China is a giant chicken eggs



Surely everyone knows the story of the chicken, which carried the golden egg. But in the village of Guizhou Province, China was another fairy tale come true. Here hen began to carry a giant egg-born. Their peculiarity is that inside an egg may be several. Here, for example, triplets: two separately, and one — in the shell.

Hostess chicken says that while the miracle bird carried the five huge eggs, and says that they do not crow.

She also says

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Parrots telepaths


Scientists conducted a large-scale experiment, which confirmed that the parrots have not only a phenomenal ability to copy speech, music and voice, but also the ability of telepathic communication. In an experiment conducted in 2000 Sheldrekom Rupert, British biochemist and parapsychologist, put forward the theory of morphogenetic fields, more than 100 different images corresponding to the words that he knew and spoke parrot named N'kisi were randomly selected by a third party (the mistress of a parrot Aimee). These pictures were placed in numbered sealed envelopes, and no one knew what the images on

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Shimonahinya Nile — Prophecies about Russia


I would like to share memories of the gift of foresight mother Neela. A few years ago, we held a meeting in the church clergy County and then we Silvanus priest, rector of the church of the village Kosmodemyanskoy Vinogradov went to my mother.

Father Silas wanted to talk to her. When we walked in, my mother said: — Who should drive the rector of Trinity Church of the village priest Leonid Konobeeva flat. Indeed, it was not long, how did my father Leon Id. And we agreed that he would come, and my mother could

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Souls of the dead are looking for the new bodies



Recently often write about the cases of reincarnation — moving soul of the dead person in the body of a newborn baby. But the soul of the deceased, and his memory and life experience, and can move into the body of a grown man. And in this case almost entirely relocated soul takes possession of consciousness and psyche of the person. Strange consequences of clinical death

As you know, at the time of death, the soul leaves the body. But

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On the stone found in the most ancient map of Russia



In the Irkutsk region found in the most ancient map of Russia. She was struck on the stone, found in a cave Botovskoy. Age finds is estimated at 5 million years. In the cave were also found traces of man and dog's paws, according to News.  

The cave is known to researchers for a long time. However, many cavers were not paying attention to the stone. But an unusual artifact notice arrived in the cave specialists of

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An unusual fishing on Lake Antogo


Every nation, even the least numerous, has its own traditions. To outsiders, it may seem strange or ridiculous, but for each of them lies a story. One of the more unusual traditions is a ritual at Lake Antogo, located in the heart of Mali (Africa). A small lake fed by the waters of the Niger River and is rich in fish.

Thirteen residents living nearby villages — Dogon tribe — consider it a sacred lake. Therefore, it is forbidden to fishing all year round — except for one day. On this day all the Dogon

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In the next world, too full of life



As such it is difficult to believe, but true. The author of these lines was also rather skeptical — not yet witnessed such a contact with the world beyond the grave in St. Petersburg.

And one more important piece of advice. Do not rush yourself to try to go to the contact with the other world, using modern technology, it is still destiny of the few scientists. Trust me, the pressure on unprepared for such contacts psyche is very great!

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Hyperborea — an ancient civilization. Where was Hyperborea.



The mysterious land of Hyperborea known to us from ancient Greek mythology, according to which the state is still in the north. Like Atlantis, the existence of a highly developed state is not supported by reliable historical or archaeological sources. Separate and modest archaeological finds in northern areas are known, but their relationship with the mysterious ancient country is controversial and therefore not recognized by mainstream science. Hyperborea was depicted in some ancient European maps until the Middle Ages, but

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Paulo Henrique dos Santos — Hulk captive. Brazil



35-year-old keeper Paulo Henrique dos Santos of Rio Janeiro participated in the contest for the best fancy dress. Paulo decided that he would represent the Incredible Hulk, and for greater plausibility body painted in green.  

Hulk enjoyed tremendous success in the competition and the costume really was a hit of the day. Everything would be fine if, after the difficult events Enrique did not have to take the normal human form. That's where the problems started.

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Drive Sabu imitation stone


The famous "drive Sabu" — an archaeological find, which was declared a group of scientists, as conclusive evidence that the ancient people had a real aircraft. Egyptologist Walter Emerey found him in the course of excavations of the ancient Egyptian tombs in Saqqara village in 1936.

Drive Sabu — A round stone plate diameter 70 cm, with three curved blades. Middle of this plate has a hub. It is this fixture has allowed researchers to make the assumption that the disk part of some larger and complex mechanism.

But which one? Why the need

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