Chinese ancestors were aliens


Striking parallels can be observed between the Chinese religious and mythological beliefs and what is written in their ancient books. Some scholars suggest that the knowledge inherited from the Chinese heavenly civilization.

The Chinese have believed that the Celestial Empire founded by their ancestors came down from the moon. Ancient Chinese scholars praised "sui blue" — glowing orbs, considering that these mysterious objects are huge omnipotent entity. In Cicero's «De Divinatione» also has a description of strange spherical objects in the sky over Rome.

These verbal patterns are supported by findings on the mysterious island

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In Russia will introduce biochips for disease diagnosis



Minzrav Development Program develops innovative medical technologies. By May 1, Russian Ministry of Health shall establish the Federal Target Program (FTP) for the development of innovative medical technology. Such an order, according to the government website, the agency gave the Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich at a recent meeting of the working group on the establishment of biotechnology.

The report highlights the meeting, which was agreed in principle on the state support the introduction of new "diagnostic tools based biosensors

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Unusual natural phenomenon on the shores of Lake Michigan



During the past week, on the shores of Lake Michigan, there were huge blocks of ice the size of a basketball. The weight of some of them reached 35 kilograms. Experts say that something like this happens more than once in ten years, but the emergence of such large balls put them in a deadlock.



Rounded objects are formed

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In the Lviv region to the Virgin Mary in a tree attracts pilgrims



Lviv region attracts pilgrims. In Striy, in a city park near the Cathedral of St. Vladimir and Olga (Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church) to cut down the tree a local resident saw an image of the Virgin. March 6 in the evening in the park saw a bright light coming from the tree, and in the morning it saw the face of God. Cut branches with red spot decorated wreath and a towel. People pray, cry, kiss the tree pictures.


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Something above the surface of the moon


This mysterious blue glowing object hanging in the atmosphere above the surface of the moon, was discovered by researchers at the photos taken by Apollo 14.

If you recall a story about some glowing balls that saw astronaut Buzz (Edwin) Aldrin, it is possible to photograph something that actually took place to be on the moon, and not interfere with photography.

Actually the story itself: When in July 1969 launched a rocket to the moon with the ship "Apollo 11" and astronauts Neil Armstrong, M. Collins and E.Oldrinom, then after a few hours

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In the U.S., there was a particularly dangerous deadly bacterium — the medicine is powerless



American doctors are sounding the alarm — in hospitals and clinics of the country spread deadly "super-bacteria". 50% of people infected with it die, antibiotics are powerless against it. Bacillus uzhe nicknamed "Nightmare bacteria", but its official name CRE. Cases of infection were recorded in 42x states.


The recipe for immortality


The man with the long time dream is to live forever. Pharaohs, kings, presidents have used all possible means to stay forever at least in people's memories. They demanded the songwriting and poetry in his honor, and their ashes kept in the majestic tombs.

Scientists have found a cure for old age?

If before, people often die of hunger, poverty, disease, or physical abuse, but now the main cause of death is old age. The well-being of people and the level of development of medicine growing, fighting off infections and more successful, and that aging leads to

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Resident aliens of Chernigov Chipirovannye


54-year-old resident of the district Schorskogo (Chernihiv region) Love Nechayev (name changed for privacy) of all that is said and written about the end of the world, only believes in one thing: aliens ever did fly. Known only from what intentions: to save earthlings from disasters or make them their slaves. The woman claims that for 20 years has a mark on his body from the aliens.

Agreed to tell me how to get it, on one condition: not to be named or her real name or address. He says he does not

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To get to the center of the Earth


In the summer of 2006 traveled around the world to a number of news agencies, as if American researchers are going to organize an expedition to the North Pole to … penetrate deep into the Earth, proving that it is hollow.

A curious person, who decided to find out what is in the center of the Earth, very surprised to learn that academic science has only versions of the structure of the Earth, which is taught in school, but do not know anything for sure.

Some pundits even opt for the version of

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Spoils of War avenge their dead owners


The Great Patriotic War in Russia has left tens of anomalous zones. The correspondent of "Komsomolskaya Pravda", taking part in the excavations in the field of bloody fighting, constantly faced with unexplained phenomena.

Designated fights have a special aura, from which not alone. It is no accident that of the "black" and "red" Rangers cult film — "Stalker" Tarkovsky, and a favorite book — "Roadside Picnic". They say digging grew up in post-war Leningrad Strugatsky brothers. And as digging! By the way, the Rangers even jargon borrowed from their legendary works: things found in the woods are called

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