The secrets of the gods. Return to the stars

November 30, 2011 18:56

On the mysteries of the origin of mankind, loosely based on the works of Erich von Däniken, which Daniken collected and systematized scientific evidence about the mysterious discoveries, sensations and new archaeological discoveries in the ancient texts and myths.

Russia has developed a three-dimensional interface of the future

November 24, 2011 15:34

The Russian company has created a working prototype DisplAir bezekrannogo touch screen. "Misty» 3D-display, as it is called creators, released into the air by special projector. This results in a display similar to the one run by Tom Cruise's character in the movie "Minority Report."

DisplAir can display virtually any image, including HD-video or still image. Released "mist" (environmentally friendly and safe, say the developers) affects the human senses — you can feel, hear and even smell. "Air" display also supports multitouch, that is, multiple gestures. Responsible for their reading sensor infrared camera. DisplAir

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Ghost Machine zafiksirovanna cameras traffic police in Petropavlovsk

January 12, 2012 15:55

In Kazakhstan Petropavlovsk appeared machine-ghost.

Strange intruder camera photographed the traffic police in the Kazakh city of Petropavlovsk, reported The police have a photo machine ghost, but in fact it was never seen.

Features embedded in the asphalt, recorded a rate of about 80 km / h The camera had to capture the driver and the car number, but in the end turned out only a general outline. Externally, the car resembles a cross between the first car and buggy.

"I could only see the machines in action on

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Secret areas — UFOs. Neighbors in the sun

November 17, 2011 21:21

The sun is hiding another planet — Gloria. Related Topics: Phaeton, Tibet, Antarctica, Swabia, UFOs, Hitler, an advanced civilization.

Through the wormhole with Morgan Freeman / Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman (second series)

November 14, 2011 10:31

11/11/11 humanity is supermentalnaya mutation

November 11, 2011 0:30

ROME, Nov. 11. There is a growing excitement among those who believe in the occult message concealed in segodnshney date Inopressa reports with reference to La Stampa.

"11 superpalindrom that tomorrow pierces us like sanatory ray" — writes columnist edition Gianluca Nicoletti — "Tomorrow should pass under the sign of prosperity and harmony. Friday the 11th of the 11th month in 2011 — is, in any event, memorable date, because it consists of units. Online 11/11/11 has become an occasion to organize magic circles, dance, meditation. "

"Of course, we know nothing about how humanity

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Nibiru in the media (ORT-TV)

November 8, 2011 17:34

Strange white foam covered the Scottish village

September 27, 2012 11:43

City Lights lead to disaster

October 31, 2011 15:12

Talk about what the night sky light pollution has become a serious problem for mankind, being a long time. And if the modern city dweller is not much going through because of the inability to see the starry sky and the Milky Way, the night insects severely affected, as guided by the stars. One small billboard leads to the death of about 350 thousand insects per year. A decrease in their population could disrupt the food chain, which threatens this environmental catastrophe, as some birds and animal species will simply have nothing to eat, German

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Interesting theory

October 29, 2011 22:49

Not long ago, astronomers have found evidence that in the solar system between Jupiter and Mars was a planet.

The proof is the fact that now there is the so-called asteroid belt (consisting of about 400,000 asteroids), and that they found traces of organic molecules, which means that the asteroids broke away from the planet. One hypothesis — is the planet Phaeton. This is confirmed by the well-known Titius-Bode. Titius — Bode is an empirical formula, which describes approximately the distance between the planets of the solar system and the Sun (average of

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