Nanovaccines — secret chipizatsiya


With the development of medical risk to human health is greatly increased! Medicine actually becomes an instrument of mass murder of millions of "extra" people on the planet! We are well aware and protest struggling …

The parasitic system which seized power in the world, teaches the people to think in fragments, more and more constricting our thinking. People are gradually turning into mindless creatures — intelligent animals, — Who do not care about any history of their ancestors, nor the fate of children, and only care food, lodging and entertainment. This

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Clairvoyant Edgar Cayce on Atlantis Technology



Messages of Atlantis were read in the period between 1924 and 1944. They are the most fantastic, strange, incredible information in a number of reports of the famous clairvoyant Edgar Cayce. Edgar Cayce said that the people of Atlantis used planes and submarines, as well as possess advanced technology that exceed the level achieved in the XX century. Also, the people of Atlantis were experts on "remote photographing" and "reading inscriptions through walls, even at a distance."

Case said that

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Seven good reasons for that on other planets may be life



We do not (yet) direct evidence that on other planets, their satellites, as well as in interstellar space there is life. Nevertheless, there is a very compelling and persuasive reasons to believe that in time we will find that life can be, even in our own solar system.

Here are seven reasons why scientists believe that life exists somewhere surely just waiting for meeting with us. Maybe it will not be green-skinned ladies in flying saucers, but it will

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Scientists got a temperature below absolute zero


Scientists were able to accomplish something incredible: they were able to cool below the temperature of the substance, which is still considered the absolute minimum. In most modern textbooks on physics absolute zero on the Kelvin scale, or minus 273.15 degrees Celsius is considered the lowest possible temperature, since it even the lightest element — hydrogen — completely loses its mobility, that is, figuratively speaking, is frozen. Oddly enough, but one of the ways to study the negative temperature is infinitely strong heating of the substance. This unusual, bordering on fantasy, the approach

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Terrible weapons of ancient astronauts


One of the most exciting mysteries of ancient Egypt — vast fields of glass, which were discovered in 1932, in December of that year employee of "the Egyptian Geological Bulletin" Patrick Clayton was driving among the desert dunes of the Great Sand Sea near the Saad Plateau Suddenly he heard a strange car wheels crunch. Coming out of the car, the traveler found scattered in the way of large pieces of transparent yellow-green glass …

Glass has an exceptionally clean almost devoid of impurities, it is 98 per cent consisted of a silicone

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In Odessa, anomalous natural phenomenon


, write media. In the first days of January, there were buds on the chestnuts. The nature of the error is due to an all-time high temperature.

More than a week in Odessa in the afternoon, the thermometer reaches 7 degrees. Earlier media reported that Ukraine has long been an anomalous "behavior" of plants. For example, the Kiev chestnuts this year deigned to bloom "encore" in August. And recently, in mid-winter buds produced lilac.

A husband and wife died on the same day, after living together for 60 years


84-year-old retiree from the Rostov region died a few hours after the death of his old age from 82-year-old husband.  

The touching story of true love and fidelity Istomino occurred in the village of Aksai district. Social workers who watched an elderly couple during a raid found the lifeless body of Paul and Anna Khmyz. Old people lying dead on the bed next to holding hands.

Upon examination, it was found out that the hearts in love with each other for 60 years, stopped beating

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Mysterious California weightlessness or mystery anomalous zone Preyzera

This simple wooden house attracts tourists from around the world for over 70 years. It was built by a resident of California, Santa Cruz, George Preyzer, when in 1940, during a walk in the forest, he suddenly felt that tormented him headaches suddenly stopped.

  Going round the neighborhood, George Preyzer realized that migraine disappeared in the same place, in the meadow, but it cost him to go beyond the countries of the zone, as the head starts to hurt again.   Surprised man built a small house on a hill and lived there until his death.   Now

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Prophecies about Russia. Count Cagliostro.



Few people in the last decade of the XVIII century in Europe enjoyed such immense popularity, as the Count of Cagliostro. The glory of the famous magician and seer was equally loud in enlightened circles in Paris and Rome, Berlin and Vienna, St. Petersburg and Moscow … But this glory was different: some believed every word of Cagliostro and literally worshiped him, while others believed the graph clever adventurer and charlatan mystic.

No one knew when and where he

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