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The danger of solar flares

Professor of Astronomy and Physics, University of Kansas Adrian Melot, together with Brian Thomas of Washburn University, put forward a new explanation for the mysterious "events Charlemagne," which has received its name in honor of his winning the collision with the Lombards in 774-775 years.

This phenomenon was discovered in 2012, is an abnormal surge in the concentration of radioactive carbon-14, located in the tree rings of the time. A theory that the perpetrators of this — the cosmic rays. According to Adrian Melota, they found out that if this was to blame

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Cramps in the Sun

For five days in the sun were three powerful coronal mass ejection. As reported by NASA, on November 20, there was one coronal mass ejection. Plasma cloud reached the planet within three days, and the outcome could be a strong magnetic storm.

Two more powerful outburst that occurred with a difference of four hours, occurred last Friday. Some media outlets have published reports about one of the most powerful magnetic storms over the entire observation period, which can expect the Earth. From the message MIGNews follows that the second release was so extensive,

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