Eyewitness accounts of UFO 2009

Resurrection Sergei 30-11-2008V night from 29.11.08 at about 24.00 to 30.11 area Klimovsk (watched from an apartment building in the district of the 50th anniversary of October and leaving on TSNIITOCHMASH and Tube Works windows) observed unusual lights. At first it was barely noticeable points (third piece) then they became much brighter, though apparently were removed tens of kilometers from the place of observation. The lights that were disassembled, then joined horizontally, at the time of connection to a single point strongly reduced brightness and appear on top of the point object like a shadow with the outlines

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Setting the dolmens

Another interesting detail. The holes in the stone dolmens were closed by special plugs, bushings. Their shape is very interesting. They are reminiscent of ultrasonic transducers used in modern technology to focus the ultrasonic flow. As the radiators in modern devices used ceramic plates, moving the focal region of the transducer is achieved by moving the plate and change the radiator shell. In the ancient "radiators", appears to have played a major role composition of the rock, which is manufactured from the bush, and the geometry of the surface.


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Pseudo-science does not happen

Sergei M. GODIN Regarding the Committee on Anti-science (yes, for "junk science" just does not happen!), I fully agree with Yu.Cherednichenko that grows scanty feeder, feed not all is not enough, and began the usual natural selection. Strong, rather brash and vociferous, have become the loudest cry of hunger, or rather not even from hunger, and from the possible thoughts of him that have something real to do. But from the point of view of human society these troubled neighbors want to arrogate to itself the right not only to absolute truth, but also on the issue of the

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Anomalies: UFO from evil

One of the former leaders of the British military establishment Admiral Lord Hill-Norton formed an organization designed to uncover the public eye to anti-Christian essence of flying cymbals and warn about the satanic nature of situations involving UFOs.

Named "UFO alert" this "pressure group" intends to inform the public that some UFOs visits cause significant damage to the Christian faith.

The Rev. Paul Iglsbi, Subdeacon of the Orthodox Church and the secretary of the new organization, said that hiding the truth about UFOs for years. True, he

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The interpretation of some of the ancient texts and images as having an extraterrestrial nature hampered by the fact that our ancestors who left us these images were completely "sterile" in the technical sense. People who lived thousands of years ago, did not have to deal with a weapon more effective than a bow and arrows, or use the vehicle faster than riding a horse.

Faced for the first time in the life of a complex extraterrestrial technology, they could not properly understood and adequately describe've never encountered them phenomena

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Beneath the surface of Mars, there Biosphere

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Beneath the surface of Mars, there might be a biosphere

Scientists do not stop to think about the question of how to "attach" to Mars biosphere. Quite a fresh look at the issue presented astrobiology at the Australian National University, who suggested that beneath the surface of the Red Planet may be a thick layer of the biosphere.

It is known that the probes are studying Mars, deal only with the surface layers of soil, and is a point. But experts under the leadership of Charlie Lineweaver conducted a comparative analysis of the

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UFO domestic production

One newspaper published a picture of unusual aircraft. And then he fell to the Editor letters, phone calls. Readers interested in details of the device "UFO" design "dish", asked about its creators. There were those who suggested a modest but material help design team.

Firm "EKIP" was formed specifically to — this project as equity concern. It includes three main organizations. The firm "EKIP" — finance, marketing, planning and control of all operations. Immediately's design are specialists CB "Triumph". At the Saratov Aviation Plant is made all the design documentation,

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Frying interested in Peterhof




Head of TV studio "Guests from the Future" took off in the skies over Peterhof an unidentified flying object. He looks like a glowing pan. Ufologists claim that it was a UFO. Scientists, astronomers believe that talking about aliens early.

Pupils Old Peterhof, the dream of a

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VIP-entertainment. Continued Part 2

Pirates of the XXI century

Hot trends — corporate parties, that is, collective vacation that pays for all the heads of their subordinates. One notable metallurgical company of 300 people decided to play pirates. Knyazev for their chartered a three-deck boat and turned it into a pirate ship, over which proudly waved "Jolly Roger" skull and bones crosswise. All "metallurgists" issued vest, hat, eye patch, muskets, sabers. Do not believe it — these are intelligent people with higher education have boarded the two vessels. With one ship-victim Knyazev agreed in advance. The team paid for the capture of

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Fears of useful and useless




Our fears may be helpful. For example, in the social development of human fear emerges as one of the means of education: for example, formed by fear of disapproval is used as a factor in the regulation of behavior. But the fear is needed not only to the

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