11 most evil monsters from different religions of the world

Almost every religion has its own set of parables about love, goodness, and all other good and right things. But, unfortunately, there are stories of blissful not always and not for everyone. And then the matter of re-sinner trusts some terrifying and repulsive creatures that this is the case are available in each of the spiritual culture.

1. Dibbuki

Dibbuk live in Jewish folklore. This spirit of a dead sinner, who, instead of lead, as expected, the afterlife, inhabits the body of a living person and either live there themselves quietly, or, more often, exasperated and torturing their victims.

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Golden moment for guessing the desires

Atlantis and devoted priests of ancient Egypt actively used this knowledge for doing that now are called miracles. Indeed, in those moments you can achieve maximum effect with a minimum of creative energy costs. This is like an open door to a higher dimension.

Imagine: there comes a treasured time, opens the channel — and hear what your guardian angel (or someone who fulfills our desires)? Talking on the phone with her friend, "Oh, I would not want to have my Victor was the same bastard as Marinkin Boris …" or flirty complaint: "How am I sick of courtship

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Secret signs. Tarot: 78 mysteries of fate. Documentary

According to legend, tarot created priests of Atlantis, to preserve and pass on to those most intimate knowledge. With these maps, you can not just tell fortunes, but also love to solve problems, to solve the dreams put precise medical diagnosis. To touch the mysteries of the future, rather spread out on the table tarot cards in a specific order.

However, experts warn: do not touch the cards without proper training. A deck of tarot cards is not forgiving, and can severely punish inexperienced experimenter. Look online documentary "Secret signs. 78 mysteries of fate"

Category: Mystery and Mysticism

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Necromancy — the secret behind seven seals

— Corin — snapped hanging — you have strong nerves?— A? Where does my nerves .. In general, do not complain.Hover removed from his forehead strap. Gem attached to it, nalilsya milky sheen. She stood over the body, arms outstretched, eyes closed. Corinne stared, open-mouthed. She bowed her head and whispered something he did not understand.— Grealhan! — Shouted hover.Fern suddenly stirred. Corinne jumped, grabbed the sword, prepare a defense. Corpse trembled.— Grealhan! Speak!— Ah-ah-ah-ah! — Came from a fern growing hoarse howl. Corpse arched and rose into the air, only touching the ground with his heels and head.

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Earth — a living entity, with its own creative evolution and its methods will achieve this goal. If we take a look at nature, we find in it design and innovation — as an architect and inventor. What is the purpose of all this effort? Earth — the only planet in the solar system that has a matrix of life. What is the maximum capacity for a living? In the true will of the earth to find answers to this question and bring the results to other laboratories of life in the universe.

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Posthumously condemned

Horror burned villages

Expedition Baranova old Old Believer recorded songs, ceremonies and traditions, and the most curious of which was an incredible legend beyond the rivers ghouls. One of the old-timers Orekhovka Egor Stepanovich Melnikov told Sergei that forty years ago in the village, located on the opposite bank of the river Lymbelka whose title no one remembers a local cemetery got into the habit to go vampire who turned all the residents of the village in its bloodthirsty kin . Learn about this horror orehovchane neighboring village began to think about how to leave far away from the native

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Merciless ghost children

Middle Ages

From the novel by MA Bulgakov's "Master and Margarita" we remember Freda, who became pregnant from a host of cafes, "gave birth to the boy, took him into the forest and put her handkerchief in his mouth, and then buried the boy in the land." Even in the world of the beyond Frida doomed every day to see on the dresser the same scarf with blue platter — a reminder of the crime.

In Shakespeare's "Macbeth" witch, preparing his hellish brew, among other ingredients thrown into the boiler:

"… Mother in mud dwellersAt birth, a moment later,Strangulation of

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Hiccups: Mysticism and Reality

15-year-old Jennifer E of the city of St. Petersburg in the U.S. state of Florida from January 15 of this year, almost without stopping hiccups 50 times per minute.

Help Jennifer!

Medications that doctors prescribed a girl, do not act. Do not help as breath holding, sugar under the tongue, brine, breathing into a paper bag and trying to get rid of a sudden illness with fear.

Jennifer's mother turned to newspapers for help, but until the Board of hundreds of readers have failed.

At the beginning of March, the disease seemed to have finally let go of Jennifer. The

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Spends in the Underworld

In Russian folk tradition world of the dead is understood as a parallel world of the living. In cemeteries south-western Russia, even today you can see the tombs built by small wooden houses in which the soul lives supposedly dead …

So the soul can drink

"After the establishment of the fact of death of the deceased is washed. Regardless of who died — a woman or a man, a special body wash old woman. They departed and dress in new clothes and nenadevannuyu left for two days in the house."

Almost everywhere, the day of death of the deceased

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The rites of exorcism to lead to tragedy

In the Zimbabwean capital Harare recently, a massive explosion that killed five people and destroyed 12 nearby buildings. All this was the result of the ritual to drive the goblin who had local sorcerer Spikmor Mandera. Sorcerer tried to save his client from malicious spirit with … call lightning. That was far from secure.

According to the beliefs of the locals, goblins — it's otherworldly entities that live underground and have a repulsive appearance: they have pointed ears, huge eyes and long claws. First goblins help people get rich, and then suck their blood. Last November, a clinic nurse

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