Count of St. Germain and Alchemy

My intention is not to tell the story of this enigmatic man, as many authors have scribbled on it the whole toma.Ya focus only on the question, can we consider the Count de Saint-Germain, an alchemist, or, as some believe, even adept …

The historical existence of the graph started in 1743 in London. Because in 1745, he was having trouble with the police, who saw in it a foreign spy, on this occasion Horace Walpole gave the necessary explanations, "He lived here for two years and does not want to say where arrived, but admits that is someone

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Fasting, sleep and astral

Fasting increases the flow of cosmic energy. Of the three sources of energy (food, breath, sleep) sleep is the most important: it is easy to see that with proper breathing and nutrition sleep decreases and vice versa. In the beginning of fasting during sleep increases. And this is one of the reasons why the post helps astral projection. While fasting is one of the secondary sources is disabled.

In order to keep the system the necessary amount of energy, the astral body departs from the physical to the "farther away" and thus receives more energy. That's why people

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To get out of your physical body etheric, emotional or astral double can cause the following factors: asceticism, fasting, isolation, sexuality and sensuality depression, shock, stress, drugs, prolonged meditation, samogipnoticheskie suggestion, chanting hymns, mantras, vortex dancing dream the awakening of Kundalini.

At first, it will most likely unconscious outputs, but there may be conscious. In the early stages of a thin twin outputs can be heard strange sounds inside the head: crackling, ringing, chirping, clicking, voice, sound, which will eventually turn into a lingering or ringing note. This cacophony usually scares the student if he fails warned. Sprouted


Secret area. Devilry

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So, what is a man? Well, first, the physical body. Then there are the seven auric bodies of the twins. Even more subtle matter is our soul. Finally, the last component, which is the root cause of a person's life — the Spirit, the Divine Spark. Material body — the rough part of the man and the most vulnerable, as it is the most short-lived instrument of the spirit, cobbled together as it were "in a hurry."

This is the final tool, thanks to the efforts of all the upper plans. In the earthly space, we can use

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Venusians in Shambhala

If you have correctly configured your inner ear, you will hear the OM, which means that God is present in every sound.

Since ancient times, Shambhala is the mediator between the earthly humanity and civilization of the Cosmos. The monastery of the White Brotherhood gives people the knowledge to guide their evolution over tens of thousands or millions of years. The details of this are based on the esoteric sources of the West and the East. All the great teachings, all the great religions and all the fundamental scientific discoveries were made terrestrial humanity White Brotherhood of Shamballa and

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Mystical Brain

Journey into the depths of human consciousness. Is it possible to explain the experience of grace experienced by mystics and contemplatives? This documentary tells of the latest scientific mystical experiences conducted in Canada and other countries.

Fragments of conversations with His Holiness the Dalai Lama, a Buddhist monk Matthieu Ricard of France, a Carmelite nun.

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Herbalist witch: Mandragora


From time immemorial mandrake plant is associated with the person. Its roots resemble arms and legs attached to the body. A head is crowned with the aerial part of the plant. Back in the 12th century Hildegard of Bingen wrote that "because of its resemblance to a man she is more easily influenced by the Devil and his wiles than other plants." Mandrake has several varieties:

— White mandrake — Male, had black on the outside but white inside root. Plant with creeping leaves and heavy, intoxicating smell. Yellow berries had sharply soporific effect,

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Spoilage and the evil eye. Definition and characteristics sglaza and spoilage

Terms for the evil eye and spoilage already fixed certain values mystical sense, and deal with this, at least, useless. Damage, the evil eye — a kind of verbal and non-verbal feedback. Brain — a kind of biological computer that can be programmed for specific reactions. In humans, mental and bodily closely related.

It is known that the criterion of truth is experience. But there is no absolute truth, there is only a model. Operational and non-model. Those who explain the phenomena around us more successful and those that are less …

It is believed that an electrical

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Magic bath and bath rituals

Our ancestors regularly visited bath. It was not just a relaxation area, and was the site of the sacred and mystical.


Slavs believed that, properly take a steam bath and correctly perform certain ritual actions, you can get not only the courage, the charge of the forces, but also the healing of soul and body.

This place has long been one of the most important landmarks symbolizing the path of life, symbolized the beginning of some internal cycles of life. In the bath, carefully steamed before important events, and they felt the danger. Bath was the traditional

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