, what is the parallel worlds? We should immediately clarify that we will focus on cases where someone (or something) gets out of the world, described by the author of the work (let's call it an objective reality) in a different world, a different order of reality, that is, a parallel world.

That's, like, a good definition of "parallel world should call any world other than the objective reality of at least one event."

Such an event may be the origin of life on the planet,

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Other worlds — when the dividing line

Someone did not believe in the hereafter, someone unconditionally believe in its existence. All people are different and have different attitudes to parallel worlds, but it should be noted that in any respect to this issue, on a subconscious level, one is sure, something was bound to have. And parallel worlds exist and that there is a lot of evidence. One would bring a lot of real life examples that have occurred with people, to take only the cases with clinical death, but now we will talk not about that.

Sufficient number of people faced with unexplained

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"Occult can be a very big stretch to define an intermediate link connecting science and religion. Main purpose of occult disciplines is producing concrete results, that is the solution of urgent problems of life in unconventional ways. That is what attracts the gullible are often burdened with high knowledge, but who want to he borrowed for free occult methods. Few of them understand in what a dangerous game they start playing with the menacing forces and what are the implications for them in case of loss. "


There are lots of benefits of magic, mostly offering ready-made recipes

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Revenge from beyond the grave

In the annals of parapsychology backlog of cases in which victims of crime, criminals sent to the hereafter, all of a sudden found a way to live, to make revenge. Most often it is the transmission of information to the relatives, who the real killer, at least — in a kind of vendetta when the killer dying of some, seemingly random reasons, the victim of attacks, ill terminal illness or committed suicide.

Ghost tells of his murder

A classic example is the phenomenon of Hamlet shadow of his father, who reported that his poisoned brother to take the throne

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Ghostbusters (17. 09. 2012)

The program addresses the man. He is worried about his wife, in which notices frightening changes. She was incredibly superstitious, while experiencing episodes of intense apathy. Observation reveals that the woman meditates regularly, listening to music on headphones. It was at this time she falls into a state of stupor.

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Witches do not go to bed

In Salem, Mass., stopped taking shoppers Official Witch Shop, where a great interest in witchcraft and sorcery could at any time to buy their mysterious rites is necessary.

The store was opened back in 1970 and became the first U.S. official magical "shopom" for witches, and its owner Lorin Cabot then was recognized as Governor Michael Dukakis main witch of Salem.

78-year-old Cabot said that the decision to close Official Witch Shop dalos easy. However, after the cessation of trading activities witch is not going brosatrabotu completely — it will continue to conduct training sessions for magic and divination

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Energy flow from the Moon. WHAT DO Mahatma

The Moon is Divine and the Divine energy. No divine energy — is its own energy, planetary. It is not a negative, but in relation to a person is not favorable.

Discomfort that one experiences from the planetary energy of the moon, is that the flows are coming to Earth, neutralizing human mental activity. This is one of the reasons why you want to sleep at night, especially its impact is felt after four o'clock in the morning, on the part of the earth where it shines.

Moon is a powerful satellite. She, like the Earth and

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To travel through time

To travel back in time, you need to open a tunnel in space-time and go through it. This would require, only the so-called exotic matter — a substance that is repelled rather than attracted by gravity.

— The problem is that no one knows how to build stuff — says New Zealand scientist Matt Visser of the University of Victoria.

As we know from science fiction novels and films, the tunnels — a favorite way of moving time travelers. These hypothetical tunnel connecting distant from each other part of the space-time, which forms the universe. Although the tunnels

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Journey to the Astral

ASTRAL-place is not, but that is …

Matters of religion, psychic, okultizma, magic, yoga, short of all that is called non-traditional ", are the roots of the astral. These areas do not belong to the physical world, they are astral in nature.

Take a break for a minute and imagine — you have lived all my life in the world, surrounded by a high wall, and you were quite pleased with himself and the world. Sometimes heard the legend that there behind the wall, there is a world populated drakonemi, horrible monsters that live there the gods that

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