How to win the lottery

The famous "method" get rich quick — instant win lottery. As a rule, the chance to buy the winning ticket are very slim. All the more incredible is the story of New York workers deli Valerie Wilson, which won the top prize twice.

In 2002, she won a million dollars in the lottery Cool Million, having a chance to 1:5200000. Four years later, having taken part in the lottery Jubilee, she won the second million. At this time, the odds of winning were estimated as 1:7 056 00. What was her chance to win the grand prize in the

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Travel back

The newspaper "Tomsk statements" for April 1893 was placed interesting article, an account of how, after a long absence to the merchant of the first guild Zherdinu returned his son, fifteen years ago, drowned in the river Tom, and whose merchant Zherdin buried at the local Cemetery.

The most interesting to readers was that the son of a merchant looking just as the aged twenty young man who sincerely believed if absented himself from his father's home just a few hours ago. Son Zherdina confirmed that, over the river, fell through the fragile ice March, but was rescued

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Messenger of the underworld

Although we often refer to smart people "wise owls", this bird is considered unlucky. Almost all of the night birds, and especially those whose cries sound dark and mysterious, grisly — the owl most.

Owl Feather — from the evil eye

Since time immemorial, the owl was considered a messenger of misery. The ancient Romans had for her disgust, associated with death and disaster, and saw her in the afternoon, caught and then burned, and the ashes poured out publicly into the Tiber.

Obviously, a bad name owls in our time, and in Roman times, there was because of

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SECRET Light Witch «

Mrs. Dickens was also told that once her father was in the snow and lost his way, and the lights in some way to interact with him and said that he had lost his way and headed in the wrong direction. They led him to a small cave where he could hide and spend the night, and the largest of the fires all the time to be near him. Lights were able to "explain" to him that are spirits from the past. Waking up in the morning, her father discovered that the lights are definitely indicated his mistake. He waited

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Blood type and nature

Blood Group person regardless of race, sex or age. It is inherited and the end of life is unchanged. To some extent, it determines our inclinations, character, and attachment. This was confirmed by the study of over a million residents of Japan.

Japanese scholar described the people with different blood types:

Group 1 (0). Holders of this blood type are energetic, outgoing, they have good health, a strong will. Resistant to neurosis, quickly restore power. They are not without emotion, tireless in tremlenii to success and leadership. At the same time, very jealous, fidgety and ambitious. All this, however,

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Reptiles rule the world …

Came in 2012 … On the eastern calendar is the year of the reptile, named Dragon. Who was the dragon, and in general, what are the reptiles, to which humanity has long been true with obvious bias?

Human vision is arranged so that it actually says, not all, can not see what is actually around him, and openly, and in secret. They say that only clairvoyants see what the common man is not available, they can only recognize "them." According to many of them, what they see, leads them in an inexplicable horror.Reptiles rule the world …One can see

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Of all the creatures dragon is best known around the world. From ancient times to the present day, in the east and the west, in the national epic and fantasy works monstrous dragon was the personification of superhuman strength. In the legends of many peoples of the world dragons — powerful opponents eternal heroes. In each of the legends of the victory over the dragon has great symbolic and sometimes practical. Heroes of Middle Eastern traditions thus saved their people from various disasters.

Defeating the dragon, mythological Greek warriors immortality, and medieval knights — great treasures, a beautiful

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Ghost caught in lenses and video cameras

These photos of the haunted — it pohlesche than any fictional Hollywood thriller. Each of these images, scientists subjected to thorough analysis. Much of a result is fake — that's the truth. But some "debunk" so you can not, despite the best efforts of science.

This photograph was taken in 1959 by the rock Corroborees near the town of Alice Springs (Australia). The woman raised her hand to her face and looks into the distance.

At night, the drivers of Quezon City (city in the Philippines) are trying to go around Ballet drive tenth road. They argue that

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War of the Worlds: The Hammer of Witches. (20. 08. 2012)

Who are these powerful women? Witch or the darling of nature? That is capable of a real witch? And what troubles catch up with them

Category: Mystery and Mysticism

Dawn of Magic

Modern witches say that a drop of blood from the little finger of his left hand when it secretly added to a glass of wine, woman, make this woman passionately in love with a man …

Healing under the gallows

In the past, people blindly believed that the blood — is more than the usual red liquid needed to sustain life and strength. They considered the driving force of an immortal soul, the essential foundation of life. When a person loses blood, he grew poorer spiritually and physically, and if they lose it too much, you die, because with the

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