Secret area. Laboratory of the universe 14. 09. 2012

Places where frequent unexplained phenomena called anomalous zones. There altered characteristics of the physical world: the passage of time is slowed down, distorted geometry of space. Whether the anomalies game of nature, or is the work of man?

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Curse of the dead. Myth or reality?

Curse of the dead. Curse of the mummy's curse of the pharaoh … Since time immemorial, people believe that the dead are disturbed eventually rise from the grave and begin to retaliate. Anyway, to be honest, morals and faith do not allow any lack of respect for the deceased.

But science has always considered the moral norms that prevent the curiosity of scientists, superfluous. Read all about it! I want to see, looked like Tamerlane, Tutankhamun and the other who died many years ago. In short, the series hunters mummies replenished and replenished, and the stories of the curse

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The gate to the parallel world

The ancient temple of the god-monkey hidden under the ground near the Siberian village Okunevo — the known prophet in India Sai Baba.

Russian researchers of anomalous phenomena are also sure that there are located "sacred place" — the secret gateway to parallel worlds. However, scientists from the official science, in response to such claims ironic shrug. Who is right?

Those who come here with the desire to see a miracle, often disappointed. Perch seemingly ordinary village. Is true, it is in a beautiful location — on the steep bank of a small river Tara. From neighboring villages

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Secrets of the world. Shadow black wings 13. 09. 2012

The paintings, which can kill, books, living his life, music that heals …. What do we know about the mystical power of art?

Category: Mystery and Mysticism

Home spirit

Perhaps there is no more controversial figure in the pantheon of the Old Slavonic than houses. Water all there, goblins, Kikimora — ancestral enemies of man, only wizards and witches can of something to negotiate with them, mere mortals better with these entities do not meet. But the houses … You can not ever be afraid of the unseen, who lives behind your stove?

Someone who lives behind the stove?

Legends describe how Brownie squat peasant rise up to half, how big, black cat, or simply as a cluster of dark energy. Well, talk to the energy cloud little-hunting

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Wonderland (2012)

What is a miracle? Something supernatural? The film tells the story of events that can be fixed, and even explore modern methods, but it is impossible to explain.

Why mirotochat icons? Analysis shows that the substance exudes icons, and how to explain the presence of a protein?Shroud of Turin — a clever hoax or the most holy? Why chemists, paleobotany, anthropologists, historians assert that the Shroud is genuine, and carbon dating shows the opposite? What are the results of further research? That modern science has to say about the Shroud of Turin? Are there unequivocal evidence of its authenticity?

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Four elements and characters of the people

In the European philosophical tradition, the four elements, or primary element considered essential components of our world. In astrology, the elements are also components of the human character. Signs of the zodiac are divided into four groups of elements, and although in the horoscope and the nature of each person represented in one way or another all of the elements, often dominated by the element of the sign under which the person was born.

That elements determine the temperament and psychological compatibility of people. Better compatibility between the single elements. In life, people do not even know astrology and

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People-puzzle: killer picture of Ilya Repin

Back in the XV century by Cornelius Agrippa Netteskheymsky said: "Beware of the brush of the painter — his portrait can be more alive than the original." Hardly anyone would argue that Ilya Repin (1844-1930) — one of the greatest Russian painters. But — strange thing: many who have had the honor to be his sitters, soon died …

Among the "victims" of the artist were Mussorgsky Pisemsky, Pies, Italian actor Mercy d'Argenteau. Barely took the portrait painter Fyodor Tyutchev, he also died … However, in all cases of death had some objective reasons, but that's a coincidence … even

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Do not look for a long time on the mummy, and then she looks at you!

On the "Curse of the Pharaohs" is known, probably everyone reading popular newspapers and magazines. However, many do not even suggest that the mummies have a negative impact not only on those who disturb their ashes, but also to any person who is close to them.

Mummies of the economic crisis?

About mummies write a lot, and in some publications expressed so fantastic assumptions that just dizzy. For example, an article was written that disturbed Iceman mummy and Altai Princess in retaliation to humanity caused by the global economic crisis … well read this and really start to think

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Places of power and karmic geography

Each person is born in a particular country, a particular city and specific location. This place is considered to be his home, to which a person is fixed for ever, and this connection is unbreakable, even if you happen to move to another residence. Based on place of birth horoscope (natal chart), which determines not only the nature of man, but also many of the circumstances of his life. However, each person has more and karmic place of birth, which saves the soul special mystical connection.

Karmic birthplace

In its last incarnation on earth the soul of any man also

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