Man it rain indoors


It happened in 1983 in the state of Pennsylvania. Patrol Bauzhen John and Richard Volbert arrived at the home of Don Decker and found him in a state of trance, his family was in despair, and the inside of the house was raging rain storm that seemed to come from all directions at the same time, a drop of water hovered in the air and "shoot" in all directions.

A day after the incident, they returned to the house, along with the police chief and again experienced a similar incident. The chief gave the

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On the bell tower in Palermo sees the ghost nun


Cathedral in the suburbs of the Italian city of Palermo became the center of attraction for pilgrims from all over the country. The belfry appeared ghost nun who prays right next to the bell.

Believers saw it as a miracle, and now they are trying to find sacred meaning. But one of the professional photographers solved the mystery: a ghost — and perhaps only an optical illusion. Silhouette — the result of the play of light and shadow from the cathedral walls, beams and, in fact, the bells.


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Ancient Romes inventions in the modern world


History is not always fair. We are accustomed to offer up the ancient Greek culture, Roman is a secondary role. Roman poetry was not as elevated as the Greek, the philosophy of the Greeks set the tone of the ancient world. Learn from the Greeks to be the norm for the nobility of ancient Rome.

If you want to explain to you the geometry, the best thing would be to turn to the Greek, but if you need to build a floating bridge, sewer system or build a weapon that shoots flaming

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In the Kuban clinic opened, where robots give birth



In Krasnodar-based Kuban Medical University opened an unusual clinic, simulation-training center. It is unusual in that there treat robots, so much so well that they even give birth there. And treatment, and the birth occurs in the educational process.


The robot, nicknamed Natasha discharged from the hospital for a long time, and all because of the work it like this — to give birth. "Heroine Mother" gave birth to more than two hundred children — robots.

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Dialogue with extraterrestrial intelligence …


In spring and summer, not a week goes by that one of the 40 countries do not have a new pattern in a wheat field. Interesting, and sometimes intricate composition of the bent ears — one of the most exciting mysteries.

Possible appointment of patterns — an icon or encrypted messages from extraterrestrials. But in this case, they need to be readable, and proved that a joint experiment of Bulgarian scientists and clairvoyant.

Marianne Vezneva, 70-year-old woman, an architect by profession, vocation esoteric — a man carrying a spiritual message of

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The Earths climate is changing. What do we do?


It's no secret that our planet's climate is changing, and this time it is very fast. In Africa, the snow falls, and in our latitudes in summer there is incredible heat. Much has already been put forward various theories about the causes and possible consequences of such a change. Some speak of a coming apocalypse, while others are convinced that there is nothing wrong with that. Let's see what the causes of climate change, who is to blame and what to do?

All because of the melting of the Arctic ice …

Arctic ice that

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The mystery of the mystical circles of the Namib Desert unraveled


Scientists have finally found the authors' extraordinary rings in the barren desert in the south-west Africa — young artists run right under your feet.

These mystical circles, forming wonderful patterns in the Namib Desert, draw termites. Scientists have long been talk about the source of these markings, and more recently, researchers have found that it is the local termites are the authors of images. This hypothesis was suggested before, but it could not confirm due to lack of sufficient evidence.


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UFO in the sky over Texas were paper lanterns




Over the weekend in the night sky over the state of Texas (United States), many people have seen unidentified objects like meteors or flying saucers. But, to the disappointment of the witnesses and UFO, extraterrestrial nothing in the sky really is not observed.

Saturday night in the local emergency call witness, speaking about the "red meteors flying across the sky." Who left the call the police and other witnesses did see

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Edward Snowden announced the imminent cataclysm coming in September 2013


According to Edward Snowden: a series of solar flares will occur in September, killing hundreds of millions of people. Documents submitted by Snowden show that, as of 14 years ago, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) knew that this event will be inevitable. Since then, the world's governments have tried to secretly prepare for global events.

Risen priestess of love almost ruined hotel guests



The hotel Maynor is located in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, the incident took place, after which the police took a long time sedation.

A resident of Bulawayo, apparently did not enjoy the attention of the beautiful half of humanity, wanted to spend the evening in the company of women for which invited into a hotel room priestess of love, is represented by Mandla (MaNdlo).

However putana not live up to expectations of African, who dreamed of spending the night in her arms

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