Why illness and misfortune are afraid amulet?

Among the huge variety of objects around us are those who are constantly concerned about maintaining our health and longevity. This power objects, and, simply put, talismans, amulets, and talismans. However, the use of their rituals have their secrets … Axiom proven: it is better to be rich and healthy than poor and sick! Better yet, if wealth and health are combined with what is called happiness.

Then why are many of us for so long (sometimes lifetime), we have to lead the way to the three components of success in life? First of all, because we do not

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Magic jewelry

Each of the daughters of Eve wants to be a bit of a witch, even in small things. For example, say that semi-precious stones have magical properties. There are a number of stones, especially important for the fair sex. How to choose jewelry to magic, planted in them work?

Pristine lunar rocks

Do you remember your childhood, the sweet feeling that encompasses you when you open the box of my mother's jewelry? Remeasure all beads and brooches in the most fantastic combinations, wear rings even on toes and all the bracelets on his hands! Heck, just go through all these

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Get ready SOIL TO WIN

When traveling to a new place, when meeting new people, we often feel uncomfortable and insecure. How much time does it take to acclimatize to a new apartment or a team? .. The circumstances are different, but the cause of discomfort one: change the background of bioenergy, which used to people. But you can help your body and mind and to accelerate the process of adjusting to a new environment. For over 10 years I have been using for this psycho who taught me doctor bioenergotherapist K. Vorobyev.

It's pretty simple, yet effective. A person should imagine that he

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Stitched darts. Journey to the shamans …

It is said that a shaman can eat an angry man. If you become his enemy, he will first make your stomach hard as a drum, and then blow it inside. Shaman is always surrounded by spirits and can talk to them in their language. Where to find nowadays this shaman? In the 50 years of our compatriots would find Aarzhan Choigan — wonderful source of healing.

On the way scientists are faced with the unknown and almost died. In our time, the research team of the project "Dialogue with the world" decided to make a bold idea and

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Ninth planet Earth saved

In our solar system once there were nine planets, five of whom were giants. Ninth planet was literally push out the limits of the system, which saved the Earth from catastrophic destruction. So says astrophysicist David Nesvorny of the Southwest Research Institute in San Antonio.

When the sun turned 600 million years, and it has already started to gather around him the heavenly bodies, the major planets of hydrogen and helium — like Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune — moved more erratically. At the time of their orbits have not been established, so they alienate smaller space bodies. Some

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Riddle of St. Sharbel

Magic photo can compliment the healing of ailments. It is known that many saints could miraculously heal people, and do it in life, and after his death. How do they do it? It seems that scientists have been able to reveal the age-old mystery.

With the director of the Moscow Institute of Information-Wave Technology (MIIVT), Doctor of Technical Sciences Valery Hokkanenom we conducted an experiment in his institute with a rather unusual purpose: to measure electromagnetic radiation images psychics.

Before, I did not believe in the healing power of the charged images sessions.

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The puzzle of the mysterious train

These trains do not adhere to the schedule, do not stop at the station, ignoring the semaphore and do not take passengers. They appear from nowhere and, as legend has it, head straight to hell …

It is believed that in the world there are three railway specter: Lincoln's funeral train, toilet train during the Second World War and trehvagonny tourist structure, missing in Italy in 1911. Gained particular prominence last.

Trehvagonny left the Roman part of the tourist station. The flight was arranged by "Sanetti" for rich Italians. 106 passengers willing to take in the sights around

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Where wandered into a ghost?

The "mysterious, unknown" is believed by many. Some talk about their own encounters with ghosts, UFOs and other unexplained phenomena. Others believe that there are human beings who have psychic powers: they supposedly can move objects at will or predict disaster.

German physicist and psychologist Walter von LICADHO, head. unique in Germany Service parapsychological counseling, talked to many staunch supporters of parapsychology, as well as psychic.

— What is Paranormal? This is some single, unique cases?

LICADHO: Here you are totally wrong! According to polls, two-thirds of Germany's ever faced with the phenomena they can not explain, that

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Agni Yoga. Some unresolved (undisclosed) questions Agni Yoga

Agni Yoga Teaching and Living Ethics Teaching was given to the world as a means of expanding consciousness, as the tool of the World! And at the same time it was the instrument of evolution!

In the Agni Yoga emphasizes that the information is given, and no apparent multifaceted system. However, if the "Chela" scrupulous and thoughtful approach to the study of "Teaching …" — in his mind the overall picture is gradually emerging doctrine, from which you can select the methods and ways of self-improvement! It is sufficient to clearly manifests the principle of a spiral of communicating

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Who is a fagot?

Dummy — widely known folk character and at the same time insulting nickname that we sometimes in the hearts of his chief reward, regardless of gender. Kikimora marsh called unprepared students with lessons our class teacher.

Now, few of us will be able to answer a simple question:

"And who is this fagot?"

Tradition says that cursing children carried off evil spirits in their possession immediately after they were born, where, exactly seven weeks they are called dummy. In a frail woman turns and unbaptized babies. Growing up, they again returned to the village pakostnichat, terrify

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