Does the energy-powerful curse?

Many people panic fear of becoming victims of the evil eye, evil desires and, worst of all, exposed to the curse. Our memory keeps the tradition of the soul the sinner, not finding rest and peace due to past evil sorcerer or imposed or envious spell.

One of the most popular stories on this topic tells how the King of France, Philip the Fair was persecuted and tortured the Templars, wanting to usurp the wealth and power of the knights. In 1314 the Grand Master Jacques de Molay, was burned alive in Paris. Before giving up the ghost, he

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Witches: punishing fire

Bonfires — hundreds of thousands of fires, smoke black skies of Europe, about 9 million dead — the persecution of any denunciation of torture, which are impossible to imagine and destitution in the knowledge that the salvation of the Inquisition can not be. All these not only sinned Inquisition. Even before it appeared in the XI century, the dark ignorant folk sodragalsya down at the mention of the demonic, witchcraft and evil spirits. Rooted in fear hatred basically dumped on any innocent people, mostly women, who declared witches. In the massacre of accidents often participated population of entire cities.

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Battle of civilizations. Back to the future

"Clash of Civilizations" by Igor Prokopenko.Some scholars, referring to very specific, but the paranormal facts prove that time travel is possible. So, create a time machine, you can return to the past to change the future …

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Clairvoyant Nastya: the future of each depends on itself

Clairvoyant Nastya — winner of the Estonian Battle of psychics, and author of «Selgeltnagija Nastja» and «Nastja hea tervise kokaraamat» especially for told about the secrets and mysteries of his life and his abilities.

Nastya, about you so much written in Estonian-language media, and Russian in this country about you do not know much. Tell us a little about yourself. When find yourself the gift of clairvoyance?

As a child I was very serious and obedient because he felt and knew that my mother thinks and therefore does not cause her any discomfort. It was only a desire

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Horror Emitivillya repeated?

The Supreme Court of New Jersey took up the amazing action from tenants spacious ranch in Toms River. Young couple who sought a cozy nest for a happy family life, says the homeowner handed them housing, without warning that it is home to one of the other world!

37-year-old Jose Chinchilla and his girlfriend, 36-year-old Michael Callan, has two teenage daughters, lived in the "cursed" house for a week.

At the hearing, they stated that poltergeist immediately began to behave very aggressively. By day, he threw out of linen closets, "carpeting" named floors in the rooms,

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For anyone interested in the natural magic

Today, many people know that our unconscious attraction to certain types of trees can be easily explained, since we know what dendroterapiya — treatment with living trees and their round Spil for various diseases. We want to tell everyone who is interested in natural magic, the opening of the Voronezh region healer Anna Gratcheva: Each type of tree has its own specific hours of high biological activity — this time of oak, pine, birch and other trees are most useful.

Different tree species have different types of bioenergy: some positive, others — negative. With a plus sign are birch,

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Obviously, but inexplicably

On our planet, there are places where there are different miracles, but a man simply inexplicable things happen. Such places are called mystical. It is here that there is a clear presence of something beyond, not necessarily bad, just in the places people begin to experience unusual sensations, emotional ups, downs unmanaged.

Typically, this is the point at which there is no time in centers of ancient cultures and civilizations. They are usually associated with ancient legends.

On a planet many such places, there they are in the Ukraine.

Obviously, but inexplicably

Magic Power of Hair

In the ancient Vedic texts say that the first child of the gods, to spread over the Eurasian continent were flaxen, and their pale skin does not have hair. Of these "god-like" symptoms mentioned in the sacred book of Veles and legends of pre-Christian Slavic peoples period. In particular, it is narrated that the Aryans, created after the death of the continent Arctida powerful country in Asia, and then journeyed to the west, fair haired and were of high growth.

Sign godlike relationship

Blonde hair were considered a sign next to the divine nature of early Egypt and the

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Airfield for aircraft gold

It would seem that people have learned the entire Earth, has mastered all the continents and islands. But South America is still a center of historical mysteries, puzzles and great natural springboard UFO. It looks as if the continent was a huge pot of "cooked" mysterious, nothing like a familiar, human history, in which, perhaps, attended Atlanta, aliens and do not know who else.

Giants are hiding in the shadows

Almost everyone has seen the pictures or on TV giant statues of Easter Island, reaching the 25-meter height. But those whom fate buried the Peruvian segment of the Western

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Most mysterious places of the earth: The Secret Valley of ghosts

English national park "Pict District" holds many unsolved mysteries. This place is notorious for paranormal. Strange light phenomena, called "lights Longdendeylskie" aircraft ghosts and apparitions are often afraid of the locals. Who knows, maybe there is a door to another dimension?

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