Paranormal / Paranatural: Wandering lights

They are called stray lights. They appear without warning and can not be explained. Sometimes they fly at high speed — the measurements of devices up to 30 000 km / h Academic and government studies around the world have failed. The question arises — these lights are real or are they out of the paranormal?

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Caution: dead maniacs!

Unknown species of evil spirit took a fancy house where Marina lives with her family, and since then almost every day use its walls and ceiling … as a toilet. Location — a house with a bunch of salt on the fence. It is located in the village of Il'sky, which is 40 km from Krasnodar. Little house with the most common form. Why is hanging on the fence salt?

— They say it wards off evil spirits — says Marina.

Residents: Normal family of four: Alex and Marina (wife), Xenia (10-year-old daughter, Marina, from his first marriage)

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Paranormal / Paranatural: The truth about zombies

A documentary film about the history of the legends of zombies. Can the dead really come back to life?

Category: Mystery and Mysticism

Witch in our time

Have long gone are the days of a witch hunt, but lived a witch to our times? Of course yes. But is there some way to recognize a witch today? And again — yes. Only need to watch carefully.

Witches are usually born in mixed marriages, and are often the only child in the family. The gift of witchcraft is transmitted only by inheritance. But even if it is a gift and use it to initiate the passage impossible. Previously, this was accomplished a rite, but in today's world it occurs

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Many people are concerned the question: "Are there ghosts?" And the simple answer to these things saying, alas, does not exist. Some people believe in ghosts, spirits, monsters, demons, and angels. Other stubbornly deny the facts of their existence and try to explain the strange phenomenon of a person from a rational point of view.

In the twenty-first century, there is ample evidence that in our world there are masses of entities, the occurrence of which no scientist can not explain

There are a variety of photos and

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Gold Red Lion. Made in the USSR

Red mercury, made in the USSR

Alchemy … It would seem that it has no place in the modern world. Well, what sane person would believe that, through some manipulation can be pure gold from base metals? However, the essence of this "junk science" is more complicated than generally assumed. Perhaps it is a forgotten knowledge that can radically change the world.

More Alexandria Democritus argued that there are two types of the philosopher's stone — white and red. The latter is called the Red Lion, or philosophical mercury.

Gold Red Lion. Made in the USSR

Urban Legends: The heart of magic and witchcraft

Sonora witchcraft market (Mercado de Sonora) is one of the attractions of the Mexican capital Mexico City. It is called the heart of the magic of South America. Market acts in an official capacity, under the auspices of the local National Association of witches. You can get almost any services from the field of magic and witchcraft.

Every weekend, about two thousand people attend a special part of the market where they sell all kinds of magical paraphernalia — charms, horseshoes, candles of all shapes, sizes and colors. Here you can buy exotic goods like gold dust, black salt

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How to attract money into your wallet

Even in ancient times, people wondered why some people are lucky with money, and others — not? The answer was given most often the simplest: money has magical powers, and many of the wealthy are able to lure them to him with various magical tricks. The existence of a special, money, magic, and no doubt many of today's magicians and psychics …

Bill as an energy facility

Money has, like all of those things, which focused attention of many people, has its own power. And quite high. This means that the money does have magical properties. Here we are

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House, home your money

In a representative of any zodiac sign can achieve financial security. But it does take a little change and something to sacrifice.

The fact that your own sign, called the House of Personality in astrology, is responsible for the most vivid manifestation of your character, manners, It largely depends on your appearance and stamina. No matter under what sign you were born, for the active manifestation of the personal qualities and physical fitness meets Mars — the planet of the energetic, but the accumulation of material goods unrelated.

But for the economic welfare of any person responsible Venus and

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The behavior of the Zodiac in conflicts in relationships

Conflicts in our lives — it is not uncommon, and they can permanently ruin the mood and even seriously damage relations.

To the aid of astrology, suggesting what is best to choose a course of conduct in conflict with different signs of the Zodiac, to quickly pay off the negative emotions and restore harmony in the relationship.

Aries — Very short-tempered, easily loses his temper, but "let off steam", again becomes a gentle and friendly. He demands an immediate explanation of the relationship, can tell a lot of offensive words, but his aggressive behavior — it's only

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