Secrets of the belt in.

In Russia, in the home and folk rituals, the emphasis has long belt. A man without a thought very indecent to be with. Unbelted person meant to dishonor him. Since ancient times, now seen as a talisman that brings prosperity and good luck.

However, according to an ancient warlock, the most trouble-free way to become a wolf — a contract with the devil. After covenanted person receives blood from the evil forces help in the conversion of magical belt that he should wear a while transforming into a werewolf.

To do this, run the following ritual: go to the

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Kings Abode of Peace

Legends of the inhabitants of the underworld, there is almost every nation of the world. But until recently, they believed only mystically minded people.

"On the surface of the Earth and within the real space Agartty resisted oppression and coercion comes from violence and abuse. Library of the previous cycle were either under the seas that swallowed up the ancient southern continent, or in the underground structures of the ancient antediluvian America "- so wrote the famous esoteric Saint Yves d'Alveydr the mysterious subterranean land Agartte and its main stronghold known Shambhala. Shambhala

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The curse of

Many people, according to psychics, the curse kind. Is the title of a certain power influence of supernatural forces on the human body.

This is the punishment for murder. Payback is not easy. Means the curse of death in this life, or accident, or from a terminal illness. But the worst thing is that the murderer inevitably doomed his race to degenerate. His descendants seriously ill, drink too much, go crazy, commit suicide.

Concurrence of circumstances or the fatal predestination?

Fully felt the curse of Count Fyodor Tolstoy. Earl was a consummate adventurer, a desperate gambler and

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The illusion of the Universe

World — what we think of it. Outside the window, the rain? Just have a bad, "rainy" mood. Smile — and look out from behind the clouds the sun! Absolutely! We need only a very, very willing and change the course of his thoughts, then everything will change. Universe because all is far less real than is commonly believed. It is — an illusion. And it should not portray as a certain objectively given us a mechanism, in the form of ephemeral image hologram. Time — now. Two — disappeared. Quietly and quickly, the speed of light. Rather, the speed

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Astral travel

The destiny of the elect?

To describe this mysterious ability invented countless terms. Religious people would describe it as a "way of the soul from the body." For people to be closer and more rational terms such as "astral exit", "astral projection", "out of body experience" (WTO), etc. Descriptions of such phenomena today are numerous. And, despite the variety of their interpretations, these events unequivocally say that our physical reality — this is not a destination …

However, despite its widespread phenomenon WTO serious study and have not received. Representatives of classical science but not reject the authenticity of

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Electric wizard

Once real shaman told me, "In your head is not enough air. And your heart is "breathing" the left. " Later, a real doctor confirmed cerebral hypoxia and cardioneurosis.

I was born left-handed, on the heart and "breathes the left." "Lefty — wrong soul" — they say. To tweak your soul, often resort to the procedures can not be explained by science. For example, I go to sorcerers. Now, when the era made a leapfrog, mixed up, pretending to urban modernity, when the science is so developed that was falling into obscurantism, when to turn to cheaper grandmother than

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HARA — energy center of the body of man. Part 2

Coordination with internal force

Then it was time to follow the practice is more difficult and dangerous. On a long stem, mounted horizontally above the head of a man, hung long mesh with stones, about to step from one another. Late at night from one end of the barrel bright flame lit at the same time, driven by a grid with stones. Young Cossack had to go to the light along the stem and not be hit by the weight of stones that swayed in the grids across his path.

Had to move quickly because the fire was

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Evil One at midday light

Some spirits in Slavic mythology could harm people not only at night but during the day.

We used to think that the time for mystery and mysticism — is primarily a night. At this time of day the dark silhouettes illuminated ghostly moonlight creeping shadows, creaking floorboards and mysterious howling wind. Day somehow not particularly suitable for secrets. Everything is visible, the sun shines, there are no secrets.

However, in Russia knew one demon, whose time was just day. Moreover, not just a day, and noon — when the sun is high overhead. It is the celebration of

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Monatomic Gold: Reptilians-occupiers

Reptilianskie secrets Lycanthropy and Management.

Lycanthropy — aspect of occultism, or mental condition of the person (Pithecanthropus) when he finds himself Kotormo oborotnem.Pri that it can not change its physical form, but it is equally dangerous, like a werewolf. I just want to get into some of the information to which I have come across, and that may well explain lycanthropy and much more, too.

I talked today, Brian Desborough, my scientist friend in California, and we discussed the monoatomic gold. It exists in the form of a white powder and has a two-dimensional atomic structure (one or two

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HARA — energy center of the body of man. Part 1

HARA — energy center of the human body.


Class warriors, ie managers and advocates a kind of closest to the knowledge of the processes of the universe to the Russian wise men had the ability to move into other dimensions, to influence the minds of others, to introduce themselves to other states, to send wild animals to the enemy, control your body skillfully than today's yoga. What do the ancient manuscripts and manuscripts. Part of this class of warriors who have dedicated their lives only martial arts and military training, passed their skills and knowledge and from generation to

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