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Red rain fell in communities of Sri Lanka

Rare red rains occurred within 15 minutes in the settlements Sevanagala, Monaragala and Manafitiya 15 and 16 November. According to sources of the Department of Meteorology strong red fallout in these areas, but the cause of the phenomenon has not been established.

Red rain in Sevanagala and Manafitiya left red frost on the ground. Red rain was recorded for the first time in Sri Lanka. Secretary of the Ministry of Health asked the Director of the Institute for Medical Research (MRI), Dr. Anil Samaranayke do some research to find out why red rain, taking samples of precipitation.

Category: Natural

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Unrecognized clouds

For the past 3 years of unusual clouds, called Undulatus asperatus, or "wavy-rough", and wait for the official classification compete for the title of a particular type of clouds. The proposal to make this kind of a classification was made back in 2009 the organization Cloud Appreciation Society. If this request is granted, it will be the first change in the International Cloud Atlas since 1951. Most similar to the form of the clouds layered. Despite his gloomy storm mode, "wavy-rough" clouds disappear without incurring bad weather. Most often, they can be observed in the plains states of the

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Pink lake in Africa

At 30 km from Dakar — Senegal's capital — is a unique natural phenomenon — a pink lake, or Retba as it is called representatives of the people of the Wolof, the main ethnic group of the country. Size of giant bowls of bright pink water-like strawberry cocktail with cream, up to 3 square meters. km. The maximum depth of the lake is less than 3 meters.

In earlier times, the lake was Retba lagoon, which was connected to the ocean narrow channel. But the Atlantic surf, a little sand namyvali, sleep channel, and the lagoon has

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Armageddon in Uralsk

Scientists around the world are sounding the alarm: the meteorite crashed in the Urals vividly recalled space threat. Experts believe to reflect such a risk, efforts are needed in all countries.

Armageddon in Uralsk

In February — rain in the Urals. It is somehow not comme il faut (comme il faut — as it should). So now that the Man Upstairs and decided to treat severe rainfall Chelyabinsk, then at least as a meteor rain.

Bright flash. A series of powerful explosions. This is what the celestial bodies seen on Earth. A he — Armageddon in Uralsk.

And this

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Lightning near Penza move objects

Penzenets witnessed an unusual phenomenon. Explanation he does not find in any of the public on the laws of physics today.

Anatoliy Lipatov, an engineer living and electrician by profession, is no fiction does not accept. However, what happened with his friend in the country, it seemed to him in terms of extraordinary science. Objects moving themselves

— It was the summer — says Anatoly Petrovich. — Suddenly came running afternoon clouds and a storm began. A friend of my wife and threw all the work in a hurry and disappeared into the house. Rain fell in

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In Australia, captured on video fiery tornado

In Australia, the members of the crew witnessed a unique natural phenomenon — a fiery tornado. Flames rose to a height of 30 meters. Tornado lasted as much as 40 minutes.

The incident occurred in central Australia, near the town of Alice Springs. Moreover, there are no prerequisites for the emergence of a tornado was not — was warm and windless weather. Experts call fiery tornado occurrence is extremely rare and very dangerous. It occurs when the heated air catches fire and raises it up.

Category: Natural anomalies

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China-Chongqing Yangtze River became red. Photo, video

Residents of the southwestern metropolis of Chongqing in China have been puzzled by this strange spectacle this week. These images of the Yangtze River, the longest in China, were dropped on Wednesday. This stretch of the river around Chongqing was painted in red blood. Local residents suspect that pollution is the cause, but the Chongqing Environmental Protection Bureau has a different explanation-sand. Official reports say that the flooding upstream washed with an excess of sand, turning the river into a bright red color. The bureau also said that they found no evidence of illegal dumping of waste water.


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Abnormal natural phenomenon in the JAR: stream flows uphill

Unique video filmed in paragraph Khingansky "National Correspondent" RIA EAOmedia from Birobidzhan (VIDEO)

Birobidzhan, September 3, EAOmedia. Abnormal natural phenomenon in the area Obluchensky EAO: stream flows uphill. Unique video filmed in paragraph Khingansky "National Correspondent" RIA EAOmedia from Birobidzhan Constantine Skorodumov, reports Trend. RIA EAOmedia.

Road Obluchye — Khingansky surprised locals. In some areas of the track are unexplained phenomena.

To ride on the road you need to forget about logic. The driver of the vehicle during ascent begins to press on the brake and not the gas because the car picks up speed. No one can explain

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The river was milky Generalka

White River, muddy shore. In the Upper River Ufalej Generalka became milky. Local residents appealed to the RPN. They believe that this anomaly is not nothing but a local plant emissions.

City residents have not forgotten the event two weeks ago, when the river began Ufaleyke fish kills. And a new wave of inexplicable metamorphosis of the local reservoirs. Happy August 27 ufaleytsy noticed whitish turbid water Generalki. Residents appealed to the RPN. "Office of this fact will be an exceptional check. More specifically and objectively about it we can talk on the audit," — commented Galiulla Latypov, Deputy

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