Mysterious dog-rescuer

In the middle of dense forests in the Dnipropetrovsk dog appeared out of nowhere, which is close to the half-barked in trouble the old man. Can be called a miracle, that his cry for help was heard by members of the Historical-search organization "Search-Dnepr" that could pull out partially paralyzed man out of his trap and take home. Sam dog, named saved guardian angel, has evaporated.

According to the head of the search Dmitry Svarnika, that day they have been studying the area for a base Aul village Dnieper, where in 1943, were

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Today the crisis, the financial problems worsened, it's time to think about money with unusual side — the esoteric.

Big Money: Can they help you find happiness? Esoteric believe the money special kind of energy (strong and rough), to tame that can not everyone. It depends on your mental abilities, and of your karma, and from many others. Do you think it's you "make" money? No — it is they go or do not go to you. Want to know whether you love the money and how much? Work with our test. You may open it, which you have

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Communicating with demons

More than any other in this endeavor succeeded Blemish Suleiman, who is also an Old Testament King Solomon caught a almost all the jinn and packing them into bottles. Then seal the vessels own seal and threw it in the sea

All the religions of the world — in spite of their difference — warn mortals of communicating with demons, devil, devils, jinns and other vermin.

But in Iran for a deep interest in otherworldly forces can end up in the dock.

The same laws apply strictly to all citizens of the spring of 2011 "for communicating with jinn"

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Dialogue with Saturn

This publication does not open from the beginning of the dialogue. In the first part there is a lot of what the author may not disclose a wide audience. However, the following discussion it is interesting, because the potential of this information has anesthetic properties, and results in the suppression of aggression lost souls.

… The second part of the dialogue took place in a different time, when there were additional issues of immediate life saturnyan their astral world. This part of the dialogue will be described in the images that were created in the conversation, but the nature

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Exchange protocol

The term "protocol" is taken from the computers. This is the term used to describe the interaction of information flow in communication channels. This term is suitable to describe the interaction of information flow between the senses and the mind. How does consciousness defines the characteristics of a flow of information from the senses? All the feelings and attitudes towards them are generally described by relying on common criteria accepted by society. In turn, each of the senses, as the sensor sends information to consciousness, which is systematized according to specified criteria. As a result, we can say that in

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Whom to fear in Christmas and Christmas Eve?

"This Christmastide — preferred days every kind of evil: witches, ghosts, dead and other" cute creatures "freely roam through the world until the Epiphany, and the pranks they are not as harmless as a charming Gogol's heroes. So who is afraid of our ancestors for many the Christmas evening and night? "

"There is no nation in the Old World, which would not have been my beliefs about rampant evil forces not only Christmas, but also to the neighboring night."

"Russia was even a, calendar evil — svyatochnitsy that could only appear at Christmas. This ugly-looking creature, covered from

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Encrypted reality

Reading the fundamental works on the esoteric, you know, that the separation of heaven and hell, the kingdom of God and the Devil's possession — is a reflection of the real structure of the universe. We can all see that our world — the arena of battle between two powerful forces.

Encrypted reality

It is known that for a long time temple of black gods were built in some places, and churches — in others. Why? Since the mid XX century, scientists from different countries have a lot of research so-called geopathic zones, where for some reason most people

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You can not disturb the ancient stones

Shamans and sorcerers always believed stones living beings, the ability to retain information and accumulate destructive or healing energy. Many cult stones actually seem alive, because they are able to respond to evil with evil, severely punish their abusers and even move contrary to the laws of physics.

You can not disturb the ancient stones

Many people of the world from very ancient times, there is a belief, according to which those who disturb ancient cult stones, bring upon themselves and others untold disasters. Amazingly, from time to time things happen, fully confirming the truth of this is so

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Buddhism — Religion of Enlightenment

— Here is the true law of life, — the Buddha said — from the good must come good and the evil — evil.

Founded: VI century BC. e.Founder: Siddhartha Gautama, called the Buddha (enlightened), 563-483 years. BC. e.Location: India.The sacred books: Tripitaka ("Three Baskets of Wisdom") divided by the sermon, the rules for the clergy and clarify the teachings of the Buddha. Since the emergence of the Tripitaka Buddhist scriptures list added so many volumes that simply list them all would take more than one page.

Distribution: most Buddhists live in China, Japan, Ceylon, Thailand, Burma, Indochina, Korea

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Killing word

Secrets of Siberian indigenous peoples reveal impossible. To this day, these places are dramatic and mystical events …

Terrible rider

Irkutsk engineer Andrei P. Turchaninov never thought that his relatives may occur such things, until in 1999, his younger brother Dmitri went on vacation to rest on the mountain lake Selenka that the north-east of Tuva. Healthy and full of energy man thirty two weeks returned home graying forces deprived the old man, which after examination at the hospital revealed a sharply progressive cancer.

Shortly before his death, Dmitry told Andrei Petrovich that, in his opinion, the cause of

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