Forbidden Archeology


In his books, anthropologist and historian Michael Cremo and Richard Thompson mathematician lead startling data, which the scientific community has been aware of, but for a long time this information was outside the field of view of scientists thanks to the so-called "knowledge filtration." The bottom line comes down to the fact that modern man has existed on Earth for millions of years.


To extract this information to light, the authors had to do an enormous amount of research and analysis, the results are so impressive that are set out in such detail that

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Activation of the pyramids of the Earth



The obvious question is whether people tools that can protect them and to remove the threat of impending disaster? The answer is clear: yes, there is. The first and most effective way to protect — is to increase the spirituality of the people to raise the level of vibration fields that automatically ensure a smooth transition to higher dimensions without disasters and passing phases of physical death. For such scenarios require spiritual readiness of at least 50% of the inhabitants

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Disappearing behind pillars


The long-term familiarity with the testimony of witnesses who had the experience of being inside the so-called "Zhiguli mirages," inevitably raises the question — just a "mirage" inherently education of some passages between the various spaces — our and some others still, the location of which is still unknown?

Detailed analysis of the messages that we have carefully recorded and stored, no matter how strange they may seem at first to have produced results.

There was another reason which has induced us to search for such phenomena in the testimony of witnesses, seemingly unrelated

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Villagers saw the sky Newbie secret signs


Victor Gaidukov lives in the village of shiny new (Pavlovsky District, Voronezh Oblast). At the beginning of the sixth morning he was awakened by his wife Galina, who read the book and pointed to the window. On another dark sky above the forest, a large glowing object clavate had joined with him a bright arc, like a rainbow.

From the outside it looked like a giant lantern. He still hung to the south-west of the house Gaidukova. Grabbing digital home "bar of soap" couple time to make a single frame of the window. But too weak for

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Humanoids in the zone of silence


On the border of the United States and Mexico, 400 miles from El Paso, is a deserted place, within which for some strange reason, refuse to work televisions and radios. It is called the zone of silence.

In the next town Ceballos, located 25 miles from the anomalous area, unknown force from time to time jamming signals to television and radio, despite the absence of visible noise. In the area of radio silence finally calms down, and other devices invariably fail: stop watch and a compass spinning like mad.

The story goes that back in the

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Around Saturn rotates incredible antiquity



Rings and moons of Saturn are much older than previously thought. As reported by NASA, the data space probe "Cassini" show that they are around four billion years. This means that the gas giant spins a sort of "antique shop" — the ancient celestial body that appeared during the birth of the solar system, at a time when there were around a young star protoplanetary cloud.

Draw such a conclusion allowed astronomers to data "Cassini" that around Saturn has a large number of water

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Scientists have found a home Darth Vader


PHOTO: Joseph Fourier University Astronomers were able to get pictures of the planet Tatooine amazingly similar to the saga of "Star Wars." Astronomers take pictures of the planet that resembles Tatooine from the saga "Star Wars" and the planet Solaris from the same product Stanisław Lem. The data are published on the website Managed to find a planet with a telescope VLT, located at the observatory in Chile. Scientists from University of Joseph Fourier, compared the data obtained in 2002 and 2012, and concluded that the planet revolves around the

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Ancient Earth underground civilization


Almost every nation has preserved the myths which tells about the fate of the wise and culturally developed beings who, as a result of the unprecedented disaster, were forced to go underground and creating a overdevelopment and secured all civilization. Possessing secret knowledge and crafts, they are easily adapted to the new conditions of life.

But not always the quest of mankind their underground brethren carried out with the aim of establishing a contact in the peaceful development of human race. "Demon" of the twentieth century — Hitler wanted to take advantage of

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Siberian scientists have experienced the old pills


When scientists realized the level of safety of the drug, they began to use it on himself, including medication consumed one of the founders of G5 — Research Institute of Pharmacology RAMS (Tomsk) Gleb Zyuz'kov.

Siberian scientists, without waiting for clinical trials on himself tried to develop the product for the treatment of toxic liver cirrhosis, better known as the "tablet of old age", the developers claim that they have received a positive result met all expectations, the director of the company developing the drug "Scientific Future Management "Andrei Bekarev.

New drug — a

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Closers inventions


It is known that the development of science and technology at all times (Middle Ages will not take, although even then invent something) subject to the law of progress, that is moving forward. Create new, more complex and sophisticated machinery and household fixtures, made the opening.

Ago, it would seem there is no way, because once discovered will not close again? But some people think differently — those to whom this or that invention in the throat is not profitable or disapprove. They are little before than stay! Here are some of these "closers" and

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