People who put the chips?

For some time people began to discover some miniature priborchiki that can implanted in a variety of places on the body: in the mucous membranes, under the skin of the head, on the knuckles or toes — in any part of the human body. They usually do not cause obvious discomfort, found by chance, for example, while X-rays, but learned to light, always baffled researchers. Because it is a mini-transmitters or something similar.

Not an isolated case, and already the mass implanting some people tracking devices six years ago told the American public practitioner

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Keanu Reeves is immortal

American parapsychologists by dealing with "immortal vampire" Nicolas Cage and John Travolta, which "Abnormal News" recently reported, made another sensational statement: Hollywood actor Keanu Reeves, perhaps — is also an immortal being!

Charlemagne … Paul Mune … Keanu Reeves

Comparing photos of actor 22 years ago when he starred in the film "The Extraordinary Adventures of Billy & Ted" and pictures of 2011, they came to the conclusion that even with the beard, he looks like a 25 year old guy.

Anticipating the questions of skeptics, the researchers absentia agree that Immortal, if they do exist, after a certain

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Prophetic dreams see all

About dreams, foreshadows the great world of defeat and victory, heard each. But prophetic dreams seen by all: you only have to learn how to transfer to the "dream" language familiar.

Just as intuition

The brighter you are, the brighter and more interesting than his dreams. History is replete with examples of dreams Marey, military leaders and other arbiters who have managed to influence the course of world events. Thus, according to Herodotus, Egypt freed from the domination of the Ethiopian king: one that had a dream that he should cut all the Egyptian priests in half. "The gods

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Divination OBI

Obi — fortune-telling system is all-powerful priests of voodoo, to obey the will of evil spirits rising from the graves of the dead and turn them into zombies, etc. Like all wizards, they are good at guessing, guessing their methods are very popular in Latin American countries such as Brazil, Haiti and Cuba. In America, the ancient methods of predicting the fate of African negros brought slaves. Among them was the Obi.

Obi — four flat objects, which are easily stirred. You can successfully use a flat smooth roundels of wood or plastic the size of a ruble coin,

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Riddle Dals

When you read the materials of the foreign press that the U.S. government has a long association with the aliens and build joint military base, and a confirmation to that provided photos of their flying saucers on the bases, there is a growing wonder — how can you keep a secret from humanity all this activity? And anxiety — why?

Is not it shocking data known ufologist Paul Bennewitz of a military base in the north following the State of New Mexico, where there is a terrible, jointly with alien biogenetic laboratory, and it was there that are half-human, half-animals

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What secret were a mirror?

Since ancient times, the mirror is one of the most mysterious, full of mysticism interior. If there was a dead man in the house, a mirror close to it does not instill the soul of the deceased. With the help of a mirror, some people are trying to communicate with the other world, to predict the future.

Mirrors appeared centuries ago. They were made in ancient Sumer, India and Egypt. Originally mirrors were made of obsidian, bronze and silver, and only in the twelfth century the glass mirror. Once Venetian glassblowers working on the island of Murano, on a

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Whether we like it or not, the feeling the reality that underlies these legend, soaked us before birth. And how would man may swaggered … I do not think that light there is at least one sverhmaterialist that would not flinch at a meeting with the monster.

This is surprising phenomenon has generated an incredible amount of fantastic stories, was fertile ground for stories of folklore and literature, because few writers cost without at least one story about the phenomena of ghosts. Well, at least to start with Shakespeare.

Ghosts are, according to something

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On the dangers of African masks

My companion was called Viktor, a retired colonel himvoysk, the liquidators of the Chernobyl accident. His behavior, the ability to behave, a special army to present specific events — everything indicates that this person is simply unable to dream, fantasize and even more so smoothly that in his stories can safely write an exciting artistic novel.

Down-to-earth person — what could be there! No offense to him will be discussed. "Here you write on your website different amazing stories. But I was much more strange!" — He said in a conversation with our correspondent. And Viktor told …

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Jumping through time …

Who does not dream of a collection of old "gold coins" and "attendants" to dive into the sweet "years of stagnation"?

Playing with time does not like jokes

But alas … Until you build a time machine is possible only in the movies. However, the facts almost acrobatic leaps from past to future known.

Time can be rightly called the Seventh Ocean, similar to what is considered by the Fifth air elements, and six — space. And seventh ocean is not so impregnable as it may seem ignorant people. But the journey there is fraught with many risky adventures, contingencies

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When the earth cry out

The first person to notice the similarity of the planet on which we live, with a living creature was a great writer and an interesting scholar Arthur Conan Doyle.

The time has come to our planet as a living organism

In his witty sci-fi novel "When the Earth cried out," he words his character, Professor Challenger, said that the plant, covering the surface of the earth, much like the vegetation on the body of the animal, volcanoes — Heat points, and tides — the breath. The novel ends with the professor decides to give the world to know about its

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