People living in two worlds


Stories about travel to other dimensions is not such a rarity. However, at all times there were people capable of get back and forth at will. Of course, they were helped in this magical gift. Thus, in the jungles of New Guinea, there is a tribe oolugov, whose representatives argue that they live simultaneously in two worlds: in our world and the land of shadows. Falling into a trance, oolugi come to the Land of Shadows, which is home to the descriptions similar to Neanderthal savages, as well as the winged monkeys and giant ants. In

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In the Dnieper live piranhas, crabs and jellyfish


The opening of the bathing season in Dnepropetrovsk can not take place. Residents living in Dnepropetrovsk in jeopardy the upcoming swimming season. Reason extraordinary: in the waters of the river found crabs, jellyfish and very dangerous predators — piranhas. First there were rumors about the presence in the waters of these places unusual animals, and then the fishermen, and ordinary people are personally convinced that the rumors are not groundless: exotic animals in the river really lives.

Fishermen are not only convinced of the presence of "foreign" fish, but many times they were

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Planet X — Nibiru



Planet Nibiru — a byword astronomers, journalists and fans of all unusual. However, if you organize all that is written on this planet, it turns out that we are talking about three very different celestial bodies, all of them … for some reason called "Nibiru"!

Planet of the system of Brown Dwarf

According to some reports on the Internet, Nibiru — is one of the planets around some dark star, or the Brown Dwarf. And supposedly this Dark Star

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The secret of the mysterious hum of British cities is not disclosed?



The mysterious buzzing sound is heard and recorded in such places on our planet, as Bristol (England), Bondi (Australia), Taos (New Mexico) and Lars (Scotland). These persistent, droning sounds distinctly heard at night in a completely different and far apart regions of our planet.

Despite a number of research still remains a mystery — why is this "noise" affects only a small percentage of the population? Complaints from the public about the annoying, low-frequency sounds began to come back

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Biofield holy image



Today, scientists are trying to understand the healing gift of icons, a scientific case perpetrated by them miracles. One of the hypotheses to explain the medicinal properties of allowing the images of the saints, is the idea of the bioenergy field. According to some researchers, this field have not only living beings.

Under certain conditions it can accumulate in various subjects. Let's take a little'll stand in the church and watch the congregation. Frequent visitors to the temple at

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Where did thousands of dead bodies from the attacks of September 11?


After more than 11 years after the catastrophic destruction of the World Trade Center, the city government of New York finally puzzled myself the question: what does this have happened to him in 1116 disappeared victim?

Every time in the history of the building collapse occurred, all the bodies were removed from the wreckage more or less intact. The reason that the collapsing buildings crushed human body, but do not disintegrate into fine particles or disappear without a trace.  


However, September 11, 2001 is the most famous "collapse of buildings" in

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Face transplant. My Horrible History



This series shows the people who have lost their former face of for any accidents.  


In France, was made one of the first successful organ transplants face. But the Chinese military hospital conducts its own experiments. Surgeons want to find is the best way to conduct such operations, and to give hope to thousands of maimed people.

Seven years ago, Frenchwoman Isabelle Dinuar made

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Anomalies Medvedetskoy Ridge



In the summer of 2007 members of the Study Group on the Volga and the paranormal group "Volga-Kosmopoisk" under the direction of Valery Borisovich Eniology Moskalyova several times went to the anomalous zone in the north of the Volgograd region, known as the Medveditskaya ridge.

According to eyewitnesses, marked by increased activity of the UFO over the territory of the zone. Every night marked bays luminous objects in the form of stars, binary stars and occasionally triangular stars high in

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Alien technology of the ancient Egyptians



Proponents of alternative history, confident in the fact that the ancient civilizations of the past possessed by some lost now in technology that allows them to maintain a relationship with the cosmos, to fly, to transmit ideas at a distance, etc., still consider the existence of perfectly round holes, which the Egyptians were doing in rocks and hard rocks, one of the strongest arguments in favor of the famous Egyptian pyramids were created if not by aliens from other worlds,

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Data transfer using light can replace the Wi-Fi-network


Scottish company PureVLC preparing a revolution in the field of wireless digital communications. Their technology Li-Fi, which utilizes light for the exchange of information may replace the conventional data transmission radio frequency (Wi-Fi).

As stated on the company's website, their design allows you to combine multiple devices to the network without sacrificing performance and provides wireless speeds of up to 130 megabits per second.

As a transmitter in this system are the LEDs that are so rapidly changing intensity of light that the human eye does not notice these fluctuations. But

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