Frogs fall from the sky




"Birds of Sakhalin", 13.11.2003, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, n45, p.5

Author: E. Nosov

_ * Syamzha district of Vologda region for some time now has become a zone of anomalous phenomena. * _

In August, the district swept through a hurricane. The epicenter of the natural disaster was a former

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Technology zombie personality




In Haiti, the practice was introduced by priests zombie "voodoo" and the descendants of black slaves, natives of Dahomey today. It consists of two units: first, murder, and then return to life, writes UNION.

1. The victim, who intends to turn into a "zombie", put poison in

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Over the Lipetsk lit UFO




"Lipetsk week", 22.10.2003, Lipetsk, n42, page 7

Author: Nikita Belyaev

A resident of the 15th district Avdeev Maria (name changed at the request of the heroine) has witnessed an unusual phenomenon. At two o'clock in the morning in front of her balcony hangs a luminous celestial body.

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Robot surgeon started killing patients


Da Vinci robot used for surgical operations, was installed in hospitals worldwide. At first, doctors were delighted with the four-armed "colleagues" but recently became aware of disturbing incidents. The company Intuitive Surgical to simplify the duties of surgeons create a robot with four mechanical arms and a tiny telescope that transmits an image of the operated organ.

Doctors are not near the patient, and run through a special da Vinci console, focusing on 3D-image is displayed on the screen.

The unit is equipped with cutting tools that make tiny incisions. This significantly reduces

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UFOs have contact?




"Kaliningrad's true," 14.11.2003, Kaliningrad, n228, p.17

_ * The name of Alexander Kuzovkina well known in the art: associate F. Yu Siegel — one of the pioneers of Russian ufology, the author of numerous publications about unidentified flying objects. Unfortunately, Alexander Sergeyevich no longer with us, and

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Ghost Train to the skull Gogol appeared in Zaporozhye




"Free Georgia", 02.02.2002, Tbilisi, n18, p.6

* The amazing story told colleagues Zaporozhye operator of "Khortytsya" Vyacheslav Fomenko. On Saturday, around 11 pm, returning from a fishing trip … *

…Fomenko was walking to the train station "sliding passenger." "Meters over fifty, — said Vyacheslav Mikhailovich —

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Leads from this impossible to put down




"Perm evening", 04.12.2003, Perm, n49

* On a visit to Lydia Jankowski I was going to seriously. On building sites found brick, weighed it, washed with soap in the bathroom, wrapped in a newspaper … *

Do not think anything bad, I'm not a murderer and a

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As we flew to the moon




"Stringer", N18-19, 2003

Author: Alexey Nikolaev

* There is a lot of speculation about who among Soviet cosmonauts flew to the moon. Say, flew many, but all died. From the all-pervading sunlight. But in reality? *

In fact, between the Russian and Americans was a competition: who

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The lines inside the dolmen

In practice, because the exact size of the camera stand, obviously, it was difficult and, in addition, from place to place me physically (piezoacoustic) properties of rocks, which were made of dolmens, they needed a precise adjustment to the desired frequency sound. Dolmenov advertisement for this purpose was applied to the surface of the chamber walls (mainly the rear wall) engraved patterns that archaeologists call patterns.

From the point of view of researchers, these jagged lines, spirals, concentric circles and other images played a role rigged circuits (attenuators), which ensure

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The rover has received samples of material from inside the stone

Mars Rover Curiosity got the first samples of the substance inside the drilled rock

NASA Curiosity rover for the first time during the study of the Red Planet has received samples of material from inside the stone drilled them. Within a few days of stone dust will be forwarded to the chemical laboratory inside the rover, told reporters the representatives of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory NASA.

Scientists have got pictures of miniature rover bucket filled with stone powder, drill "drill» Curiosity.

In early February, the machine that runs on the surface of Mars in August 2012, drilled

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