Warlocks Dungeon Kolobros

Huaraz plateau in Western Cordillera has long been considered a secret haven sorcerers Peru. They say they are able to call the spirits of the dead and materialize them. Can dramatically raise or lower the temperature of the ambient air, which is necessary for the emergence of "shining driven carts patron saints." Unfortunately, few of the strangers could become parties to these magical rites.

One of them, an Englishman Joseph Ferrier, in 1922, was in the mysterious underground settlement Kolobros. And he was so shocked by what he saw that was not too lazy to write a lengthy

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ATTACK of the night

If you are not up in arms at a professional magician, or you do not take revenge foe, the energy attacks, which is popularly known as the evil eye and spoilage, usually done in the afternoon.

During wakefulness our subconscious is the guardian of the body and feels these invisible attacks, about which alerts us with an unpleasant feeling. If you believe that the cause of your ailments can be not only bad food, pollution, viruses, etc., as well as various non-traditional factors, it means, you can take appropriate protective measures. For example, mentally surround yourself with energy shell,

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Can I use magic to get — ask for?

"Can we get through the magic of a wish?" — Ask those who are more or less familiar with the concept of magic themselves, those who are studying this or that technology, descriptions of magical rites aims and question its achievement.

This question was put and those who question not only in the concept of "magic", but all that does not "feel" is not clear, do not realize they have personally. You can call them skeptics, or faith, can not believed. But all of them, and no faith, and doubt, and fear they will be right.


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The sin of Adam and Eve

Adam and Eve committed their original sin is at the information level. Creator surprised their new knowledge by asking them: "Who told you that? … Who told you that you were naked? " And that — information. And it was not just a thought. This was a new program … A new program of new life. Introducing the previous violation of the laws which the Creator has planned. Which, as you can see, even the phrase itself is not immediately, then get it. She was not out of his program! It was a breach, failure of life.


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Mystery Hunters

Most of the hunters — people superstitious and believes in omens. Each of those who go on fishing, trophy hunting, forestry makes an offering to the spirits.

In special, sacred places hunter squirting vodka, leave food — in short, Burhan, or should not have a hunting luck. Meanwhile, say the hunters, meeting unusual, unknown, they occur quite frequently.

Hunting base usually located in the most convenient places, often farms built on the site of the abandoned villages. The area where people once lived, also has its own energy, particularly strong when in the area there were some

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Old Gods — stellar newcomers

In the vast jungles of South America in Brazil lives a small tribe of Indians kayyapo In 1952, an expedition of British scientists who have been to those places, said the unusual religious cult natives.

In the ancient Indian tradition speaks of a mysterious creature that "once there was a settlement kayyapo." Aborigines call it Bel Kororoti. The mysterious stranger was wearing a "Bo," a suit that covers him from head to toe. In the hands of Bel Kororoti had "cop", "weapons of thunder." When this creature came into the village, the people hid. Only a few

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Feng Shui for Your Home

A home should be a space in which it is possible and necessary to restore power, feeling their security. However, the film is not so rare to be with us from the outside, from the "big world", in the household of any errors we make on their own, making the house dangerous.

The guards at the door

In the tradition of Feng Shui in the hall should be a pair of combat "Unicorn" — rhino, with the horns pointing toward the front door. This dual mascot (the guard most of the world's peoples, cultures and traditions walking in pairs)

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Mysteries of the parallel world

June 5, 1952 in the jungles of the Yucatan archeological expedition led by Alberta Rutsa Lyuiera and his three companions made a remarkable discovery. She has conducted research in the area of Palenque amazing monuments that rose in the county Hiapas near the famous village of Maya.

Yucatan area is known for its humid and hot climate, by which tropical vegetation safely hidden in the wilds of their temples and pyramids built by the Maya. This civilization has attracted attention due to the genius of its architects. At the beginning of our era, it gradually weakened and about the

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