Scientists create cloak of invisibility



Scientists have created a miniature version of the invisibility cloak like Harry Potter, currently only works in the invisible world of microwaves.

Make an invisibility cloak — still an incredibly difficult task, but scientists have made a big step forward to ensure that a cape that would make a person invisible. Material used to create invisibility cloak called metaekran, which consists of a copper tape attached to a flexible polycarbonate film. The thickness of the copper strips is only 66

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Nearly half of the sun darkened


On our luminary formed a giant "black hole"

About Giant — just cyclopean — Hole in the Sun U.S. researchers reported. And to prove released images of our star, made by SOHO — Solar Observatory, NASA and ESA (European Space Agency / NASA Solar and Heliospheric Observatory). The photo shows that the dark area covers almost the entire polar cap portion of the sun — it is the very same hole. It is called the corona, since such anomalies occur in the upper layers of the solar atmosphere — the solar corona. The hole was

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Americans invented a drink that replaces all food


Programmer from the U.S. who tired of spending their time and energy for cooking and its absorption, decided to create a cocktail that contains all the nutrients necessary for survival.

Rob Reinhart(Rob Rhinehart) — 24-year-old man from the city of Atlanta has developed a drink called "all in one" that provides its full range of vitamins and minerals. [

According to the inventor at the wonderful taste of the drink, and for six weeks he he has not bothered. Furthermore, despite the important elements of the balanced content of food thereinonly a

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Scientists are looking for the alien message in the human genetic code


Our genes are a kind of "branded products" created billions of years ago, somewhere in our galaxy. This is the opinion held by some scientists, including Vladimir Xherbak of Kazakh National University Al-Farabi and Maxim Makuko behalf of the Institute of Astrophysics of Fesenkov.

They believe that in our genetic code contains a message that can not be deciphered, if you stick to the theory of Darwinian evolution. If you manage to decipher this message, according to the hypothesis, it will be possible to detect extraterrestrial life in a simpler way than in

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Do not go to the damn clearing



In areas that are referred to as "glades of death" often occur all kinds of miracles. There are lost people and animals, clock and compass "going crazy", flying birds fall dead, and witnesses, survivors, they see all sorts of mirages, the mysterious "fog" and even the very real monsters, from which quite simply do not run away.

Fire-breathing hole in the ground Typically, these fields are in the midst of a powerful geological fault that causes distortion of space. Among

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Search for signs of life on Mars could end nothing


Scientists suspect that the mountain toward which the rover Curiosity, was created not lacustrine silt.

The layered rocks of Mount Sharp may have formed from the dust, wind-borne. (Photo by NASA / JPL-Caltech / MSSS.)

Wind, not water, is responsible for most of the sediments in the crater, where the rover is working Curiosity, says an analysis of data obtained from orbit.

If the rover will confirm this assumption, reaching the central peak of the crater in the next year,

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An unknown creature terrorizes the Perm region. Mysterious Chupacabra?



Mysterious animal kills livestock at night, and the locals say about the appearance of "Chupacabra" Residents Yusvinsky district of the Perm region live in fear of the mysterious beasts of the forest, which in the night attacks on livestock and kills him. According to the villagers, in the last two weeks of the victims of an unknown substance were dozens of rabbits. The municipal authorities have instructed residents to abstain from evening and night walks and, if possible, stay home

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Ghost Train. From nowhere to nowhere on a train.


Evidence of the existence of phenomena and events that go beyond common sense, a lot. Palm to keep the ghostly people — dying, the dead and the living.

They are followed by the ghostly animals — domestic, wild, or some other-worldly. Do not remain in the side of the house, cars, planes and even tanks, and if you're lucky, you can see the ghost town and wander through its streets, and some even managed to communicate with its citizens. So why not fly out of nowhere to nowhere ghost train?

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When the phone is more expensive than life …


It's heartbreaking video was filmed at the railway station of the city of Sao Paulo (Brazil). The woman dropped her phone on the train tracks and reached to pick it up, and here — the train. Passengers scream hysterically, the train is buzzing, still second miracle … that all ended well.


What will follow the demise of the petrodollar?


When will the dance called "gun control", America may soon begin to waltz with another partner, whose name — World War III.

The winds of change blow above all of our once great country of "equal opportunity." Now America — only an empty shell of what it once was. Even a blind man can see what lies ahead. The globalists make their move.

To date, the bankers raked in the United States the greatest possible number of physical assets. It's a race against the clock as the economic bomb Wall Street in 2008, is

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